Roller hockey


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It's a Power Point about Roller Hockey, for the classes of computer science and English in Sant Gabriel school in Ripollet. I spent you would like it!!

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Roller hockey

  1. 1. R OL L E RHOC K E Y David Martín Jiménez 3r ESO “A” Informàtica/English
  2. 2. BASIC RULES• This sport consists in do a goal in the porter of the other team.• There are four players and the goalkeeper for each team.• It longs 50 minutes: two times of 25 each.• The field is 40 metres x 20 metres.• There are two refereences• You can see the blue card (2 minutes out of the game), or the red card (you can’t go into the match in any moment).• Each mister can do one time out for each time.• The players only can touch the ball with the stick.• The ball can’t go more tall than 1.50 metres.• The goalkeeper can’t touch the ball if he don’t have the stick in his hand.• If the ball goes out of the field, it’s for the team who has not touch the ball in last time.• In OK League, the sport centre must have a roof. If it isn’t, the match can start. In the minus categories, the roof can be only a field, without roof and walls.
  3. 3. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PRACTICE IT?• Stick• Roller skates• Ball• Knee guards• Shin guards• Gloves• T-shirt• Trousers
  4. 4. HISTORY• This sport starts about 110 years ago, in the starts of the segle XIX in England by Edward Crawford.• When it starts, english people practice it in a cement track.• Roller hockey became known thanks the Amateur Hockey Association, and the National Hockey Association.• In America, hockey starts in the beginnings of the XX century.• In 1926 was played the first Europe championship• In Catalonia, hockey starts about 1914.• In 1928 was created the “Federacion Catalana d’hoquei patins”.• The 3th September of. 1936, the first catalan team, (Cerdanyola C. H.), was registred in the catalan federation.• Now there are lots of teams in Catalonia.
  5. 5. MORE IMPORTANT CHAMPIONSHIPS *Most important selections tournaments: World championship. Europe Championship. American championschip. *Most important clubs championship: Europe championship. Spanish championship or OK League. Portuguese championship *Spain is the country who has won more championship.The tradition in this country about this sport is very big,overcoat in Catalonia.Others countries like Argentina or Brazilalso have a big tradition in this sport. *FC Barcelona is the club who has won more titles:It has won 24 spanish leagues, and also 19europe championships, among others.
  6. 6. MOST IMPORTANT PLAYERSALBERTO BORREGANIs one of the most important players of the history of rollre hockey.He was born in Barcelona on 16/8/1997, and he starts playing thissport from very little. Now he is the captain of FC Barcelona, and heplays lots of matchs wih Spain Team.The most curious of his life is that his brother was a better playerwhen they were young, but was he who enter in FCB. This year heis going to retire.
  7. 7. JOSE LUIS PAEZ, "NEGRO PAEZ" He was born in Argentina the secon of may of 1969, and its another player of the bests of the world. He has won lots of competitions, like the OK League and the World Championschip with Argentina. He has play in four differents teams: patin Club de San Juan, Roller Monza, FCB, and actually Tecnol Reus Deportiu. He is a defense and his two brothers also play roller hockey in importants leagues.
  8. 8. LUCAS ORDOÑEZLucas Ordoñez was born the 21st Abril, 1988 in SanJuan, Argentina.He started plating hockey thanks his granfather, and nowhes one of the most important players of the world. With23 years he have played in many times i Argentina,Italia, and in Cerdanyola CH, Tenerife and CP Vic inSpain. He has also won many tittles like the "Supercopade España"Finally, Im sure that hes going to be one of the bestsplayers of the world.