2010 pffc online opportunties


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2010 pffc online opportunties

  1. 1. INFO WWW.PFFC-ONLINE.COM t 2010 & 42 ENDLY vices p25 ts & Ser ECO-FRI Produc GING EMER p16 ct-Free, TECH ers Defep26 ing Deliv ls Offset Print In-Mold Labe ed REDU Sales Offices Film-Bas Credit en by a ook: Shak CE rtain p34 & REU p32 M&A Outl Future Is Unce Crisis, the SE s Off MONITOR PO Graphics Season in 2009 Show ricas Kick of the Ame Miami p41 orter p24 Interactiv SITIONS e Screen Module p25 Label Rep Web & Narrow Headquarters 2009 Cale Planning ndar: Let the RTER RY 2009 Begin p30 CONVE FILM & FOIL AWA Exclu JANUA PAPER, Extrusion- sive: The New 2008 Coated Face of Materials DECEMBER Stand-Up p32 Pouch Sits BANNER PAPER, FILM & FOIL CONVE RTER Tension Staying Control: Your Narrow Wrinkle-F Carton Web & Labe & Box Flat p36 Key ree p38 to l Reporte 330 N. Wabash, Suite 2300, Chicago, IL Reporte r p26 r p22 LEAN’S 60611; 312-595-1080 BETTER SHEEN p28 A KS SCORE ECO INct, Low VOC AT WAL s -MART p30 Impa High E Scott Bieda, Group Publisher rp g’s RE Fin cka DIG 38 tp ge gin Pa E rin P e- 312-840-8406; Fax: 913-514-3924 M NE.CO -ONLI M NE.CO WWW.PFFC scott.bieda@penton.com -ONLI Bridging the Gap E-ZIN WWW.PFFC DIG Vie w iss ITAL ue cu E rre ED s on and ION nt IT line ba no ck w! Yolanda Simonsis, Associate Publisher/ Between Print & Online Editor, 312-840-8409; Fax: 913-514-3924 yolanda.simonsis@penton.com Every issue of PFFC features articles on technology and marketing trends, departments covering industry news and Claudia Hine, Managing Editor new products, and monthly columnists who provide consistent 312-840-8403; Fax: 913-514-3695 editorial value. Our editorial staff, headed by respected claudia.hine@penton.com industry veteran Yolanda Simonsis, delivers information to our readers in a variety of formats, including the monthly Christian Webb, Online Sales printed magazine, special editorial reports, Development Director Spread your e-newsletters, online postings, and online archives. 216-931-9501; Fax: 216-931-9524 message, christian.webb@penton.com download the 2010 Going beyond the pages of PFFC’s print edition, media kit today by clicking here. www.pffc-online.com offers readers a comprehensive n Midwest–West: J. Michael Derda information source to the converting industry. 415-883-7555; Fax: 415-883-7455 Our website offers breaking news as well as mderda@pffc-online.com bonus commentary and features. Readers also n East: David J. Fay will find an in-depth article archive, grouped by One-Stop 978-356-6220; Fax: 978-356-6229 category, to research new equipment and trends. Our E-Clips dfay@pffc-online.com Website Advertising e-newsletter delivers industry news, technical innovations, and n IL, IN, MI & Southern OH: n Banners & Interstitials: Receive maximum visibility and clickthrough’s expert analysis for today’s converting industry executives. Deirdre D’Aniello, 312-840-8421; with our portfolio of banner ad sizes positioned within original PFFC content. Fax: 312-840-8455; n One-Stop Categories: Be the sole owner of all the PFFC offers many online opportunities that allow your company deirdre.d’aniello@penton.com advertising real estate on a One-Stop page, exclusively positioning to extend its reach, from our innovative webinar program to n National Classified Manager: Tim Janes your brand alongside specific, relevant content. custom e-newsletters and e-postcards. Our online advantage is 303-674-0579; Fax: 913-514-6390 n Roadblocks: Receive maximum impact! Similar to a cover tip-on in your key to reaching critical decision makers in converting. tim.janes@penton.com a print magazine, you “own” the homepage of www.pffc-online.com. n Europe: Julian Maddocks-Born n Dog-Ears: Stimulate viewers with this interactive ad! Browse the pages of our 2010 Online Product Guide and… +44 1442-230033; Fax: +44 1442-219898 n Social Networking Opportunities: Coming soon! julian@itsluk.com EXPERIENCE THE PFFC ONLINE ADVANTAGE INFO INFO LETTER FROM THE EDITOR BANNER ADVERTISING DIGITAL EDITION: E-ZINE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS WEBINARS ONLINE RATES/SPECS 1
