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Guest Lecture given to UVU Comm class on blogging and SEO.

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  • Give away, Contests,
  • The death of Osama Bin Laden and the effects of the Economy, Soon, that post ranked No. 1 for search terms around related to Osama and the economy, and those keywords sent us more than 1,000 visits from Google in the first couple days. The post is still driving traffic through the search engines, and is still ranked No. 1, above established media outlets on the same subject.
  • Seo and Blogs - UVU Guest Lecture

    1. 1. Traffic from Search Engines David Malmborg @davidmalmborg
    2. 2. About #1 Ranked Company by Website Magazine-The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum selected as oneof the Top 25 Fastest Growing companies in Utah
    3. 3. What is SEO? Stands forSearch Engine Optimization
    4. 4. Left Top 3 • Top rankings get the clicks! • Searches tend to: – View only first page – Click one of top 3 results1 – See leftmost content1 Visual heat map legend: red areas = most looked at; purple  = click-throughs; different screen size folds represented by solid red lines
    5. 5. 18.2 billion searches (last December alone) - Comscore (
    6. 6. 63% of people use mobile search beforepurchasing offline in a store or from a catalog - Lisa Barone, Outspoken Media (
    7. 7. SEO Ranking Factors• Title tags• Headings• Website structure• Content – Is keyword included?• Links from other websites• Don’t go overboard!
    8. 8. How Much Traffic Does a Search Engine Bring to a Blog?• 66% of the traffic to the blog comes from Search Engines.• My wife’s blog gets 46% from SEs, 37% from Referrals
    9. 9. If you always do what you have done, you’ll always get what you got.
    10. 10. Hard Work
    11. 11. Case Study500 Visits2 Months Later…20,000 Visits (4,000% Increase)6 Months Later…60,000 Visits
    12. 12. What they didn’t do• No they don’t talk about Sports, Tech Gadgets, Celebs, Love, Music or Movies (AKA Pop Culture)• No they didn’t jimmy rig themselves to the top of Digg, Reddit, Yahoo Front Page, or a major news site.
    13. 13. Who was it?• Company: Lendio• Business Lending (Boring Topic)• This is traffic to their blog
    14. 14. What they did do• Created Useful Content• Posted Consistently (4-5 times a week)• Interview Industry Celebrities• Ride the News (Pop Culture)• Invite Guest Bloggers• Start a Weekly Newsletter
    15. 15. Create Useful Content
    16. 16. Post Consistently• At least 3 times a week.• Try to make a schedule – Monday: Podcast – Wednesday: Something Awesome – Friday: Weekly List of Links• Monthly: Infographic, Interview, News releases, Announcements.
    17. 17. Interview Industry Celebrities• Let people with a following promote themselves through your blog.• Let them talk about themselves.• Let them promote it.• Their names drive traffic. That’s why they’re celebrities
    18. 18. Ride the News (Pop Culture)• Tim Tebow• Super Bowl• Valentines• Holidays• 2012• End of the World• Presidential Bid• Movies• Music
    19. 19. Invite Guest Bloggers• Let someone else create your content.• Let them promote it.• Benefit from their genius.
    20. 20. Start a Weekly Newsletter• Reaches an audience that is not on Social Media• Reviews the best blog posts• Continues the conversation with your audience• Keeps them familiar with your brand• Lendio is adding 5,000-10,000 subscribers every month – 5,000 visits a month from the Newsletter• Designed with Mobile in mind. (50% of Lendio’s customers look at the newsletter on the phone)
    21. 21. “The Content Loop” Brand Introduction Great Content Newsletter/ SocialLead/Conversion
    22. 22. SEO Training/Resources••••••
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