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How To Create A Power Point Chapter
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How To Create A Power Point Chapter


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  • 1. How to Create a Power Point Chapter By David Mann
  • 2. Insert a new Slide
    • Go to “Insert” on the top menu
    • Select “New Slide”
    • Select the blank layout under “Content Layouts”
    1 2
  • 3. Add a Ground
    • At the bottom of the screen, select the rectangle icon
    • Draw a rectangle to cover 1/3 to 2/3 of the blank slide.
    3 4
  • 4. Add a Texture
    • Make sure you have the rectangle selected – it should have white dots around its perimeter
    • Select the paint can at the bottom of the screen – click it once
    • Select “Fill Effects…”
  • 5. Add a Texture Continued
    • Select the “Picture” tab
    • Select “Select Picture” and locate a saved picture file on your computer.
      • You may need to look on the internet for texture pictures
  • 6. Add a Texture Continued
    • Repeat these steps to add a sky or background
  • 7. Adding Images
    • Make sure you have image files already saved on your computer
    • Select “Insert” on the top menu
    • Place your mouse over the “Picture” and
    • Select “From File…”
  • 8. HINTS for Selecting Images
    • Find pictures that have solid and plain backgrounds.
    • You can use a transparent tool to remove ONE color from the picture – so find backgrounds that don’t include multiple colors
  • 9. Using the Transparency Tool
    • Right click on a picture and select “Show Picture Tool Bar”
    • Use the tool to make ONE color transparent
    7 8
  • 10. Link a Picture to a Slide
    • Click on “Insert” on the top menu
    • Select “New Slide”
    • Return to your SCENE Slide
    • Right click on the Picture you wish to link to the slide
    • Select “Hyperlink”
  • 11. Link a Picture to a Slide Notice the white dots around my border when you right click on my image.
  • 12. Link a Picture to a Slide
    • On the “Insert Hyperlink” box, select “Place in This Document” and click on your newly created slide.
    • Click on “OK”
  • 13. Linking Scene to New Slide and Back Again
    • Copy and Paste your image into the new slide and repeat the “ Link a Picture to a Slide ” instructions to make your copied image link back to the SCENE slide.
  • 14. Hyperlink from Slide to Slide using the Images
  • 15. Using the New Slide
    • Use this space to include writing about your story. You can use this space to:
      • Describe details
      • Narrate your story
      • Write dialogue
  • 16. Further Instructions
    • Include multiple images in your scene and
    • Link them to many slides to tell your reader about your chapter
    • Include a link to a page that publishes your entire story
    • Only use clear and easy to see images in your presentation – making sure they are large enough not to blur when they are stretched larger