Helix Broadcaster Transcoder Appliances


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Helix Broadcaster is the easy to use, multi-screen transcoder appliance. Simply connect your video source and be streaming to smartphone, tablet, PC or Smart TV within minutes.

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Helix Broadcaster Transcoder Appliances

  1. 1. Helix Broadcaster Multi-Screen transcoder appliance David J Smith djsmith@realnetworks.com
  2. 2. Q: Want to send video multi-screen? RealNetworks Confidential A: Easy with Helix
  3. 3. • All-in-one appliance • Transcode > Protect > Deliver > Multi-screen • Middleware API’s for session, security and archiving • A flexible appliance solution for all your content needs • Packetize content to all delivery methods (RTSP, DASH, HLS, RTMP) • Encrypt to protect content using studio approved DRM • Any Input Source to Any Output Type • IP, SDI, HDMI , DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, composite • Six appliances from portable, rack mountable and blade systems • Affordable for any budget, scalable from 2 to 400+ channels Helix Broadcaster RealNetworks Confidential
  4. 4. 4RU HB-600 1RU HB-500 3RU HB-300 or HB-400 • Event broadcasting • HB-100 & HB-200 • 2 x HD-SDI or 2 x DVB • High density connectivity • HB-300 or HB-400 • 8 x HD-SDI or 8 x DVB per 3RU • High density IP ingest • HB-500 or HB-600 • 10 to 100 x 1080p ingest feeds Helix Broadcaster – Series 100 to 600 RealNetworks Confidential Portable HB-100 1RU HB-200
  5. 5. RealNetworks Confidential Helix Broadcaster – multiple scaling
  6. 6. • Create, Packetize, Encrypt, Aggregate Source Content • Delivery to CDN, PDN and direct to device playback* simultaneously • One encode, multiple destinations Helix Broadcaster – multiple destinations 2012 Helix Broadcaster Multi-DRM / Segmentation / Multi- codecs / Management / Direct to CDN / Direct to Cloud / Evolves with Standards CDN Provider Shared Host / Co-location / Cloud Private Delivery Infrastructure DRM Transcoder *up to 200 concurrent unicast streams RealNetworks Confidential
  7. 7. • Ingests multiple sources in multiple formats • Encodes to single and multi-rate profiles • Deliver locally PDN and CDN for multi-screen play-out Helix Broadcaster – multiple sources RealNetworks Confidential IP + SDI Camera SDI + HDMI MPEG-2 TS IP Ingest Live IP Source Playback Content DVB A/V File Archive Content Transcoder TerrestrialSatellite Smartphone to SmartTV
  8. 8. • Connecting Helix Broadcaster to DVB sources provides the ability to create multi-rate, multi-channel IPTV broadcasts • Content delivered into multiple delivery solutions Multi-Screen, Multi-Channel IPTV / OTT Playback Content DVB TV Source 1Mbps 512kbps 256kbps 1Mbps 512kbps 256kbps 1Mbps 512kbps 256kbps Channel1Channel2Channel3 Internal / Hosted Streaming Platform CDN Playback Content Transcoder TerrestrialSatellite RealNetworks Confidential Smartphone to SmartTV
  9. 9. • Connecting Helix Broadcaster to a video source provides the ability to create multi-rate live broadcasting • Content optionally encrypted using DRM technologies for protected playback and delivered via a CDN for scale Event Broadcasting RealNetworks Confidential Playback Content 1Mbps 512kbps 256kbps CDN Transcoder Smartphone to SmartTV SDI + HDMI
  10. 10. Helix Broadcaster enables • OTT, Multi-screen, Social TV and many other applications • Reduces TCO, management and investment • Consistent integration points for real-time billing, subscriber management, reporting and content security • Combine with Helix Media Delivery platform for scalable deployments • A platform for advancements in technology Contact David J Smith djsmith@realnetworks.com Skype: djsmith.real.com Helix future proofing your investment RealNetworks Confidential
  11. 11. Further Information Helix Universal Media Server http://www.realnetworks.com/helix/streaming-media-server/ Helix Broadcaster http://www.realnetworks.com/helix/helix-broadcaster/ Helix Producer http://www.realnetworks.com/helix/video-encoding-with-helix- producer/ RealNetworks Confidential
  12. 12. Next steps? Contact djsmith@realnetworks.com