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Présentation du groupe LASER COMPONENTS et des ses activités. Fabricant, distributeur et partenaires dans les composants optiques et opto-électroniquess. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

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Présentation Laser Components

  2. 2. „Strength lies in quality.“Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900), German philosopher
  3. 3. LASER COMPONENTSManufacturer ▪ Distributor ▪ Partner Our CEO TeamLASER COMPONENTS produces components for laser technology andthe optoelectronics industry in house; many products are developedbased on customer request. In addition, LASER COMPONENTS offerspremium components from selected manufacturers. The range of productsis enormous; indeed, it is one of the largest in the industry.LASER COMPONENTS employs more than 140 people worldwide. Inaddition to our headquarters in Germany, we have sales offices in theU.S.A., France, and the U.K. Our production facilities are located inCanada, the U.S.A., and Germany.This family-run business stands out due to its global teamwork. The CEOsof the entire group meet on a regular basis to discuss new developments,product lines, and market potential.
  4. 4. Relocation Move to Werner-von-Siemens-Straße in Olching, which is still the head- quarters of LASER COMPONENTS today. Production Facility Laser Components (UK), Ltd. Production facilityTHE STORY The first subsidiary opens in the United Kingdom! for optical fiber assemblies 1993 1995 1982 1986 1987 1994 1996 1998Start Production Facility Blau Optoelektronik Certification Optophotonics SA Production FacilityIn May of 1982 The first production GmbH LC obtains DIN Günther Paul Assembly and pa-Günther Paul facility opens in Günther Paul co- ISO 9001 co-founds French ckaging technology forfounds LASER May of 1986. Hard founds the company, certification. subsidiary. III-V semiconductors.COMPONENTS. dielectric coatings which produces laser have been applied diode modules and to laser optics in optoelectronics mea- Germany ever since. surement technology.
  5. 5. LASER Patrick PaulLASER COMPONENTS Günther Paul‘s eldest Production Facility 30 YearsCOMPONENTS Canada, Inc. son appointed second Precision optics now LASER COMPONENTSUSA, Inc. The Canadian general manager of manufactured in Ol-Takeover of Laser production facility LASER COMPONENTS ching. Günther Paul’sAnalytics, Inc. and develops and ma- GmbH, ensuring the youngest son, Felixrestructuring as an nufactures pulsed continuation of the Paul, is productionAmerican subsidiary. laser diodes. family-run business. manager. 2012 2000 2002 2006 2008 2001 2004 2007 2010 LT Laser Tools GmbH LASER LASER Production Facility LC co-founds LT Laser COMPONENTS COMPONENTS S.A.S. COUNT on LASER Tools GmbH, the Detector Group, Inc. Takeover of Optopho- COMPONENTS. specialist for laser- Production of ava- tonics SA and restructu- Photon counters based measurement lanche photodiodes ring; product range at become bestseller instruments. begins in the U.S.A. French office expanded. in just a short time.
  6. 6. Laser Components (UK), Ltd.LASER Goldlay House 114 Parkway Chelmsford Essex CM2 7PR United KingdomCOMPONENTS Tel: +44 1245 491 499 Sales officeWorldwide Great Britain Germany France Laser Components GmbH Laser Components S.A.S. Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 15 45 Bis Route des Gardes 82140 Olching 92190 Meudon Germany France Tel: +49 8142 2864-0 Tel: +33 1 39 59 52 25 Headquarters and Sales office production facility for Optical Coatings Optical Substrates Fiber Optics Photon Counter Laser Modules Detector Modules Electronics
  7. 7. Laser Components USA, Inc. Laser Components DG, Inc.9 River Road 7755 South Research DriveHudson, NH 03051 Tempe, AZ 85284USA lcd@laser-components.comTel: +1 603 821 7040 Tel: +1 480 239 9660Sales office Production facility for Avalanche Photodiodes IR-DetectorsUSA USA Canada Laser Components Canada, Inc. 195 Joseph Carrier J7V 5V5 Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec Canada Tel: +1 450 455 8270 Production facility for Pulsed Laser Diodes
  8. 8. PRODUCTION LASER COMPONENTS is unique! Why is that? Although we all put our pants on one leg at a time, we have one basic advantage over our competitors: LASER COMPONENTS is both manufacturer and distributor, knowing the business from both sides. We offer competent advice as technological leader, we know the needs of our customers, and we can estimate the feasibility of new pro- ducts. We are particularly successful due to the collaboration between each of the different production facilities: In just one year, five depart- ments worked together to make the COUNT photon counters marketa- ble; and just another year later, the products were being integrated by international customers! We turn your vision into products! OEM products are our life. We have our standard portfolio, but we stand out due to our production of customized products. We offer new developments for our own in-house products but also for the product lines of our suppliers. We manufacture both single items and complete series according to customer specifications. The best part is: From development to series production, with us everything comes from one source. Let’s talk about it. Our experienced personnel is available to assist you during development of a product. You correspond with a single contact person, which saves you time. We look forward to working together with you!
