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  • 1. Digital Campaign Strategy
    By: David James
  • 2. Challenges and Goals
    Chrysler has faced a lot of different challenges throughout the past few years.
    Not only have their sales been hit hard from the recession but they have filed
    bankruptcy, but they also were bought out by the Italian company Fiat. With
    that said Chrysler has faced the challenge of competing in the American
    market. They have also faced the challenge to become more green, producing
    cars with more mph.
    One way Chrysler has taken on the challenge of being more green by producing more
    green vehicles. What this means is they have adapted hybrid technology and they are
    utilizing the flex fuel in some of their vehicles. Chrysler has also helped its stock in the
    American markets with these moves. They plan to have a whole fleet of more energy
    efficient vehicles in the years to come.
  • 3. TargetAudience
    Based on Chrysler recent campaign ads its not hard to tell who the car company is aiming at. Their recent spokes people include Eminem and Ndamukong Suh. The company is trying to rebrand themselves as a Gritty, Manly, Domestic manufacturer.
    They are trying to appeal to the older crowd, with their more sleek designs. But their tends to be an absence of marketing toward the younger college student demographic.
  • 4. The Plan
    Chrysler has this new and improved image that is definitely doing well. They saw a rise in sales in the United States in 2010.
    I want to make the Chrysler brand more interactive. This will draw a younger crowd toward the brand.
    We want to bring the life back into the brand with our Riding in Style Campaign
     This will be a chance to allow our younger demographic to see that our cars are more than just sleek they can be Stylish, hip and even urban.
  • 5. Riding in Style
    We want to provide a place where our younger demographic can see how cool Chryslers can look with a little alterations.
    They will upload pictures and videos of the cool things they have done to our cars.
    You then are entered to win a chance to have your car featured in a Chrysler commercial.
    This should not only attract the younger demographic to our site to view the different cars, but have an effect on future sales by an estimated 25%.
  • 6. Advertising Tactics
    Social media is one of the best ways to advertise
    Using Facebook we are reaching over 250,000 people.
    This has a estimated rise in growth if we institute this campaign
    The celebrity pages linked to this one could draw people
  • 7. With constant updates through twitter we will reach an endless amount of people through tweets to our followers and their retweets
    Twitter gives us a voice that spreads farther than any tv ad or radio campaign could ever.
  • 8. Metrics of Success
    In order to check our success we would definitely utilize Google Ad words, this will increase traffic to sight by making our name more relevant in Google searches.
    Through gorilla marketing and traditional advertising we will measure our success through not only checking video and picture uploads but, views and visits to the sight.
    Use Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager to track CTR and monitor and adjust ads/budgets as necessary to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • 9. Budget
    **Chrysler had a $2.9 billion dollar ad budget for 2011**
  • 10. Riding in Style