Carling Black Label (Proposal)


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Carling Black Label (Proposal)

  1. 1. Carling Black Label Preliminary Proposal
  2. 2. Where did the idea come from? The inspiration behind the campaign came from the Carling Black Label cinema advertisement (Dambusters). The bouncing bombs in this advert created a rippling effect from wave to many. That’s what we want to do with the campaign, to create and promote an event that creates a viral sensation, rippling through the social networks and media platforms. The digital campaign slogan is “Bet he drinks Carling”, main idea is to get people to join and refer this event. The event is based on the idea of the ripple, where one friend tells another about this promotion.
  3. 3. The Device • The Carling Scanner (see on next page) is the key to the whole campaign and long-term marketing strategy. • Pubs can request one of these devices if they feel that there is a high demand for this device. • The device is to be integrated with our server to keep track of the data being inputted and collected.
  4. 4. Preliminary Layout/ Design
  5. 5. QR Scanner - Removed from design
  6. 6. Costs of Production Keypad gs/551485748/practical_and_fashionable_silicone_keyp ad.html After looking at the costs of QR code scanner - Decided to remove that feature and instead - Promotion will be sent to user and when presented to the Bartender it will have a ACCEPTED feature. After pressing that button the promotion will disappear.
  7. 7. How does it work? • The device has two main interactive features o It has a keypad for customers or members to input a promotional code.
  8. 8. How will the pubs register?
  9. 9. Bet & Win Carling • This feature will also be available on the iCarling App. o You can keep track of your bets and leaderboards e.g. Highest winning streak, highest score etc. ( Losing bets will not be shown as it may put users off).
  10. 10. iCarling App Please remember these are only preliminary ideas. • The main features off the App o Locate local pubs with the Carling Scanner o Games e.g. Bet & Win Carling o Local off licences locator (Is on the iPint App, so we could just redesign that app instead of making a new one) o Refer a friend o Newsfeed - up and coming events
  11. 11. The Event • A short promo trailer entitled “Bet he drinks Carling” will be uploaded onto YouTube and the main website. This creates an atmosphere for what is to come and the message incorporated into the video with the brand. o The video is not serious but sarcastically serious e.g. • The event will feature some kind of promotion that allows people to interact online (and offline through smartphones?) and redeem that QR code or SMS through the Carling Digital Scanner