  9. 9. Photodiodes, from UV to IR, are manufactured in the U.S.A. DETECTORS The technologies used in the manufac- ture of photon counters come from in house. PHOTON COUNTER Electronics development ELECTRONICS Our strength is fibers not only manufactures itsfor the transmission of own products, but it also FIBER OPTICShigh optical power in creates synergies with industry and medical other production facilities! technology. Laser modules developed Laser optics and manufactured in from LASER Germany.COMPONENTShave had a long- standing history since 1986. LASER OPTICS LASER MODULES LASER DIODES SUBSTRATES At our Canadian facilities, pulsed laser diodes are deve- loped and manufactured. We have our own production facility for the quick single item and series production of laser optics substrates.
  10. 10. PHOTODIODES Direct contact: Do you have questions, do you require a customized product, or do you need an offer? Contact our product engineers!
  11. 11. Manufacturer: Laser Components DG, Inc.USAProduction started: 2004ISO 9001 certifiedWe manufacture▪▪ Si-APDs▪▪ InGaAs-APDs▪▪ APDs for photon counters▪▪ APD receivers▪▪ IR detectors
  12. 12. PHOTODIODESProductionASF The Company In Tempe, Arizona, LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group manufactures semiconductor detectors. Initially, LASER COMPONENTS concentrated on the development and production of high-performance silicon and InGaAs avalanche photodiodes for the detection of the smallest amount of light. The product range has meanwhile been radically expanded to include the assembly of receivers and the development of a broad range of IR detectors. Sophisticated Products according to Customer Specifications The Detector Group is a specialist for orders with individual configura- tions. Their product range extends from low-cost APDs for commercial appli- cations to high-end components used in military applications. The heart of our photon counting modules originated from this facility: it‘s the VLoK series of APDs used in the detection of the smallest amount of light. Com- plete receivers are also produced by the Detector Group. They feature high sensitivity and have a wide wavelength range and large frequency width. Extended Production Options with the Help of Comprehensive Equipment We rely on the latest technologies in the production of avalanche photo- diodes to implement complicated designs. We have access to university facilities: This allows us the flexibility to expand our capacity on short notice and thus guarantee short delivery times.
  13. 13. Avalanche PhotodiodesFrom UV to IR Detectors for Photon CountingAvalanche photodiodes are manu- Avalanche photodiodes are also usedfactured from different semiconductor in single photon counting. Siliconmaterials. Depending on the spectral detectors are particularly suitable duesensitivity, silicon or InGaAs is used. to their high efficiency and low dark count rate.Silicon avalanche photodiodes detectradiation in the range from 255 nmto 1100 nm. Different versions are Receivers for Immediate Applicationoptimized for each of their own wave- APD receivers come equipped withlength ranges; thus, there are series an integrated preamplifier – for opti-available for the UV range, the visible mal performance!range, and the NIR.For detection in the infrared spectralrange, InGaAs is used. The productshave three features: an extremely highdamage threshold, a very low capa-citance, and a low dark current.
  14. 14. Manufacturer: Laser Components GmbH Germany Production started: 2010 ISO 9001 certifiedPHOTONCOUNTER
  15. 15. Photon counters are used, for example, in the following applications:▪▪ Spectroscopy▪▪ Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)▪▪ Confocal microscopy▪▪ Single-molecule detection▪▪ Particle sizing▪▪ Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS)▪▪ Quantum cryptography▪▪ LIDARDirect contact:info@lasercomponents.comDo you have questions, do you require acustomized product, or do you need an offer?Contact our product engineers!
  16. 16. PHOTONCOUNTERProduction Photon Counters from One Source Motivated by numerous customer requests, LASER COMPONENTS GmbH ventured the development of photon counters in house in 2010, relying on the know-how of affiliated production facilities in the individual disciplines, avalanche photodiodes and electronics. The exclusive broad- band coating of the integrated optics as well as the optical fiber is also manufactured by LASER COMPONENTS. From quality components to the complete system, everything comes from one source. This is the secret of LASER COMPONENTS’ success with its COUNT® modules. You Profit from Manufacturing Options At the semi-automatic measuring station, quantum efficiency, dark count rates, dead time, and after-pulsing can be measured – with or without fiber coupling. We simulate different scenarios, testing efficiency in your application field. Inquire with us!
  17. 17. COUNT® ModulesExtraordinary Products Photon Counters Fiber Connectionin Excellent Quality. for Different Wavelengths All COUNT® modules are also availa-Photon counters are mainly used in Depending on the application, diffe- ble with a fiber connection on anthe measurement of photons. One of rent COUNT® modules are available. optional basis. This serves as a pro-the most important measurement pa- The Si SPAD COUNT module is op- ® tective barrier from outside influences.rameters in terms of product quality is timized for wavelengths in the rangequantum efficiency at specific wave- from 500 nm to 700 nm. For shorterlengths. We dominate the field with wavelengths, the COUNT® blue is Customer Requests Bring abouta detection efficiency of up to 90% in available, which also features high New Productsthe red wavelength range and 70% detection efficiency in the blue-green Innovation never stops. Customer de-in the blue wavelength range. spectral range. The COUNT® NIR mands increase and we respond as module delivers the best performance quickly as possible with new models in the near infrared range. and product variations. This includes, for example, photon counters for Optimizations in additional wave- quantum cryptography. length ranges are currently in develop- ment.
