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Product guide for KA Media's expand step and repeat backdrop and associated products. KA Media is a large format printer and frame supplier which specializes in portable event and marketing displays.

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Expand Step and Repeat Product Guide

  1. 1. The Expand Backdrop Guide @kickassmedia 1.877.880.0326 stepandrepeattoronto.com /kickassmedia kamedia.ca
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE: Our clients include: Kick Ass Media is a full service printer and print frame supplier which operates primarily in the Greater Toronto area but ships across Canada. Our central aim is to ensure that we retain customer service and product quality while continuing to offer the best market price on our line of products. Our core strength is rooted in our ability to undercut the market by avoiding many of the traditional overheads typically faced by a traditional brick and mortar operations. Most of our clients are either referred to us by existing clients or discover us on-line. While a portion of our clients are new our enduring success is in large thanks to a core group of public relations and marketing firms which have made us the operational arm of their campaigns. Our Core Products & Services Include: Large Format Printing fabric (flags, table throws, backdrops), vinyl (banners, stickers, sign’s) and paper (posters) Sheet Printing coroplast, diebond & crezon Promotional Printing banner stands, trade show backdrops, red carpet step and repeat’s & an assortment of other print displays Signage & Paper Print a-frame’s, business cards, rack cards, brochures, booklets
  3. 3. The Expand Display Stand Used for step and repeats and trade show backdrops its accordion like construction means that you won’t have the hassle of assembly. Simply pull and the hop up frame will quite literally pop open. Snap the safety clips together, unroll your banner or attach your fabric print and you are done.. me xpand Fra the 5X8 E Material 5’ w by 8’ h 8’ w by 8’ h 10’ w by 8’ h 12’ w by 8’ h (60” X 88.5”) (88.5” X 88.5”) (117” X 88.5”) (146” X 88.5”) Wall Mount Matte Vinyl $300 $350 $400 $450 Fabric $350 $400 $450 $500 Wall Mount: Print is finished with grommets and mounted using 3M wall mount hooks which come off cleanly with no surface damage. Rental Matte Vinyl N/A $500 $575 $650 Package Fabric N/A $600 $675 $750 Rental Package: Ideal for one time applications. Price includes print, one week rental frame and carrying case. ($150 deposit on frame required) Purchase Package Matte Vinyl $450 $650 $750 $850 Fabric $500 $750 $850 $950 Tension Fabric $675 $900 $1000 $1100 Purchase Package: Comes complete with frame, print and carrying case and is ideally suited for multiple use applications. Need something bigger? Combination sizes available. Ask for pricing and details. DESIGN? DELIVERY? ENDCAPS? LIGHTS? RED CARPET? SETUP/TEAR Have us $35 (GTA) Wrap the Add a set of 10 ft felt DOWN layout your $40(MTL/VAN) frames sides top mounted runner / $45 Have us set backdrop for $50 (Canada) $99 on Fabric lights for $99 15ft Felt up & tear $25 $100 (US) $49 on Vinyl runner $65 down - $250
  4. 4. Vinyl When it comes to backdrops matte vinyl is the industry standard! Vinyl is ideally suited to design applications that have low ink coverage and venues with good ambient lighting. When done right vinyl provides a more economical alternative to fabric and yields an uncompromisingly powerful visual effect. Vinyl is Ideal if you: - have good ambient lighting - have low ink coverage - are on a tight budget Fabric Fabric is the premium choice for backdrops offering an unmatched visual effect which is glare free. In addition to being glare free the fabric step and repeat can be collapsed into a single small carrying case. This makes it easy to store, easy to set-up and awesome to use. No matter the angle, no matter the lighting, no matter the photographer you can rest assured your red carpet shots will come out with your sponsors logo’s clearly and accurately displayed on a glare free backdrop! Fabric is Ideal if you: - require glare free shots from any angle - have a low lighting venue - If you have high ink coverage Tension Fabric In addition to our regular fabric we also offer a tension fabric upgrade. Tension fabric allows the print to be stored on the frame without the risk of wrinkles or headaches when you reach your event. This is achieved by using a much more flexible fabric which requires a more intensive dye-sub printing process. Tension Fabric is Ideal if you: - are going to be traveling from venue to venue and require a hassle free set up and take down End Caps Get your setup looking great from all angles by extending the print so that it wraps the sides of the frame. Add social media icons & QR codes and make your event interactive.
