Helix HLS and MPEG-DASH SDK for Android


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Overview of the Helix SDK for Android 2.2 to 4.x complete with examples of capabilities
including Multi-Lingual, Multi-Views and Verimatrix DRM

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Helix HLS and MPEG-DASH SDK for Android

  1. 1. Helix DNA OverviewDavid J Smithdjsmith@realnetworks.com
  2. 2. Introducing• Helix Media Delivery Platform• Helix DNA client – multi-OS• Helix SDK for HTTP streaming on Android OS • HLS (Pantos specification) • MPEG-DASH (industry standard)• Helix SDK for Local Playback on Android OS • RealMedia 2 RealNetworks Confidential
  3. 3. Helix Media Delivery Platform • Deliver Any Media, To Any Media Player and Device, At Any Time, and Any Where • Broadest Audience Reach – At work, On-the-Go, and at Home • Simplicity, Reliability, Performance and Cost Effectiveness • End-to-End integrated – standards based and multi-OS support • Platform Functionality – Encoding to Delivery to Playback • Helix encoder for H.264/AAC live and VOD content creation • Helix Servers for RTSP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, Flash streaming • Broadband HD H.264 Streaming • Helix SDK players for Android • Helix DNA for OEM chipsets3 RealNetworks Confidential
  4. 4. Helix End-to-End media deliveryRealAudio/ RealVideo Billing Security WMV + Silverlight H.264 / H.263 + DASH 3GPP H.264 / H.263 Single infrastructure Flash FLV, F4V Reducing TCO Less Complex Easier to integrate Quick Time + HLS4 RealNetworks Confidential
  5. 5. Helix DNA overview• Established cross platform media engine • Available for Android, Symbian, Linux, Windows • Default media engine of Symbian S60 • Over 800 Million+ lifetime installs • Supports a wide variety of codecs • H.264/AAC, H.263/AMR, RMVB, MP3 • RTSP and HLS streaming • Options to support DRM technologies • Verimatrix, Microsoft PlayReady • Evolving SDK to embrace standards including DASH 5 RealNetworks Confidential
  6. 6. Helix DNA for Android• HLS delivery for Android OS using iOS streams • High performance consistent implementation • Over the air installation embedded within App• Helix DNA HLS and MPEG-DASH libraries available for • Mobile Application developers and OEMs • Supported on Android 2.2+ to 4.x • Open, AES and DRM encryption delivery • DRM from Verimatrix and PlayReady • MPEG-DASH standard streaming 6 RealNetworks Confidential
  7. 7. Q: The problem?• Broadcaster wants to provide the same iOS media service to Android and iPhone, iPad (objective simplify delivery and reduce encoder costs)• Android native media player doesn’t support HLS. (Android 2.x – the most popular OS versions – supports RTSP only)• Android 3.0 and 4.0 do support HLS but • not same as iOS player quality – slow, poor performance, bugs • proprietary DRM – WideVine only• Broadcaster wants a reliable media player including open choice DRMA: ? Helix Client SDK for Android 7 RealNetworks Confidential
  8. 8. Helix SDK overview • HTTP Live Streaming over the air (OTA) enabler for Android OS devices. • Ready to go development package for broadcasters, service providers, content providers and mobile communication providers. • Native media players in Android devices don’t have the features service providers require. Helix Client SDK is the best engine to support HTTP Live Streaming and MPEG-DASH on top of customer application. • Fully compatible with iOS and MPEG- DASH device streaming, supports widest range of chipsets with high quality playback.8 RealNetworks Confidential
  9. 9. Why use Helix SDK? Helix vs. Android Helix Android Fragmented across OEM device firmware andUniform and consistent implementation chipsetsAvailable on Android 2.2 and above OS versions Available only from Android 3.0 and aboveHigh quality – superior audio/video sync, Low quality – start up latency, late seeking,smoother/faster seeking, low start up latency broken audio/video sync,Highly interoperable with all leading encoders Lower interoperabilityDRM solution available (Verimatrix / PlayReady) No default DRM integration (2.2/2.3/3.x)Proven solutions – success references, pre- Untested solutionported devices9 RealNetworks Confidential
