es and jobs hom             to                                                                                        n   ...
About this Neighbourhood PlanWe aim to make Dawlish an even better place to be, now and for          • Protecting areas of...
Dawlish Parish will be:•              A sustainable, thriving and prosperous place that supports a high quality of life fo...
Actions to deliver the Vision                                                                  1.3                        ...
education facilities will                                                 hotel and ‘Changing      help more young people ...
C                4.7                                                                          Enhanced indoor multi-use co...
R S                 7.2 New roads                                                                             Part of the ...
7.8       Enhance car park near Dawlish Library as part of wider       Strand enhancements.7.9       Improvements to facil...
9.5      conservation and built heritage                                      Protect strategic open break between Teignmo...
Design of new development should incorporate features       • Encourage space for growing food within the grounds       wh...
When positive changes will happen and how they will be paid forThe emphasis for growth at Dawlish is to meet local needsfo...
R  Regeneration                                                  Mixed use employment                                     ...
N   C                                                                                                                 NK E...
This draft Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by a Steering       We have also learnt much about the issues that affect ...
Please let us know what you think about the draft NeighbourhoodPlan for Dawlish Parish. Your views are important to us and...
Dawlish Parish Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group Council Officers / Town, District and County elected Councillors / th...
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Dawlish consultation document_web_(19_sept)

  1. 1. es and jobs hom to n m s ed tio eet local ne ra reg en e DAWLISH PARISH Neighbourhood Plan S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 Consultation Draft and other community representatives coastquality place e von D h ut So tourism on the
  2. 2. About this Neighbourhood PlanWe aim to make Dawlish an even better place to be, now and for • Protecting areas of open space that you value and maintainingfuture generations. the high quality coastal natural environment.Through working with Teignbridge Planners, a steering group The draft Neighbourhood Plan is a vision about what Dawlishof local people has prepared this Neighbourhood Plan. It tries Parish will be like in the next 20 years. This vision will guide futureto meet your needs and your aspirations. It suggests positive planning decisions in the area. This includes a series of actionschanges in the Dawlish Parish over the next 20 years to support describing where positive changes will happen across the Dawlisha population that is expected to grow by 3,000. Positive changeswill help local people of all ages be able to live and work in thearea, improve prosperity and well-being, regenerate the town Sources of information we have used to prepare the draftcentre, support tourism, and protect valued open space and Neighbourhood Plan can be found at the back of this consultationimportant nature conservation interests. They will also help document.address social issues within the area, by helping residents to havebetter access to housing, jobs, health services and other facilities.To achieve these positive changes the draft Neighbourhood Planmakes provision for:• Dawlish to meet two-thirds of its own affordable housing need over the next 20 years, helping many local people get on the housing ladder. 2,000 new homes (about 100 new homes each year) including about 1400 open market homes to subsidise 600 new homes that are affordable for local people. 400 of these new homes already have planning permission. These new homes will provide an opportunity for more than £20 million to be invested on infrastructure, community facilities and other big improvements to Dawlish Parish.• New job opportunities and a range of community facilities to keep people working locally and to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport.• Dawlish to regain its premier resort status through regeneration and new visitor attractions.
  3. 3. Dawlish Parish will be:• A sustainable, thriving and prosperous place that supports a high quality of life for all its residents• Regenerated as a premier year round visitor resort• An area with a high quality natural environment and protected important wildlife interestsR SRegeneration Shops Education Homes Community Food Health Connecting Places V C Open Space Community Facility Nature Public Transport Strategic Open Break Visitor Beds Coastal Park N e i g h b o u r h o o d P l a n n i n g i n A c t i o n 3
  4. 4. Actions to deliver the Vision 1.3 Dawlish Retaining green ridge above Dawlish town. 1.42,000 new homes will provide a choice of types of Either including market housing or all affordable homes.accommodation, through a mix of sizes and tenures at Dawlish,Holcombe and Cockwood. 30% of the total new homes allocated 1.5will be affordable to help meet local housing needs. Either including market housing or all affordable homes.In addition to 400 new homes that already have planning 1.6 housing To meet specialist housing needs of an ageing population.1.1 of Secmaton Lane, Dawlish We believe these new homes will provide about £20m to invest in This will be a mixed use sustainable urban extension with the other proposed actions. about 40 new homes per hectare. It will include some employment, local shops and services and open space / play provision. By making new land available for business uses and through1.2 improved education and skills training opportunities locally. of Southdowns Road 2.1 3 hectares of land for B-space business uses This will include an extension New employment land will be allocated south of of Oaklands Wood, enhanced Shutterton Lane (including workspace / innovation footpath and cycleway link hubs and starter business units) and as part of the from Southdowns Road to development area to the north west of Dawlish. Providing Oak Hill Cross Road, and more local jobs will help reduce the need to travel sustainable surface water elsewhere to work. drainage. Improvements to vehicular access for properties 2.2 fronting Teignmouth Road. Improved vocational training and post 16 training and
