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xRM4Legal for the iPad

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xRM4Legal for the iPad*(or Finding business justifications for attorney use - personal and business)

xRM4Legal for the iPad*(or Finding business justifications for attorney use - personal and business)

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  • 1. xRM4Legal for the iPad(or Finding businessjustifications for attorney use -personal and business)
  • 2. Considerations1. Is there a CRM for the iPad that doesn’t just make mobile CRM on the iPhone bigger, but incorporates some of the unique capabilities of the iPad?2. Is there additional functionality we can offer that meets the specific needs of attorney users? Not just CRM but note taking, dictation, document review and editing, even document management – supporting reports on attorney daily action schedules, activity report, measuring workload.3. Can attorneys work in real time no matter where they are with access to companies, contacts, matters, documents and emails right at their fingertips – avoiding the need to carry around hard-copy documents.4. What about support for iPhone and iPad enabled “apps” that enable select clients to create and submit matter intake/inception records directly to “x”RM Enterprise Matter Management – avoiding unformatted emails, time consuming telephone calls and potential for error.5. How about leveraging characteristics/features of iPad and iPhone devices: • Ability to run HTML4 and HTML5 apps without zooming in and out constantly • Ability to run iWork apps • Ability to integrate seamlessly, effortlessly, and amazingly with multi- media • Ability to draw, take-notes, and manipulate images and content without using a keyboard, simply by using the screen and the tools indicated above (plus others) • Ability to run very specialized apps, very fast refresh screen, and incredible graphicsUnderstanding, perhaps, that no attorney is going to use an iPad full-time at theoffice. But just as people check personal email at work, they could also bringthe office home on their iPad. Although primarily designed forhome/entertainment use, there is key business functionality that can beaccomplished with it.
  • 3. iPad PrintScreens
  • 4. Create a new org, assign as a host and assign to an atty
  • 5. For More Information David Blumentals Director, CRM/xRM Strategy Email: DBlumentals@xRM4Legal.com Office: +61 2 9571 4853 Mobile: +61 409 245 354