  10. 10. Quality Comparison Features Helix Android Adaptive Unstable (Live), Same as iOS devices (Live/VOD) quality Streaming Start from High bitrate (VOD) Seek to middle (0~2 secs) Seek to middle (1~6 sec or Not play) Seeking time Seek back to beginning (0-1.5 sec) Seek back to beginning (2-8 sec) Live : 4 ~ 7 sec Startup time Same as iOS devices VOD : 2 ~ 7 sec A/V sync Same as iOS devices Some VOD content have lip synch problem Low interoperabilityInteroperability Same as iOS devices (Unstable / Not playback)10 RealNetworks Confidential
  11. 11. HTTP Live Streaming & Verimatrix11 RealNetworks Confidential
  12. 12. OEM Integration Experience• Helix DNA is the default engine for Lenovo and Huawei phones and tablets• Blockbuster App • Pre-installed in Verizon Devices by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Dell • Integrated with device DRM• Helix DNA HLS • Shipping on MetroPCS devices made by Samsung, and LG • Integration with hardware decoders• Media room for T-Mobile • Pre-installed on devices by HTC and Samsung • Integrated with device specific hardware• RealNetworks has existing licensing agreements with all major device OEMs• Worldwide engineering group dedicated to OEM integration and customization• Close relationships with major chip makers 12 RealNetworks Confidential
  13. 13. Success Story – Verizon Video• Helix Client SDK intergraded Verizon’s new video application. It supports“Verizon has offered great video apps on our devicesfor many years, and now Verizon Video is the nextway to discover, experience and enjoy high-qualityvideo entertainment on Android™ smartphones,”“Verizon Video has the most popular TV shows,sports and more, and with the power of VerizonWireless 3G and 4G LTE networks, customers willget an unparalleled mobile viewing experience."Kristi Crum - Verizon Wireless 13 RealNetworks Confidential
  14. 14. Helix DNA customers14 RealNetworks Confidential
  15. 15. Why Helix?• RealNetworks world class engineering and customer support team with 15+ years of experience of supporting leading OEMs, chipset makers, carriers, broadcasters and inventor of streaming media• Ability to develop and enhance for customer specific requirements• End-to-End experience in developing encoders, delivery servers and media players for PC and mobile markets – we understand streaming!• Helix DNA is a proven media engine, pre-installed in 800+ million devices• Helix DNA HLS implementation reaches more devices and provide more consistent experience across OEMs and Android versions than any other HLS implementation• Helix DNA HLS offers future HLS enhancements, DRM and DASH delivery in a single deliverable 15 RealNetworks Confidential
  16. 16. Helix SDK capabilities Demonstration APK
  17. 17. Helix SDK capabilities• Customisation• MPEG-DASH• HLS • Adaptive bit rates • Multi-track (multi-video, multi-audio, multi-resolution)• Verimatrix DRM• Demonstration APK • Helix EMEA APK demo17 RealNetworks Confidential
  18. 18. Chipset and OS support 3/4 Chipsets 1 GHz minimum clock speed Froyo 2.2 Gingerbread 2.3 Honeycomb 3.x Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 JellyBean 4.1.xOS Version18 RealNetworks Confidential
  19. 19. Encoding Best Practice Smartphone up to Video: 128/256/512k 320x180 (16:9) @ 512kbps* Baseline Audio: 48k Resolution Codecs Adaptive Bit Rates Tablet up to Video: 512/768/1024k 640x360 (16:9) @ 1024kbps* Baseline Audio: 48k Resolution Codecs Adaptive Bit Rates *Dual and Quad cores allow higher bit rates and resolutions with increased bandwidth and CPU usage19 RealNetworks Confidential
  20. 20. Customisable Controls• Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Action20 RealNetworks Confidential
  21. 21. MPEG-DASH• ISO MP4 support• Multi-rate• Multi-resolution• Helix & 3rd party streams• Helix EMEA APK demo21 RealNetworks Confidential
  22. 22. HLS• Adaptive rate• Multi-resolution• Helix & Apple official streams• Multi-audio• Multi-video• Live Seek• nDVR22 RealNetworks Confidential
  23. 23. HLS multi-track• Multi-audio tracks with single video track • example - Multi-lingual movies23 RealNetworks Confidential
  24. 24. HLS multi-video• Multi-video with single audio track • Example – multi-camera events24 RealNetworks Confidential
  25. 25. HLS live seek• Seek with a live HLS multi-segment playlist25 RealNetworks Confidential
  26. 26. Vermatrix DRM• Verimatrix HLS (DRM)• Encrypted HLS (AES)• Open HLS• Helix EMEA APK demo26 RealNetworks Confidential
  27. 27. Next steps? Contactdjsmith@realnetworks.com Available Now Demonstration APK Evaluation SDK