  5. 5. End Cap End Cap *our most popular seller Expand Layout Guide 5’ x 8’ 8’ x 8’ 10’ x 8’ 12’ x 8’ 5’ X 8’ ARTBOARD SIZE: with endcaps: 88.5 x 86 in without endcaps: 88.5 x 60 in 8’ X 8’ ARTBOARD SIZE: with endcaps: 114.5 x 88.5 without endcaps: 88.5 x 88.5 10’ X 8’ ARTBOARD SIZE: with endcaps: 143” x 88.5” without endcaps: 117” x 88.5” 12’ X 8’ ARTBOARD SIZE: with endcaps: 172” x 88.5” without endcaps: 146” x 88.5 in Please save to scale. Preferred file format .pdf with text in outlines and embedded artwork as vector files (.svg, .ai or .eps). If raster please ensure a min. 150dpi.
  6. 6. Banner Stands The X-Banner Stand $119 60” 24” Frame, print & carrying case Easy set-up Solid black metal frame Includes carrying case and first print Interchangeable prints Additional prints $50 Standard size 24”x60” Collapses into a 4” by 4” by 30” carrying case Interchangeable prints - matt banner print - easy to assemble The Retractable Banner Stand $199 79” 31.5” Frame, print & carrying case light weight aluminium frame Includes carrying case and print Photo grade, curl free quality print Graphic tensioner Integrated pole storage Standard size 31.5”x79” Collapses into a 4” by 4” by 32” carrying case *our most popular seller back block out - photograde material - curl free - no assembly required Expand Banner Stand w. Vinyl print $250 w. Fabric print $300 Add side graphics for $99 Includes print, frame and carrying case Collapsible frame Interchangeable graphics Weather proof & curl free Light weight and heavy duty Outdoor Banner Stand Frame, print & carrying case $250 Matte vinyl print with block out Includes carrying case and first print Water or sand weighted Finished with Grommets Weather proof Standard size 31.5”x79”
  7. 7. Expand Counter The expand counter is a portable easy to set up table that complete frame and print and weighs in at under ten pounds. Table Throws 3-sided table throws provide complete coverage and are available in standard sizes (for 6 or 8 ft. tables). We ask that we be provided with the measurement from the floor to front of the table, from the front of the table to the back and its width. PRINT ONLY *our most popular seller Table Runner Runners are available in any width or length to accommodate your display table. We ask that we be provided a measurement from the floor to front of the table, from the front of the table to the back and its width. PRINT ONLY Table Top Display 1’ deep and 2.5’ wide hop-up frame used to showcase key information and provide a showcase for products. Table Runner Table Throw Table Top Display 3’ Wide Vinyl 4’ Wide Vinyl 4’ Fabric Throw $240 4’ Vinyl Throw $199 Single (30”) $150 6’ Fabric Throw 8’ Fabric Throw $319 $389 6’ Vinyl Throw 8’ Vinyl Throw $239 $279 Double(60”) Single (30”) Double(60”) $175 $175 $200 $119 $139 3’ Wide Fabric $129 4’ Wide Fabric $149
  8. 8. The Kick Ass Difference No assembly is required - This means that you won’t have the hassle of putting it together and more Importantly you won’t loose parts. Entirely hidden behind the print - This means that every square inch of the print can be used as designer for pictures. Also, the lack of visible structure makes the whole setup look professional. Lightweight, compact and easy to ship & carry - Complete with a carrying case our expand frame can easily be shipped, stored or carried in a car. Print included in a shipping box our 8X8 setup on fabric comes in at 12” by 12” by 35”. You can’t beat that! Seamless & Panel Free - All of our prints are created on a single run. This means that you won’t be stuck assembling panels or photoshoping seams in pictures. Collapsible - Our fabric print is specifically designer to collapse down and be packaged with the frame in the carrying case. This means that you won’t be lugging around an 8’ tube (as is the case with vinyl prints) nor will you have to deal with 8‘ by 4’ panels. Specifically designed for photographers - Both the materials and inks used on fabric and vinyl are designed to reduce glare. Canadian - This means that your print and frame won’t get caught up at the border and show up late for your event. A Provider not Re-seller - Our price point and timeline’s reflect the best the industry has to offer because we control production and finishing on our products. This means we can meet deadline’s and offer price points otherwise unmatched! Passionate about our products & are dedicated to your satisfaction - Yeah, you get it!