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Vbm Strategy Powerpoint


Published on VBM Strategy is the new and much more improved way to achieve your internet marketing needs. Very affordable rates with instant visibility on an Internet Wide base. Get a … VBM Strategy is the new and much more improved way to achieve your internet marketing needs. Very affordable rates with instant visibility on an Internet Wide base. Get a minimum of 397% increase in exposure at a fraction of the cost that you are paying now.

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  • VBM Strategy is not SEO, and we are not Pay Per Click. We are something way better. We are accredited with the BBB under competitive domination corporation. We have written guarantees in our contract and we deliver.
  • We used this just as an example of a typical search. We did this one for “Glass Cleaner”. What you are looking at are the sponsored links or ‘Pay Per Click’. What you need to take note of here is that each company only has one link.
  • Any time you use pay per click it can get very expensive as seen here. Recent studies of the “search page” shows that internet searchers typically only now click on pay per click as a last resort. So the place to be is not on PPC but……….
  • …… .The organic search results, as this is where people are looking. Again take note however that there is only 1 link per company.
  • SEO companies work ON your website and therefore are limited in what they can do and write code which can be and is a VERY time consuming practice.
  • What you see here is an active and existing client, please take note of the date as this is important for a future slide.
  • If you can think of your business and how much on average people are searching for a business like yours on the internet, what would it mean to your business if this was you??..........
  • But not just people searching Google…………Yahoo…….
  • …… ..Bing………
  • …… ..Altavista……..
  • …… ..and ALL search engines you could possibly think of?
  • Again, remember the date…
  • If you look at this graph you will see right about Dec 14 th 2009 something began to happen to our clients traffic to his web site.
  • This happened……..
  • Lets take a Pay Per Click example of what we are able to do. Here is a company that sell used computers. You will see that they have PPC presence for all of those keywords.
  • Here are their Organic placements for each keyword.
  • We took ONE keyword, just ONE, and did the following calculation…..It doubles the size of his company based on ONE keyword domination and typically we do up to 12 keywords in our Strategy……You do the math. We researched that the word ‘cheap laptops’ gets 100,000 searches per month and we based our calculations on that.
  • So in a nutshell we can do small ‘moms and pops’ to the largest corporations that are out there, all with major increased exposure internet wide. Smaller moms and pops have incredibly affordable rates, and typically we save large companies up to 50% on their current marketing budget whilst giving them around AT LEAST 397% more exposure on the internet.
  • So what are the costs? Well I know you will be pleasantly surprised. Our Startup Service pack is $595. What this gets you is this……
  • The map that comes up on the top of the page is called the ‘directory’ Our client Marv with ‘Cornerstone Upholstery’ is on here due to the ‘Start up Package’
  • In this package you tell us, or create the content about what you want to put out there about your business and we do everything else. The website and business strategy analysis is simply for the following reason. It would not matter if we sent an extra million people to your website per month if your website is not conducive to ‘capturing’ information or leads or attracting people to find out more about you. If everything IS in place, you better be ready for some major growth so we help you make sure that your business is ready for it.
  • We literally do everything.
  • Transcript

