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Kaleidoscope Capabilities
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Kaleidoscope Capabilities


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Product Prototyping …

Product Prototyping
Package Hero Mock-Ups
Custom Color-Proofing
Sales Samples
Design Implementation
Structural Design

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. realization
  • 2. a refreshing blend Realization We have assembled a talented team of creatively minded problem solvers. Through collaborative processes, advanced technology and project-based teams, the solutions and services they provide are driven to maximize consistency and efficiency.
  • 3. realization services – Project Coordination – Pre-Media/Image Manipulation – Color Proofing Solutions – Mock-Up – Prototyping/Model Making – Structural Packaging Solutions – Sales Samples – Production Assembly – Design Implementation
  • 4. project coordination Our Account Management and Project Coordination teams – Comprehensive Design & Production Workflows provide comprehensive project administration by managing – Centralized Cross Functional Project Management both rapid turn around and high-volume implementation. – Real-time Project Planning & Workflow Tracking We support domestic and global initiatives through a centralized administration team. – Dedicated Client Support Teams
  • 5. pre-media/image manipulation – Spot Color File Conversion Our Image Manipulation team provides the depth of skill and experience required to create, enhance and implement the – Color Engineering most complex imaging challenges. – Print Production File Alignment – File Stripping / Separations for Color-Proofing
  • 6. color proofing solutions High-End Color Proof: HP Indigo Digital Press: Metallic, pearlescent, high complexity solution Web-fed digital press, with paper or clear substrates and opaque white capabilities. Ideal for sales samples and short run printing. Fuji Final Proof: – Color Space Appropriate Device Selection Spot color accuracy, moderate color complexity – Traditional Color-Proofing – Fuji Final Proof / Kodak Approval Inkjet Proof: – Digital Press / Wide Format Ink Jet Color-Proofs Spot color simulation with moderate color management complexity – “Scripted” Press Alignment Workflow
  • 7. mock-up Pride, pursuit of perfection and optimized processes are the driving force behind our Mockup team. Adhering to the highest standards possible, they apply optimal attention to detail across every project.
  • 8. prototyping/model making Our staff of artisans and engineers resolve complex challenges everyday. They transform design intent into manufacturable solutions for packaging, products and retail environment displays.
  • 9. structural packaging solutions Through technology and expertise we deliver structural packaging services Services include: focused on technical excellence and creative know-how. From rapid prove-out – Structural Design paperboard fabrication to injection-molded plastic prototypes, our structural – Interactive Design Prototypes solutions are about more than just speed, they’re about listening to your – Functional Mockups needs and expectations - we make it happen, and we’ll get it done right. – Prove-out Prototypes
  • 10. sales samples We invest in tools that support and accelerate workflow processes, while reducing costs and saving time. These state of the art tools include: Sample Makers, 3D Printers, Digital Vacuum Formers, Advanced Paint & Finishing and Injection Molding Tools.
  • 11. production & assembly With over 55 years combined experience, our Production and – Dedicated Image Manipulation Teams Assembly teams are experts in multi-SKU rollout. Working in – Asset Management close collaboration with the Design Implementation team, they produce flawless pre-press ready artwork. – Production Standards Systems – Non Proprietary Software Platforms – File Construction “RIP Alignment”
  • 12. design implementation Our extensive Design Implementation team includes – Creatively Lead experts in packaging layout, illustration and structural – Dedicated Implementation Team packaging development. As a cross-functional implementation team, they bridge the gap between design – Utilization of Production Ready Files intent and the disciplines of production. – Multi SKU Rollout
  • 13. case studies
  • 14. Tropicana The Challenge A bushel of oranges cascading down a ramp to a group of excited children. Sounds simple enough, until the reality of multiple takes made everyone realize that real oranges were not going to take this kind of abuse without showing signs of wear and tear. The Solution Kaleidoscope’s model department created life-like oranges using actual Valencia oranges as the model, for the ad shoot. Additionally, we created hero comps of the carton, bottle and straw for both tv and print ad work.