  5. 5. education facilities will hotel and ‘Changing help more young people to World’ visitor centre, remain in Dawlish to further childrens’ adventure / their education and training sheltered play area, prospects. Development outdoor amphitheatre, and of a broad range of Adult open space for informal Education provision that recreation and dog walking appeals to all sections of with multi-use tracks the community. and trails. The Coastal Park will provide a new2.3 Improvements to Dawlish recreation facility and visitor destination at Dawlish to To continue improvements reduce visitor pressure at Dawlish Warren to help protect its fragile nature conservation habitat. solutions to current environmental issues. 3.2 To lift the image of Dawlish Parish as a visitor destination V To promote the area as the start of the Exe Estuary andBy providing improved facilities and attractions to support year as part of the South West Coast Path, as well as beinground tourism at Dawlish as a local focus for arts, culture, part of the National Cycle Network.entertainment and play. Unique selling points will includea Coastal Park, “Blue and Green Strategic Routes” and To promote nature conservation and have natureenhanced town centre at the Lawn and Dawlish Water. interpretation for children and families.3.1 3.3 Situated between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren this Introduce more beach huts in appropriate locations to will include new serviced visitor accommodation/ support a more traditional seaside experience. N e i g h b o u r h o o d P l a n n i n g i n A c t i o n 5
  6. 6. C 4.7 Enhanced indoor multi-use community space in theThere will be a range of multi-use buildings and outdoor sport / Parish for all its residents.recreation space that will provide a mix of community facilitiesfor everyone.4.1 and Dawlish Warren R Support for Improvements to Barton Hill community hospital. Improvements to the public realm facing the sea.4.2 5.1 New facility north of Secmaton Lane. This will improve To include a variety of projects access to primary healthcare in northern Dawlish. to enhance Tuck’s Plot as a civic space.4.3 Improved swimming pool facilities at Dawlish. 5.2 Warren Approach Improve the appearance of the4.4 entrance to Dawlish Warren, including enhancement at the Sun Burnt Arms, Lee Cliff with supported sports / leisure and youth / skills training Park, Shutterton and surrounding areas. facilities at Dawlish Leisure Centre and the Red Rock centre. This area will be protected from residential use 5.3 Dawlish Seafront Enhancement of seafront with improved access to beach, community. jetty and along sea wall. Replacement kiosk and seating. .4.5 Replacement museum on an alternative, more prominent site to provide visitor attraction and educational resource in the town centre.4.6 Enhancements at existing primary school sites.
  7. 7. R S 7.2 New roads Part of the new major development area, including linksThrough enhancements to support a vibrant town centre. from Gatehouse Hill to the A379 Exeter Road.6.1 7.3 Strategic blue and green routes Dawlish Warren to Langdon Road and Dawlish seafront to and improving the relationship with the Lawn. These the Newhay. improvements will encourage potential private investment in local shops, cafes and restaurants to support a niche 7.4 shopping experience and thriving evening economy. Connecting places within Dawlish, including bike parks Support will be given to improve the townscape / heritage in the town centre. Promotion of strategic cycleways through improvements to shop fronts along the Strand. including the National Cycle Network that passes along the Exe Estuary and continues south towards6.2 Bandstand Teignmouth. Provide a new building that will provide a focus for events and arts. 7.5 Improved facilities and access for mobility impaired persons andBy a choice of means of transport, and improvements to public contributions towardstransport facilities, car and coach parking and connectivity the Devon Metrobetween places within the town and beyond. Scheme.7.1 Public transport improvements 7.6 North of Secmaton Lane and Improvements to Dawlish Warren car parks. Shutterton Lane through bus services to serve the new major 7.7 development area. Off road parking provision. N e i g h b o u r h o o d P l a n n i n g i n A c t i o n 7
  8. 8. 7.8 Enhance car park near Dawlish Library as part of wider Strand enhancements.7.9 Improvements to facilitate drop-off point and coach parking with better signs to the town centre.7.10 Amberline route enhancement 8.2 Allotments and community orchards Improvements to footpaths, bridleways, cycle paths, roads Helping Dawlish Parish residents to become more self- and railway links that join different places in Dawlish together and link to other settlements, and the countryside improve local food supply. / Haldon. This will assist movement by sustainable New community garden areas in and around the town centre. alternatives to the private car. This could also form part of a new tourist venture, bringing a boost to the farmers market, shops and eateries.7.11 Review the function of the A379 route through Dawlish 8.3 Air Quality Enhancements Improvements to air quality at Iddesleigh Terrace on the congestion and improve the pedestrian environment, such A379. 8.4 8.5 New development will requireIn response to the effects of climate change and diminishing an ‘Energy Strategy’ to:fossil fuel resources.8.1 measures to reduce demand. Network Rail assets protecting the town centre and Dawlish • Provide on-site renewable energy. and property. • Encourage greener travel.