  2. 2. LETTER FROM THE EDITOR WWW.PFFC-ONLINE.COM t 2010 SIZZL Strength in Diversity Hot revers ’N SKILLE e-printed gr T avure on a POUCHES shelf near Pe igita nlin you p4 7 SIN CE 192 Since 1927, the editorial challenge of serving a diverse group of readers has D el l E e N the dit O Pa ion w! ge E- BANNER US TRY s o Zin not been easy, but it’s one PFFC editors have taken seriously throughout its Substra fO e o tes Recycla Offer ur THE IND bil Weight Re ity and duction 83-year history. Because we serve a business as complex and horizontal as Flex-Pac p36 ICE OF k Strate Timothy J. Walker 9 JUNE 200 gy Pays Win the Off p38 THE VO ours, it makes your choice an easy one when it comes to selecting a media to paper , film & Ba Contami ttle to Combat nation on Your We Web Lines foil c narrow b p41 onver Web & deliver your marketing message. Despite our industry’s ter carton la & Box re bel reporte porter p1 r p17 tHe SK 8 diversity, we also share many commonalities— commonalities our business partners can uncover by on Sli innY FOCUS Special ttinG COATIN EQUIPM G sharing their news, technology updates, and stories with ENT See p43 our qualified, decision-making subscribers. uHow Rep Tension ort uFaster Impacts p21 Jo Your Pr uConve b Setups Are Dr. Kelly Robinson Unlike some electronic, digital, and/or print publications uDirect rter Doe s the Im oces Possible s p21 p24 ory of C possible that focus on select segments of the converting industry, uCusto on m Marke tract Slitters p2 6 tplace p3 p2 9 Static Beat 0 PFFC covers the full spectrum of converting and printing technologies, including flexible packaging; labels, tapes, and tags; unprinted rolls and sheets; paperboard and corrugated containers; sanitary OM N LICATIO products; and other non-packaging converted products. This affords our business LINE.C MEDIA PUB FFC -ON partners the advantage of reaching across a broad, multifaceted technology base Inside! SUr A PENTON crit WW W.P Exclusiv Trenical Claudia Hine ve Y ds Resear e where their products are both used and sold for a diversity of applications. reS ch Critical Tre T Managing Editor Ult The Conv nds in S Industry erting Our readers depend on PFFC to keep them abreast of leading-edge p32 technologies, processes, and practices. Please accept my sincere invitation to partner with us for our mutual success in 2010—a year in which the competitive spirit will serve to make our industry stronger, more innovative, and aggressive in Interact on PFFC’s Blogs Delivering Editorial Excellence transforming its challenges into triumphant opportunities PFFC’s editorial staff, headed by respected Nsenga Thompson for achievement. http://blog.pffc-online.com/yolanda industry veteran Yolanda Simonsis, delivers Associate Editor Our website, www.pffc-online.com, offers breaking information to our readers in a variety of news as well as bonus commentary and features. http://blog.pffc-online.com/kelly formats, including the monthly printed magazine, Converters rely on our comprehensive article archive, http://blog.pffc-online.com/bezigian a digital edition, a bi-weekly webinar, special conveniently grouped by One-Stop category, to research editorial reports, e-newsletters, online postings, new equipment and trends. Our E-Clips e-newsletter Coming soon! and online archives. delivers industry news, technical innovations and Edward J. Boyle General Features Editor expert analysis. We are proud to enter our 83rd year of editorial excellence. We hope you will be a part of PFFC’s next exciting chapter! Send your breaking news and product releases to Deborah Donberg yolanda.simonsis@penton.com Contributing Editor —Yolanda Simonsis, Associate Publisher/Editor LETTER FROM THE EDITOR INFO LETTER FROM THE EDITOR BANNER ADVERTISING DIGITAL EDITION: E-ZINE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS WEBINARS ONLINE RATES/SPECS HOME 2
  3. 3. BANNER ADVERTISING WWW.PFFC-ONLINE.COM t 2010 Banners & Interstitials Top derboa Lea ner rd t/cpm Ba n An ad on www.pffc-online.com combines IAB- BANNER certified placements and advanced ad management $40 ne technology to provide maximum visibility in any given industry segment. Our sponsorship opportunities combine the trust and authority of PFFC with action—the traffic you want, where you want it. Prem ium Boo m Ban Box With more than 32,000 unique visitors each month, now is ner $50 ne t/cpm the time to take full advantage of advertising at www.pffc- Finding all the information on the hottest online.com to see measurable response to your marketing converting topics has never been easier. program. PFFC has the flexibility to shape your integrated One-Stop landing pages quickly connect our advertising program and meet your marketing goals. readers with timely news, commentary, and the latest technological advances on the most n Top Leaderboard Banner: 728x90. n Offers high visibility to your company and its products Why One-Stop Landing Pages? important converting topics. And these focused, n Presents you as a leader in a specific niche of the industry Attention-grabbing top banner position high-traffic pages open unique marketing n Your THREE exclusive banner ads let visitors click through directly to your website integrated into site’s horizontal