Startup Weekend Wellington Warmup - Feb 2014


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The presentation deck from the Warmup at Xero on 6 Feb 2014.

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  • Welcome to Startup Weekend!Who has been to Startup Weekend before?How many: designer? Developers? Women?Who here has an idea they want to pitch?Twitter /Wifi info
  • We hear a lot that people: love making stuff / Infusion of energy / find out if their idea have potential / is ready for a startup – here to HAVE FUNMost important is TEAM. Idea will inevitably change, it's all about finding people you connect well with. *elaborate*On presentation day, go back over these first few slides to Sunday only attendees, but ask the questions “who here loves making stuff? Was more productive in these 3 days than quite a while? etc… That’s why you’re here!”----Longer version:Some of you are here to take away an infusion of creative energy, being able to be surrounded by people that are here because they love making stuff. Others are here to meet people and expand your network? And some of you may want to actually start a new life as an entrepreneur, and you're here to find that team to do so.In my opinion, the single most important piece of what will make this weekend a success is finding the right people to work with. The ideas that you pitch, and build around are the least important. If there is actually a business and opportunity to be the ones to make it happen, your idea will go through dozens of iterations, and probably look completely different by the time it is what it's meant to be. What is most important is making sure you find people you click so well with, that it doesn't matter what becomes of the idea, you're the ones that are going to stick together to deliver. We'll go over more the people soon.We have some fun stuff in store, and I want to quickly get through the talking, and get to the meeting and making.
  • Give a brief overview as to why you’re the person standing in front of them, either startup experience or Startup Weekend experience
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  • Handmic to local organizer to intro their team, the venue details, local sponsors
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  • Customer ValidationGet out of the building, talk to real people, listen for quality feedback, learn from it and have it affect what you’re building.Business ModelHave you identified any competition?What makes you different?How do you plan to get it in front of people?How will this build a business?Execution– the weekend is about experience and education. Learning and growing.How much did you challenge yourself?What did you learn?How solid was the demo/prototype, technologically, simple user experience, polished interface, brand thought through?And BeyondIs the team made up of people that are fit to continue forward?**Did this team come together this weekend and start from scratch?? Previous products/businesses/teams are welcome to build, but not eligible for winning**
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  • Pitch / Vote / Form / Braindump / MVPRoman votingSaturday breakfast, then X am meeting – workshops on lean methodology, business model canvas, market validation, etcSunday breakfast, then X am meeting – workshop on building kickass presentation---- Longer versionWe are going to pitch ideas, vote, form teams then get on your way.When you get into teams, everyone on your team is going to braindump every feature they can think of, just get it all out. Then you'll spend a few minutes cutting them all away as you prioritize and refine until you hone on your weekend MVP - minimum viable product. What you can actually deliver this weekend. If your team starts to argue, and they will, work out a voting process (thumb up / thumb down, majority wins). Don't spend more than a few moments getting perspectives and MOVE ON. For the love of God, do not spend more than 10 minutes figuring out a name. It's ok if it changes later.The goal is to build enough to be able to tell your story. Tomorrow doors open at X am for breakfast, and at X am will go through getting the most out of Saturday. There is some great information here, do not miss it.Same goes for Sunday, we will meet together at 10am and go over how to best deliver your presentation.Let's get to pitching!
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  • Leave info slide up for voting and team forming
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  • Startup Weekend Wellington Warmup - Feb 2014