  9. 9. 9.5 conservation and built heritage Protect strategic open break between Teignmouth, interests Holcombe and Dawlish. Protect undeveloped coast elsewhere between Dawlish, Dawlish Warren andThe high quality setting of Dawlish Parish is important to Cockwood village.the area’s appeal as a visitor destination. There are legalrequirements to protect national and international nature 9.6conservation interests. Protection of cliff tops and ridgelines around Dawlish.9.1 9.7 Enhancement As part of the major development area there will be a Management agreements ‘Community Park’ and local open space along Shutterton to secure and improve Brook. To provide a mix of recreational opportunities habitat for Cirl Buntings. including play areas, sports facilities, informal recreation, dog walking opportunities and multi-use links to Dawlish9.2 Dawlish Warren Spit Warren. The Community Park will help reduce visitor pressure at Dawlish Warren and help protect its fragile Enhancement habitat. To manage visitor impact (through protection to meet legal requirements). buildings9.3 Informal Green Space In new major development 10.1 Design areas. Require better quality design in new development in keeping with the area. Design of any buildings and places9.4 Protection of important should take all opportunities available to improve the buildings and spaces of character, quality and make a positive contribution to the historic value area. N e i g h b o u r h o o d P l a n n i n g i n A c t i o n 9
  10. 10. Design of new development should incorporate features • Encourage space for growing food within the grounds which reduce environmental impact; are adaptable to of existing schools. the changing needs of residents and not dominated by highways and car parking but friendly to cyclists and • Encourage all social landlords to allocate space for walkers. growing food. In new developments density will be important; some areas may have a lower density than others depending on a number of factors. However, in making the best use of land and by encouraging excellent design, orientation and construction of new development incorporating the use of renewable energy technologies homes should have energy and power.10.2 Developments in conservation areas and to listed buildings should be appropriate in character and appearance. A ‘Townscape Heritage Scheme’ for fascias and signing will add to the visual appearance of the town.10.3 Productive homes, buildings and communities Planning for food and promoting and developing a culture and opportunities for growing food. • As well as identifying places for growing food, to address the issue of food security, encourage all new developments & homes to have ready-to-grow spaces as well as shared growing areas. This will enable residents to produce food in a sustainable way.
  11. 11. When positive changes will happen and how they will be paid forThe emphasis for growth at Dawlish is to meet local needsfor new homes, jobs, community facilities, and regeneration. About 500 new homes on allocated land (including 150Over the next 20 years this will also provide an opportunity affordable homes to meet local needs).for about £20 million to be spent on improvements to bring positivechanges to the Dawlish area. This funding will come mostly About £6.7m will help pay for: continued investment in Phasefrom a Community Infrastructure Levy on market housing, 1 improvements, provision of new healthcare facilities at theand also through the New Homes Bonus scheme where the north of Dawlish and enhancement of the Tuck’s Plot area,Government will match fund the Council Tax on all new homes Dawlish seafront and the approach to Dawlish Warren.for 6 years following their completion, with an additional amountfor affordable housing. We assume that little or no public fundingmay be available in the plan period, but do not rule out thepotential for other sources of funding. Phase 3 – the third 5 years About 500 new homes on allocated land (including 150Not all of the improvements can be paid for at once. The affordable homes to meet local needs).Neighbourhood Plan gives priority to bring about improvementsto the Dawlish area in phases, best meeting when they are likely About £7.2m will help pay for: continued investment in Phase 1to be needed. improvements, and improvements at Tuck’s Plot. Funding will be provided for a Coastal Park to support tourism, and for local open space in the form of a community park.About 350 new homes on allocated land (including 100affordable homes to meet local needs).About £2.3m will help pay for: new land for businesses Phase 4 – the last 5 yearsto achieve the early delivery of jobs, provide sixth form About 250 new homes on allocated land (including 75and enhanced adult learning, marketing and signing, and affordable homes to meet local needs).enhancements to public transport and car park provision. Itwill also help pay for replacement habitat for Cirl Buntings (a About £5.5m will help pay for continued investment in Phaseprotected species of bird) and protection of nature conservation 1 improvements, enhanced primary school facilities andinterests at Dawlish Warren and the Exe Estuary. children’s centre / nursery and towards the community park. N e i g h b o u r h o o d P l a n n i n g i n A c t i o n 11
  12. 12. R Regeneration Mixed use employment and community facilities. Creating a hub & gateway to Dawlish & The Warren Jobs S Improved business park with high quality Shops employment uses Education Homes Strategic Cirl Bunting habitat areaCommunity Food Community Par and strategic blue and green Health route with wildlife enhancement areaConnecting Places Mixed use residential V development with local facilities/services and allotments/community Open Space orchards E
  13. 13. N C NK E LI EF N D IA D TR LOO Enhanced Community ES F ED ED Nature College with sixth P V form/adult learning O PR IM Dawlish Coastal +Strategic Open Break Park and protected cliff tops SR R Coastal Park R Protected green space with V Strand, Tucks Protected public plot, sea front green space - access Visitor Beds enhancements recreational facilities Protected Lawn and Dawlish Public Transport Water, with KEY strategic blue and CCommunity Facility green route Protected areas Built Up Area Sea/Estuary N Main Road of green space Protected Strategic Blue and Green Route Historic Train Line Park and Tree Coverage Garden Potential Road Housing and Employment Green Strategic Open Breaks between Major development commitment a Space Buffer communities Ridgeline South West Coast Path Cycle Way (including indicative National Cycle Network 2) Crown Copyright. Licence number 100024292.
