Rolling stones


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The Rolling Stones for EFL / ESL students

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Rolling stones

  1. 1. Each of these pages illustrates a paragraph in a text at the end of this slide show. 1) What do you find out about the Rolling Stones just by looking at the photos? 2) Look at the slide show again and read the text. The pages are not in the same order. Put them in the same order as the paragraphs in the text. Look carefully at the information in the pages to correctly match them to the paragraphs.
  2. 2. A
  3. 3. B
  4. 4. C
  5. 5. D
  6. 6. E
  7. 7. F
  8. 8. G
  9. 9. H
  10. 10. I
  11. 11. The Rolling Stones are one of the most popular and influential bands in rock music. They played their first gig 50 years ago at the Marquee Club in London on 12th July 1962. Their music was strongly influenced by American Blues and Soul music and, with their long-haired rebellious image, they were much more aggressive and less socially acceptable than that other famous band of the 1960s, the Beatles. If you were a teenager in the 1960s the Stones were the band your parents loved to hate. The Rolling Stones formed London. The 5 original members of the group were born in the 1940s. Their names were Mick Jagger (singer), Keith Richards (guitar), Brian Jones (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass guitar) and Charlie Watts (drums). In 1969, Brian Jones died and Mick Taylor replaced him. Taylor then left in 1974 and was replaced by Ronne Wood who is still in the group. They made their first record in 1964. It was called “Come On” and was a small hit in the UK. Their first American number one was “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction” which was written by Jagger and Richards in 1965. Jagger and Richards have written nearly all the band’s songs from the mid 1960s to the present. In the 1960s they made many hit records and toured al over the world. They were the second most successful group after the Beatles and, along with the Beatles, became important fashion and cultural heroes of the era. The Stones made many great hit singles like "Jumping Jack Flash", "Honky Tonk Women" and "Brown Sugar". Most people agreee their best music can be found on the albums they recorded between 1968 and 1972, "Beggars Banquet", Let It Bleed", Sticky Fingers" and “Exile on Main Street” In the 1970s they became millionaires and lived for a time in France where they recorded one of their best albums “Exile on Main St”. After the Beatles broke up they became “the greatest rock and roll band in the world” however they started to slow down, made fewer records and only toured every few years. Their albums now were also not as pioneering as their 1960s recordings. In the 1980s they separated for a few years and each member recorded solo albums but only guitarist Keith Richards managed to maintain the quality of the earlier Rolling Stones recordings. In 1989 all of the members reformed for the “Steel Wheels” tour which was their most successful tour up to that time. After the tour Bill Wyman wrote a book about his life with the band called “Stone Alone” and then decided to leave the group. The have continued to tour over the last 20 years and have occasionally released albums. Keith Richard played the role of the father of Captain Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean and also wrote a successful autobiography “Life”. Ronnie Wood paints and Mick Jagger was made “Sir” Mick Jagger by the Prince of Wales in 2003. Some fans were disappointed when Jagger accepted the honour as it seemed to contradict his earlier anti-establishment views. In the 1960s, with their rebellious style and image, they challenged many of the conservative attitudes of the time and became the model band that thousands of other rock groups have tried to copy. After 50 years they are still hugely popular and have written many songs which are the soundtrack for a generation. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text
  12. 12. The best order is…
  13. 13. The best order is… FDGAIBCHE