navigation opportunities for advertisers. You can be the n Your ad is displayed to pre-qualified visitors already interested in your product category bar. $40net/cpm. File size limit: 35k. sole owner of all of the advertising real estate n Positions your ad within relevent content to your products n Lets visitors click through your THREE exclusive banner ads to link directly to our website on a One-Stop page, exclusively positioning your n Premium Boom Box Banner: 300x250. n Displays your ad to pre-qualified visitors brand alongside specific, relevant content. Integrated into the core of PFFC’s freshest content, this premium banner provides impact with large Exclusive position on One-Stop landing creative options. $50 net/cpm. File size limit: 30k. page & articles linking from One-Stop: , Side Left -Fold $2,310 net/month (per category) Top ner n Left Side: 180x150. t/cpm Ban This banner position is integrated into left-side $35 ne Includes: navigation. $35 net/cpm. File size limit: 20k. Top Leaderboard Banner: 728x90 File size limit: 35k n Left Side, Below-Fold Banners: 125x125. Premium Boom-Box Banner: These banner positions are integrated 300x250 File size limit: 30k into left-side navigation below the fold. Square Banner: 180x150 File Size limit: 20k $25 net/cpm. File size limit: 20k. e, , t Sid Righ ve-Fold One-Stop Topics: Side Left ow-Fold o r Ab ne n Right Side, Below-Fold Banner: 120x240. n Surface Prep n Printing t/cpm Bel ner Ban This banner position is integrated into t/cpm Ban $30 ne n Carton/Box n Flexpack right-side navigation, below the fold. $25 ne n Coating/Laminating n Label/Tape $30 net/cpm. File size limit: 20k. n Controls n Bag/Pouch n Web Handling n Die-Cutting n Slitting BANNER BANNER ADVERTISING INFO LETTER FROM THE EDITOR BANNER ADVERTISING DIGITAL EDITION: E-ZINE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS WEBINARS ONLINE RATES/SPECS HOME 3
  4. 4. DIGITAL EDITION: E-ZINE WWW.PFFC-ONLINE.COM t 2010 Pe Dig el th ita e P l a On Edit ges lin ion of ! eN E O ALINGp6 ow -Zin ur ! e R E VE ws VERY film with windo Metallized Streamline s Readers can easily flip through the pages Every ad in PFFC’s print edition is automatically included in the E-Zine BANNER Rewinder Production p36 of PFFC magazine online, and but does not automatically get its e-mail address and website SINCE 1927 Wallpaper Longevity p42 ds Roller TPU Exten p44 nverters les for Co exactly as it appears in print! CUTIVES New Ro r p24 narro & label w Web reporter p28 reporte URL linked. Upgrade your ad by making active your hotlinks. TING EXE & Box carton CONVER R 200 9 r nverte foil co film & OCTOBE SERVING paper, ing n Make your ad even l oad eraerblard lat t Lin o p32 more interactive and Preprin attractive: Inde Show! side Add hyperlinks, sound, and video. Tra In Print aisles the LICATION OM Browse ual Trade of our ann t p57 LINE.C Prin Show in MEDIA PUB FFC -ON A PENTON WW W.P n Utilize the E-Zine “Live Area”: The space opposite our Digital Edition: E-Zine cover is available for Expands our readership immediate impact. Engage your customers with n Sponsor an PFFC’s E-Zine, which provides e-mail alert: readers with an enhanced interactive This alert announces the experience, combining text, images, E-Zine to PFFC subscribers HTML pages, animation, audio, and every month and gets video in one rich-media document. delivered via e-mail. With just one click, readers can link to advertisers’ websites, e-mail editors, n Get information and more. Ask a sales representative and statistics about about the host of advertising See a live the reader: demonstration opportunities in this fully-trackable by clicking The E-Zine is fully trackable and accountable interactive medium. here. and accountable. Buying into our E-Zine is simple! Advertise in the print edition and receive it for free, or buy directly into the E-Zine through our “Live Area” opposite the By advertising in PFFC magazine you get the added readership front covers or sponsor an e-mail alert announcing a new E-Zine edition. on a global scale. More eyes on your advertisements gives you greater return on your investment. DIGITAL EDITION: E-ZINE INFO LETTER FROM THE EDITOR BANNER ADVERTISING DIGITAL EDITION: E-ZINE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS WEBINARS ONLINE RATES/SPECS HOME 4