  14. 14. This draft Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by a Steering We have also learnt much about the issues that affect the DawlishGroup of representatives from the Dawlish Community, including area from published sources of Find out the Facts aboutDawlish Town Council and supported by Teignbridge District factual information, technical DawlishCouncil. We believe it will provide a suitable planning framework studies, town masterplanthat will best meet the needs of the Dawlish community and bring and regeneration studiesabout positive changes to the area over the next 20 years. and previous plan making Your town, consultations. A summary has Your futureOur understanding about the key issues affecting the Dawlish area been included in our booklet Be part of the process in shaping your communityhas now been improved by the comments we have received fromresidents and visitors at our recent community engagement events (May 2011). M a y 2 0 11 N e i g h b o N r e io g h u h o d b o lua rn h o nog d P n i P i n l a c t ni o n g A n i n i n A c t i 1o nfor the preparation of this Neighbourhood Plan, including:• Drop-in days and events held across Dawlish during the spring/ summer 2011, to raise awareness of issues affecting Dawlish, and tell people about the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan We now invite your comments on this draft Neighbourhood and how they can get involved. Plan.• Postal and on-line questionnaire survey for you to tell us what you like, dislike and want changed at Dawlish. Plan, which will then be used to inform the Core Strategy Local explore the need for new homes and jobs locally. Development Plan for Teignbridge, which will include a strategy for• A workshop held at The Dawlish. Preferred Options for the Core Strategy will be published Red Rock Centre on 25 for public comment in the autumn 2011. issues, a planning vision, referendum in early 2012 for you to vote whether to accept or not objectives, infrastructure accept it as a document to inform the future planning of Dawlish. priorities, funding and Further details for each of these steps will be publicised in the local potential responses for press, on the Council’s website the future planning of the and in any other way we can think of to let people know. Dawlish area.
  15. 15. Please let us know what you think about the draft NeighbourhoodPlan for Dawlish Parish. Your views are important to us and will be We will not accept any comments that are deemed inappropriate or likely to cause offence. If such comments are made we will contact you to explain the reasons for not publishing the comments Comments must be received by and will offer the opportunity for offending comments to be omitted from the representation. . Responses by letter should be addressed to:We encourage comments using the response form provided withthis consultation document. You may respond by email, letteror online. Please provide your full name and address with yourcomments. Responses by email should be sent to: Dawlish Parish Teignbridge Local Neighbourhood Plan Development Plan Responses can also be made online at: Consultation Draft (September 2011) Any telephone enquiries should be made to: (Teignbridge District Council) on Modifications (Teignbridge District Council) on Core Strategy Preferred Options (Teignbridge District Council) on (November 2011) Examination (February 2012) Referendum Core Strategy Draft Plan If you need this document in another language, (March 2012) (March 2012) print size or colour, Braille, BSL, as an email attachment, on audio tape or disc – telephone N e i g h b o u r h o o d P l a n n i n g i n A c t i o n 15
  16. 16. Dawlish Parish Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group Council Officers / Town, District and County elected Councillors / the Dawlish Conservation Trust / DawlishLearning Partnership / Teenbridge Project (Christian youth project) / Teignbridge Youth Service / DARE for theenvironment of Dawlish / Holcombe Residents’ Association and other community interests / Dawlish & DistrictChamber of Commerce / Dawlish Community Trust / the NHS / Dawlish Warren Tourism Group / Dawlish Tran- sition Ambition group / the Police / the United Reformed Church / Rotary / Women’s Institute / British Horse Society & Rights of Way representative. All mapping Crown Copyright. All rights reserved. Licence number 100024292.