Agile in the Equity Capital Industry


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In 2012, the IT department at The Carlyle Group (TCG) decided to embrace Agile after a number of false starts. TCG and DCG Software Value decided on an immersive approach to implementing Agile, rather than a "train them and they will come" approach.

The presentation provides context for how Agile was embraced at TCG and where the company stands today. These "lessons learned" can be leveraged by any organization.

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  • The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) is a global alternative asset manager with $180 billion of assets under management across 118 funds and 81 fund of funds vehicles as of June 30, 2013. Carlyle's purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of its investors, many of whom are public pensions. Carlyle invests across four segments – Corporate Private Equity, Real Assets, Global Market Strategies and Global Solutions – in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America. Carlyle has expertise in various industries, including: aerospace, defense & government services, consumer & retail, energy, financial services, healthcare, industrial, technology & business services, telecommunications & media and transportation. The Carlyle Group employs more than 1,400 people in 34 offices across six continents.
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  • Internal agile process champions requiredSenior leaders must be all in Business buy-in and participationOrganization structure and culture changesExternal support and mentoring
  • Agile in the Equity Capital Industry

    1. 1. New Beginnings: Agile in the Equity Capital Industry Tom Cagley Measure. Optimize. Deliver. Phone +1.610.644.2856
    2. 2. Presenters Michael Allison Co-CIO The Carlyle Group ©2013 David Consulting Group Tom Cagley Vice President of Consulting David Consulting Group 1
    3. 3. The Carlyle Group ©2013 David Consulting Group 2
    4. 4. David Consulting Group Measure. Optimize. Deliver. ©2013 David Consulting Group 3
    5. 5. Challenge: Create High-Impact IT Organization Accountability Client Engagement ©2013 David Consulting Group Delivery Speed Staff Development 4
    6. 6. Barriers to Successful Project Delivery Projects take too long to be delivered ©2013 David Consulting Group Projects cost too much 5 Projects do not deliver what is needed
    7. 7. Options: Many Possible Paths To Value • Stay the course • DIY Agile: Leverage “semi-Agile” methodologies that have developed inhouse over time • Agile / Lean all in: Build a framework for all project teams; senior leaders must be committed ©2013 David Consulting Group 6
    8. 8. JumpStart: Build Capability FAST Capability Building: • Overview of Agile methods • Hybridize Agile • Metrics and reporting • Scaling Agile (if needed) • Problems with Agile • Iteration zero / preproject team building • Aggressive coaching ©2013 David Consulting Group 7
    9. 9. Coaching: Lead, Then Get Out Of The Way Aggressive Coaching Transition Zone Begins Coach-as-leader transitions to ScrumMaster-as-leader Attributes of Coach and Scrum Master: • Aggressive facilitator • Leader • High-touch people person • 110% self starter ©2013 David Consulting Group DCG Jump Start Coach Relative Levels of Effort Scrum Master Product Owner Iteration 0 Iteration 1 Iteration 2 8
    10. 10. ©2013 David Consulting Group 10
    11. 11. Building Buy-In for Going Agile • Combination of Training and Communications – Agile Road Show • Provide a 20 minute overview of Agile for each area of the business, co-delivered by IT and a local product owner • Include pictures of Carlyle team members using Agile – Product Owner Training • Product Owners are the initial point of business contact with Agile teams and are core team members (and the least trained) – Internal Agile Conference • An internal Agile conference would highlight the amazing practices being honed at Carlyle • These should be taped and used to supplement Scrum Master training and for internal awareness building ©2013 David Consulting Group 11
    12. 12. Initial Agile Review: Learning and Feedback • When our operational silos are removed, we can operate more quickly. • Roles have become less important and more focus has been placed on the work to be done, who can perform that work, and if that work meets the needs of the customer. • Daily involvement with our Product Owner provides muchneeded, valuable feedback. • Product Owner has been able to gain insight and understanding of what goes into delivering quality solutions. • There is an ability to grow and expand on skill sets when you are not boxed in to a specific role. ©2013 David Consulting Group 14
    13. 13. Agile Community of Practice ©2013 David Consulting Group 15
    14. 14. Ongoing Assessment and Coaching Quarterly Reviews: • Observation • Discussion • Feedback • Coaching • Teaching ©2013 David Consulting Group 16
    15. 15. Punchline … • Management involvement and support matters. • Product Owners are crucial. • Train everyone (PowerPoint presentations do not count). • The process will evolve (there is no such thing as a standard process). ©2013 David Consulting Group 17
    16. 16. Contact Us Email: Phone: 1-610-644-2856, ext 21 @DavidConsultGrp /DavidConsultGrp /company/David-Consulting-Group Measure. Optimize. Deliver. Phone +1.610.644.2856 ©2013 David Consulting Group 18