  5. 5. CUSTOM SOLUTIONS WWW.PFFC-ONLINE.COM t 2010 E-Newsletters: Custom E-Blast, Special Lead Generation: Keyword Contextual E-Clips and E-Xpress Reports, and E-Cards White Papers Advertising BANNER E-Clips Custom E-Blast: These custom announcements Boost your White Paper’s visibility by What is Keyword, Contextual Advertising? This 2x monthly newsletter reaches provide you the opportunity to promote your including your logo (FREE to all White Keyword, Contextual Advertising allows your more than 13,000* subscribers. products or industry expertise directly to PFFC’s Paper sponsors) that will accompany company to be positioned alongside relevant Each issue contains timely, concise audience. All content is provided by the sponsor. your White Paper synopsis, or ask PFFC content when Web visitors search a news and information covering all Transmit your customized message to a list your sales representative how your particular topic by Keyword Search on www. aspects of the converting industry. of highly receptive industry professionals. company can further boost its exposure pffc-online.com. For example, if a Web visitor with Web banner advertising. enters a Keyword Search for “inks,” a listing of Premier Top Position: Special Reports: Sponsor rich editorial content all related articles within that topic category $1,050 net/month. delivered to our highly targeted audience in the White Papers can include references will be displayed. Positioned adjacent to the Includes 468x60 top banner and text form of an e-special report. E-special reports to your company and its products (but articles will be advertisements for companies (including headline and links). are editorially driven and compelling to our should not denigrate competitors or from our Buyers Guide with products relevant to Premier Sponsorship: $945 net/month. readers. The topic would be mutually agreed on their products). There are no restrictions specific content. Keyword, Contextual Advertising Logo appears above 75 words of text (including and written by the editorial staff of PFFC. As the on length, and your company’s White is a unique advertising opportunity that offers headline and links). Runs in the main body sponsor, you benefit from having key positioning Paper can include an unlimited amount your company several options to maximize of the newsletter, first position. surrounding compelling editorial content. of photos, diagrams, and charts. its Web exposure. Display a company profile, Preferred Sponsorship: $785 net/month. video, banner ad in one, or several Keyword Logo appears above 75 words of text (including E-Cards: The perfect way to reach more Sponsor Benefits: categories to increase your Web visibility. headline and links). Runs in the main body of than 13,000* converting professionals. n Exposure in PFFC’s White Paper the newsletter, second or third positions. Library for 12 months How can Keyword, Contextual Your 600x400 E-Postcard is sent to our n After 12 months, White Paper(s) are Advertising benefit your company? E-Xpress targeted audience database and can link permanently stored in searchable archive n It’s a low-cost option that can This e-newsletter brings readers current and to the reverse side of the postcard, your n Real-time lead generation effectively maximize your company’s accurate information about products and company page, or to a custom landing capability delivers interested exposure on the Web. services. Each product feature can enhance brand page built by PFFC to capture LEADS! buyer information via e-mail n It brands you as a leader in a awareness and drive traffic to the advertiser’s n Categorized to appear with every specific niche of the industry. website for more detailed information. n Generate exceptional leads relevant hot topic and keyword search n It offers high visibility to your n Drive prospects to your website conducted on www.pffc-online.com company and its products. Premium Position: $550 net/per issue. n Kickoff a product launch n 2x proactive e-mail promotion to at n Your customized ad, alongside relevant Logo appears above 75 words of text n Make a special offer least 13,000* qualified recipients PFFC content becomes an effective tool (including headline and links). Runs in the n Raise brand awareness n Capability to initiate a standard or to drives traffic to your website. main body of the newsletter, first position. customized promotion campaign at any time Preferred Sponsorship: $375 net/month. Pricing: Pricing: Logo appears above 75 words of text (including $3,000. Limit 1 advertiser a month. Formats Pricing: 1st Keyword: $250. headline and links). Runs in the main body of currently accepted: HTML, JPEG, GIF or Animated Only $750 (for up to three Each additional Keyword, only $150. the newsletter, second or third positions. GIF. Dimensions and file size: 600x400; 50K file max. postings for 12 months). *Publishers own data CUSTOM SOLUTIONS INFO LETTER FROM THE EDITOR BANNER ADVERTISING DIGITAL EDITION: E-ZINE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS WEBINARS ONLINE RATES/SPECS HOME 5