Making Connections - Classroom Management with Young Learners (Webinar Preview)


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The slides from a webinar I did for the British Council on 12th December 2012.

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Making Connections - Classroom Management with Young Learners (Webinar Preview)

  1. 1. Classroom Management with Young Learners David Dodgson TED Ankara CollegeImage by lrargerich
  2. 2. What teachers want...
  3. 3. What teachers fear...
  4. 4. What is ‘classroom management’?
  5. 5. What is ‘classroom management’?For me, it’s about: Involving learners in important decisions Ensuring good discipline Establishing rapport with students Creating a positive atmosphere for learning
  6. 6. Some tips before we start...  There is no ‘right answer’!  Be responsive and adapt to each class  Be consistent and follow through  Establish regular routines  Accept that there are some things you can’t change Image by laughlin
  7. 7. Establishing ‘ground rules’
  8. 8. Establishing ‘ground rules’Some of my ideas: ‘Class Contract’ Rules for the teacher! Discussing & negotiating rules Involve the students & let their opinions be heard! Image by Scott Thornbury via eltpicsSee also my blog post on this topic:
  9. 9. The students will.... ready at the start of the lesson. ...listen when someone is talking. ...always be polite, patient and helpful. ...wait for Mr. David to say the lesson is finished.
  10. 10. Mr. Dodgson will.... ...not give homework on Fridays. ...let us drink water in the lesson. ...let us eat snacks in the lesson.
  11. 11. Enforcing ‘ground rules’
  12. 12. Enforcing ‘ground rules’Some ideas: Class Captains Highlight examples of good behaviour Plenty of praise (individual students and the class!) Make sure you follow through on any promises/detterents.
  13. 13. Gamification  What is ‘gamificaiton’?  How can it help with classroom management?Image by @acliltoclimb via eltpics
  14. 14. Gamification  What is ‘gamificaiton’?  Applying concepts and theories from the world of gaming to the classroom.  How can it help with classroom management?  Easy for kids to relate to.Image by @acliltoclimb via eltpics  Adds a sense of ‘fun’ to proceedings. See also the Digital Play blog by Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer:
  15. 15. Gamified Classroom ManagementExample – Class Achievments Reward following class rules with a ‘level up’ After 5 level ups, the class chooses a ‘reward’ The reward could be a game, a video, free time, or even no homework! Rewards are ‘just for fun’ Image by @oyajimbo via eltpicsSee also my blog post on this topic:
  16. 16. Gamified Classroom Management Example – Class Dojo  Set up class accounts on  Award points for ‘positive’ behaviour (and ‘negative’ if you wish)  Connect with students & their families
  17. 17. Establishing rapport
  18. 18. Establishing rapport  Be friendly & approachable  Be flexibile (and be willing to ‘bend the rules’!)  Focus on the kids’ own interests  Personalise the lessons as much as possibleImage by lighttruth  Involve the students and give them choices See also this post I wrote for Shelly Terrell’s blog: dodgson/
  19. 19. Getting the students involved
  20. 20. Getting the students involved Class rules Image by ToGa Wanderings Personalising lessons & offering choices Use student-created content in class Get students to create tasks and quizzes.
  21. 21. Getting the students involvedExample: ‘Video of the Week’ Image by ToGa Wanderings Allow one student each week to select a video Student writes questions about it Video and questions are posted on the class blog ‘Secret homework’ See also this blog post by David Mearns:
  22. 22.