    1. 1. Startup Weekend Wellington 21-23 February 2014 SWWLG
    2. 2. 1050+ Events 100,000+ Attendees 2000 + Global/local organizers 110 Countries 475 Cities
    3. 3. David Clearwater • • • • Facilitator, organiser and participant at 3 Startup Weekends Venture Director at Hikurangi Foundation Marketing Director at HoneyLab Digital // Social Enterprise // Marketing • Connect to me on LinkedIn David Clearwater @espressoftw
    4. 4. New Zealand National Sponsors
    5. 5. Startup New Zealand
    6. 6. • • • • • Katherine Field – BizDojo Nick Churchouse – CreativeHQ Jill McCarthy – Creative HQ Paul Spence – iWantMyName Dave Moskovitz – WebFund, Startup New Zealand, InternetNZ
    7. 7. Mentors • • • • • • • • • Alan Froggatt - Generatec Melissa Clark-Reynolds - Looxie Philippa Dawe - Alexander Rose Silvia Zuur - Enspiral Dave Allison - CreativeHQ Sam Kidd - Teamwork Lenz Gschwendtner - iWantMyName Sam Bonney - Lightning Lab Dan Khan - Lightning Lab
    8. 8. Judges • Rowan Yeoman • Startup Weekend NZ • Helen Baxter • Mohawk Media • More TBA…
    9. 9. How to win
    10. 10. How to win
    11. 11. Prizes • Winner • $10,000 free advertising from TradeMe • Free one-year “medium” Xero account • $200 Amazon Web Services voucher • 10 days in the next 12 mo at BizDojo Wellington and Auckland • 5 days in the next 12 months at each of • eCentre (Albany) • The Bio Commerce Centre (Palmerston North) • CreativeHQ (Wellington)
    12. 12. Prizes • ALL TEAMS ARE WINNERS! • Microsoft BizSpark - $10K software and services • Amazon Web Services - $100 voucher • Hook up with local developers, designers, mentors and investors • A shedload of other stuff, like freebies and big discounts on really useful stuff like O'Reilly books, SendGrid, UserVoice, KISSMetrics, MongoHQ, Crazy Egg, Optimizely, GoToMeeting - see
    13. 13. The Half Baked Game • Form teams – by the first letter of your surname • Each team chooses five random words from the hat • You have 10 minutes to make a oneminute pitch for a business idea using three of those words • Ready – Set – Go!
    14. 14. F.A.Q. Q: Can I pitch something I’ve already been working on? A: No, however well researched and vetted ideas are welcome Q: What if my idea isn’t selected? A: Join another team. It’s not really about the idea. Q: Can I work on my idea even if it’s not selected? A: Only if you can get another two people on your team Q: Can I use any props or PowerPoint when I’m pitching? A: Props are OK, slides are not. You only have one minute! Q: What happens after Startup Weekend? A: That’s entirely up to you! We’ll have a reunion though.
    15. 15. F.A.Q. Q: What about my intellectual property? A: It’s probably better out than in. Q: Do I have to share equity with my teammates? A: The “Golden Rule” should apply, but it’s up to you. Reach quick verbal agreement up front, and don’t team up with assholes. Q: Can we use resources outside the room? A: Yes, we encourage you to pull out all stops.
    16. 16. Startup Weekend Launchpad • Pre-event drinks on the Friday at The Cross • Meet other participants and mentors • Test your idea in a supportive environment • Practice pitching (and pitch coaching!) • 3.00-5.30pm Fri 21 Feb at Southern Cross
    17. 17. Friday night
    18. 18. Saturday • Doors open 8am • Morning • Refine your MVP and Elevator Pitch • Define customer/market validation questions • Some team members “get out of the building” • Others start building the product and/or acquiring external resources • Fill in Startup Weekend Survey / Census • Lunch: Midday • Teams give 1-minute pitch, call for help
    19. 19. Saturday (continued) • Afternoon • Incorporate learnings from validation • Pivot? • Build furiously • Sign up first customers • Dinner: 6pm, another round of 1-minute pitches • Evening • Go-to-market plan • Front end / back end integration started • Final presentation structured • Doors close 1am
    20. 20. Sunday • Doors open 8am • Morning • 1 minute pitches • Build comes together; testing • Final presentation being fleshed out • Plan out the future post-Startup Weekend • Lunch: midday • Afternoon • Finalise presentation; dry run; tech check • 5-8pm – Final Presentations
    21. 21. Questions? • • •
    22. 22. So • • • • See you at the pre-match Launchpad Sign up your friends Think big Meet people
    23. 23. See you there!
    24. 24. Appendix