Flat Life by Jonas Geirnaert for EFL


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For beginner EFL students. Watch the film and dothe activities

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Flat Life by Jonas Geirnaert for EFL

  1. 1. http://efllecturer.blogspot.com/Flat Life is a short animation movie by JonasGeirnaert about the life of 4 people in abuilding. It can be used to teach: • Present Continuous • There is / are • Asking questions • Household nouns1) Discuss • Have you got a house or a flat? • How many rooms are there? • Whats your favourite room? • What colour is it? • What furniture is there?2) Look at the picture belowA) Answer • What can you see? • How many rooms are there? • How many people are there? • What furniture can you see? • What are the people doing? 1
  2. 2. http://efllecturer.blogspot.com/B) Look at the picture again. True or false? 1. There is a vase 2. There are three TVs 3. There are three doors 4. There are four paintings 5. The washing machine is in the green room 6. The cupboard is in the yellow room 7. They are all sitting 8. Three people are watching TV 9. The woman is watching TVC) Correct the false sentenceseg 2) There arent three TVs. There are two TVsD) Answer these questionsIs there a TV in room 1?Is the man painting a tree?E) Ask some more questions 2
  3. 3. http://efllecturer.blogspot.com/3) Watch Flat Lifehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HjjaJ4csfS4A) Look at these activities.Hanging a picture on the wall, Cleaning, Painting, Playing cards, WatchingTV, Drinking, Running, Washing, Repairing, Hanging up the washingWatch the clip and put them in the correct room in the picture. The firstone is done for you.B) When you watch put a tick √ if you see these thingsDoor √ Vase Television Table ChairsPicture Cupboard Armchair Washing sofa machineDVD player Pegs Remote Bottle Hammer controlNail Broom Clothes Playing Computer line cards 3
  4. 4. http://efllecturer.blogspot.com/4) Look at the pictures belowMatch these questions with the pictures"Can I have my broom back, please?""Can you do me a favour?""Can I borrow your broom, please?" = A"Can I borrow your broom, please?""Shall I wash your jacket?" 4
  5. 5. http://efllecturer.blogspot.com/Flat Life AnswersEx 2B Answers = 1) T, 2) F, 3) F, 4) T, 5) F, 6) T 7) T 8) F 9) FEx 3 A AnswersRoom 1 Room 2Hanging a picture on the Playing cardswall Watching TVCleaningPaintingRoom 3 Room 4Watching TV WashingDrinking RepairingRunning Hanging up the washingEx 3 B Answers = There isnt a computer, sofa or DVD playerEx 4 AnswersA) "Can I borrow your broom, please?"B) "Can I have my broom back, please?"C)) "Can you do me a favour?"D) "Can I borrow your broom, please?"E) "Shall I wash your jacket?" 5