  • 15. Tostitos The Challenge To create an “eat it off the page” model which would be the center piece of a print advertisement for Tostitos Salsa Con Queso. The Solution Leveraging the years of handmade craftsmanship within our model shop, we: – Created a mold from an existing structure – Cast a clear urethane replica – Created a one-off lid – Cut the vessel and lid to create the sliced cheese-wheel effect – Created faux cheese – Filled the bottle and styled the faux cheese – Printed and applied color-correct graphic transfers The result? Pass the chips!
  • 16. Life Savers The Challenge To develop and produce sales samples that would allow Wrigley to do market testing well in advance of final approval for the look and feel of the brand. The Solution Kaleidoscope delivered packaging that was both visually compelling and cost-effective. We formulated and produced several hundred sales samples. Then, with the help of our HP Indigo digital press, we filled them with product and crimped the seams, resulting in a ready-for-prime time bag of treats. Featured in a major confectionary show, the samples were depleted well before the show ended – a great early indicator of the product’s future success!
  • 17. PepsiCo The Challenge To provide world-class beverage company PepsiCo with elements that would keep the brand fresh and offer greater relevancy to consumers. The Solution PepsiCo is constantly evaluating line extensions, restages and limited-edition promotional packaging for their beverage products. Kaleidoscope was called on to support these efforts. We applied our expertise and provided exceptional color matching, transfers, shrink sleeves and production of hero images for their print and television advertising – meeting client expectations head-on.
  • 18. American Luxury Vodka The Challenge To position a new, great-tasting player into the premium vodka market. The Solution In a word… collaboration. The Kaleidoscope team worked closely with Americana, the bottle manufacturer, and their production partners, to realize several versions of the challenging red and blue vignettes. We evaluated sizing, placement, and treatment options for the branding graphics in order to deliver a unique structure and compelling design that would break through the clutter. The result? A powerful statement on-shelf and behind the bar.
  • 19. Cyberknife The Challenge To create a one-of-a-kind, full-scale model of a remote control surgical innovation called the CyberKnife that would draw major attention for Accuray at a critical national trade show. The Solution Though the objective was straightforward, the technical challenges were tough – to deliver a non-working model that was lightweight, designed for easy set-up, break-down and shipping, and perhaps most importantly, that protected their valuable intellectual properties. Our industrial design and 3-D Lab teams went to work brainstorming design and fabrication options, which would deliver a high-quality, timely and cost-effective solution. The result was an eight-foot tall replica of modern technology that was impossible to ignore. Through our collaborative process Accuray got exactly what they were looking for – a true showstopper that significantly increased traffic at their booth.
  • 20. Nectar The Challenge To uniquely position an energy beer concept. The Solution From the unique vessel structure to the tri- pack carrier, Nectar utilizes environmentally friendly components to deliver a modern eco image. Inspired by space-saving design, the sleek hexagonal aluminum can and molecular honeycomb tri-pack enhances the consumer brand experience, promising a distinctive experience for a highly discerning audience.
  • 21. Turtle Wax ICE The Challenge Complement the uniqueness of a product that could be applied in direct sunlight without streaking. The Solution Kaleidoscope developed an innovative structural packaging system for this unconventional car care product. The patented trigger system and unique structural form for the vessel helped ICE become the category leader.
  • 22. the work
  • 23. client testimonials
  • 24. “Thanks for rocketing us to the moon, you delivered beyond expectation.” - Mark Gerhart Global Innovation Director, HJ Heinz
  • 25. “We have now finished one of the biggest artwork projects in the UK Wrigley history! We appreciate your commitment and dedication at the start of the project by you traveling over to the UK to meet with our other agency partners to help build and agree the process. Your commitment to the project continued throughout – with the project delivered to time and quality. Thanks again!” - Claire Fieldhouse Marketing, Group Brand Manager - Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (UK)
  • 26. “Bravo! Fabulous Work! Your work was perfect. Very impressive, an exciting body of work.” - Chuck Hardinger Director, Brand Identity and Packaging, MillerCoors
  • 27. “We love Kaleidoscope.” - Glen Spurrier Global Design Manager, Alberto Culver
  • 28. realization