Hierarchical objects presentation


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Presentation on possible ways of displaying hierarchical objects in Europeana.

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  • Introduction of myself
  • A Jain version of the story says that six blind men were asked to determine what an elephant looked like by feeling different parts of the elephant's body. The blind man who feels a leg says the elephant is like a pillar; the one who feels the tail says the elephant is like a rope; the one who feels the trunk says the elephant is like a tree branch; the one who feels the ear says the elephant is like a hand fan; the one who feels the belly says the elephant is like a wall; and the one who feels the tusk says the elephant is like a solid pipe. A wise man explains to them: "All of you are right. The reason every one of you is telling it differently is because each one of you touched the different part of the elephant. So, actually the elephant has all the features you mentioned."
  • Modelling relations, hierarchical or otherwise, is difficult in ESE.
  • The Rhine portal has no inherent ability to display objects as part of relations, sequences, or hierararchies. Series are “simulated” by creative ESE-mapping.
  • Hierarchical relations can be modelled in EDM with subordinate objects able to be sequenced
  • Part of relations
  • IsNextInSequence relation
  • Is there a need for clearer rules, guidelines or best practices for how to map to EDM and preserve relations and hierarchies?
  • Not really for me to decide. Anyone in the audience?
  • Hierarchical objects in a search result. The sub-objects should not be individually displayed in search results but their metadata indexed and searchable.
  • Hierarchical object view 1
  • Hierarchical object view 2. Should there be a max limit to the number of sub-objects related to a mother object?
  • Hierarchical object search and display is a priority feature for the Danube release of Europeana Paintings by Arthur Rackham. Not found in Europeana. Will be followed by smaller releases in tighter intervals
  • End slide
  • Hierarchical objects presentation

    1. 1. Hierarchical objects in Europeana David Haskiya Product Developer Meeting on hierarchical objects, September 16 2010
    2. 2. A lot of things are best understood in context Photo by Pawyilee
    3. 3. Europeana and ESE Flat!!! Photo by mstrs
    4. 4. Records without relations
    5. 5. EDM opens up for (hierarchical) relations Photo by Travis S.
    6. 6. EDM opens up for more relations
    7. 7. EDM opens up for more relations
    8. 8. Hierarchical objects in EDM
    9. 9. EDM rules!? Photo by Enokson
    10. 10. What types of content are best modelled as hierarchical or objects? Archival series!? Virtual exhibitions!? Big complex archaeological sites!?
    11. 11. MOCK-UP
    12. 12. MOCK-UP
    13. 13. MOCK-UP
    14. 14. The two rivers of Europeana 1.0 Rhine, Summer-Autumn 2010 Danube, Spring 2011 Artist: Arthur Rackham (public domain)
    15. 15. Thank you, Contact and links Thank you! Questions? [email_address] www.twitter.com/davidhaskiya