    • 1. VBM Strategy Section 1
    • 2. What is VBM?
      • VBM is an offsite Search Engine Rank Strategy that uses social media to help websites gain popularity and top-level ranking on search results.
      • We Leverage Video, Like YouTube Videos
      • We Leverage Written Content, such as Articles
      • We Leverage Audio Content, such as MP3’s
    • 3.
      • We’ve got the FIRST-PAGE on ALL the search engines dominated with MULTIPLE listings for pretty much any business that WANTS IT !
    • 4. Sponsored Links = Pay Per Click
    • 5. Very Expensive!
    • 6. Organic Search Results
    • 7. Takes Too Long!
    • 8. Allow Us To Introduce A New Style of Internet Marketing!
      • VBM Strategy
    • 9. Welcome To The Era of . . .
      • Being Able To Own Your Realm On The Internet!
    • 10. All Organic All FREE Listings No Pay Per Click
    • 11. 9 of 11 Listings Belong To Dr. Randy! 80% Domination of The Organic Search Results!
    • 12.  
    • 13.  
    • 14.  
    • 15.  
    • 16. All Organic All FREE Listings No Pay Per Click
    • 17. What does this mean?????
      • To put this into perspective, out of a total of 50 first page spots on 5 search engines, our client has 32 spots. That is a total internet domination for his niche of 64%..Incredible!
    • 18.  
    • 19.  
    • 20. Discount PC
    • 21.  
    • 22. Calculate possible ROI and ROP
      • Dominate first page for ‘cheap laptops’
      • Expose business to 100,000 new potential customers
      • 100,000 searches per month x 12 1,200,000 searches per year
      • 1,200,000 x 0.02 = internet customers who will buy = 24,000 x average unit price of $300 = $7,200,000 per year extra on internet sales
      • 1,200,000 x 0.002 = Internet visitors who will become ‘walk in’ customers = 2400 x average unit price of $300 = $720,000 per year extra on walk in sales
      • Current PPC and Internet marketing budget $1,417,660
      • Proposed cost for VBM Strategy = 50% of current budget
      • Total ROI and ROP For just 1 ‘keyword’ domination = $8,628,830
    • 23. Four Service Levels
      • Starting @ $55 per month we offer solutions for:
      • Start-Up Firms
      • Entrepreneur/Home Business
      • Small Business
      • Corporate
      • Also Offer “A La Carte” services
    • 24. Startup Service Pack
      • Registration with top 20 “FREE” Search Directories
      • Create a Blog Site
      • YouTube Channel Setup
      • FaceBook Setup and Training
      • Twitter & LinkedIn Training
      • Create,Upload and Release YouTube 30 sec commercial
      • $595.00
      • Financing Option:
      • $250.00 Down
      • 3 monthly Payments of $155.00
    • 25.  
    • 26. Entrepreneur Service Pack
      • Same as Startup Package +
      • VBM Strategy platform Setup
      • VBM Keyword Strategy
      • VBM Monthly Distribution Service for 12 Months
      • $4,995.00
      • Financing Option:
      • $1,550.00 Down
      • 11 monthly Payments of $400.00
    • 27. Small Business Package
      • Same as Entrepreneur Package +
      • Video Content Creation
      • MP3 Audio Content Creation
      • 90 Day Domination Program (after 90 days 1 upload per month for 9 months)
      • BONUS: Website and Business Strategy Analysis
      • $19,975.00
      • Financing Option:
      • $5,250.00 Down
      • 11 Monthly payments of $1,700.00
    • 28. Corporate Package
      • Same as Business Package +
      • Article Content Creation
      • Blog Weekly Updates
      • Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin Weekly Updates
      • BONUS: Website and Business Strategy Analysis
      • $29,975.00
      • Financing Options:
      • $7,200.00 Down
      • 11 Monthly Payments of $2,600.00
    • 29. “ a la carte”
      • “ a la Carte” options:
      • Can be offered individually
      • Can be offered as add-ons to any of the packages.
    • 30. 90 Day Domination
      • $4,995.00
      • Financing Option:
      • $2,375.00 Down
      • 2 Monthly Payments of $1,800.00
    • 31. VBM Setup
      • $700
      • 12 X Campaigns $4,700.00 ($1,225.00 down and 11 monthly payments of $400.00)
      • 6 X Campaigns $2,700.00 ($680.00 down and 6 monthly payments of $425.00)
      • 3 X Campaigns $1,650.00 ($500.00 down and 3 monthly payments of $490.00)
      • 1 X Campaign $650.00
    • 32. Entrepreneur Service Pack
      • DIY-Content & Social Networking
      • 12 Monthly VBM Distribution Service
      • Twitter & LinkedIn Training
      • $4,995.00
      • Financing Option:
      • $1,195.00 Down
      • 12 monthly Payments of $445.00
    • 33. Call For More Information
      • David Stephen
      • (303) 619-1418