  18. 18. PULSED Manufacturer: Laser Components Canada, Inc. Canada Production started: 2003LASER DIODES ISO 9001 certified Direct contact: Do you have questions, do you require a customized product, or do you need an offer? Contact our product engineers!
  19. 19. Laser Diode Fields of Application▪▪ Laser rangefinding ▪▪ Automotive industry▪▪ Speed guns ▪▪ Medical technology▪▪ Laser scanners ▪▪ Measurement technology▪▪ Defense & security
  20. 20. PULSEDLASER DIODESProduction Custom Solutions – Cost-effective, Even when Produced in Small Amounts Close cooperation between the customer and the manufacturer has been our greatest success factor in manufacturing optimally customized pro- ducts. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by how reasonable our prices are for customized products. LASER COMPONENTS Canada develops your pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) suited to your field of application. Almost all product parameters can be adjusted (e.g., wavelength, output power, and housing). It is also possible to develop completely new products. Uncompromising Quality. Quality is an absolute imperative. The consistent application of quality management methods has resulted in the continuous advancement of pro- ducts. New products and increasing efficiency are in constant demand. As part of quality control, a life test rack was developed to simulate very different applications. The pulsed laser diodes being tested on the life rack are pushed beyond their approved limitations.
  21. 21. Pulsed Laser DiodesDifferent Wavelengths – Numerous Product VariationsHigh-quality Housing Different types, single emitters, andThe standard range consists of pulsed stacks are available. In addition tolaser diodes with the following numerous housing varieties, we pri-wavelengths: 850 nm, 905 nm, or marily manufacture customer-specific1550 nm. We differentiate between components. Fast axis collimationtwo product lines: high-end PLDs and (FAC) lenses can be integrated,low-cost PLDs. Both product lines cooled versions designed, and fiberhave a high-quality metal housing in couplings applied. We now alsocommon. manufacture pulsed laser diodes with two wavelengths.Low-cost SeriesThe so-called high-volume/low-costseries consists of pulsed laser diodesin a metal housing that are best suitedfor consumer products such as laserrangefinders.
  22. 22. FLEXPOINT®LASER MODULES Direct contact: Do you have questions, do you require a customized product, or do you need an offer? Contact our product engineers!
  23. 23. Manufacturer: Blau Optoelektronik GmbHGermanyProduction started: 1989ISO 9001 certifiedManufacturer: Laser Components GmbHGermanyProduction started: 2009ISO 9001 certifiedLaser modules come in many varieties; different customers rarely order thesame module. You determine the following parameters:▪▪ Wavelength▪▪ Power▪▪ Beam profile▪▪ Housing▪▪ Connection▪▪ Modulation▪▪ Operating voltage
  24. 24. FLEXPOINT®LASER MODULESProduction Development of Laser Modules Two laser modules are rarely alike. Our strength lies in our ability to offer customer-specific FLEXPOINT® modules. Whether single pieces are required or series production, we develop and manufacture your modules in Germany – from electronics and optics to the complete laser module. Place your trust in the FLEXPOINT® brand. The Most Modern Technologies for Customized Developments Our FLEXPOINT® laser modules are developed with computer assistance: Using CAD, we determine the shape of the housing. Integrated lens com- binations are responsible for the beam quality of the laser modules. We simulate the beam using optics design software. To ensure the driver of the laser diode works hassle free, it is also developed on the computer. Quality Assurance To assure quality, the laser modules are tested at different optical measu- ring stations. All kinds of parameters are tested: optical power, beam profiles, and beam angle error as well as electrical parameters, such as power consumption, and voltage.
  25. 25. Laser ModulesFLEXPOINT® Laser Modules MV Series – Laser Modules forThe FLEXPOINT® laser modules are Industrial Image Processingdeveloped and manufactured directly In industrial image processing specialat LASER COMPONENTS and Blau demands are placed on laser modu-Optoelektronik GmbH, a subsidiary les. Line lasers with a homogeneousof the LASER COMPONENTS group. power distribution along the line are often used. High-power models and special housings are sometimes requi-Laser Modules red for machine vision applicationsfor Specific Requirements as well.FLEXPOINT® laser modules with spe-cial housings, specific wavelengths,output power, or an extraordinary Precision Laser Modulesbeam profile, can also be implemen- Precision laser modules are modulested in small series. Many standard in which the beam axis and thecomponents can be combined in an housing axis are aligned. In theirindividual model. It is also possible to miniaturized form, they are used asmanufacture customized prototypes OEM precision laser modules in laseron short notice. light barriers. Larger, mechanically ro- bust housings are used for alignment purposes in machine engineering.
  27. 27. Manufacturer: Laser Components GmbHGermanyProduction started: 1995ISO 9001 certifiedYour wish is our command: optical fibers according to your requirements. As soonas you determine the properties, we begin production. Length, type of connector,material, and field of application: These are the features that are available forselection in conventional assemblies. Whether the components are produced lateron in small or large series, we work together with our customers to develop topproducts.Direct contact:info@lasercomponents.comDo you have questions, do you require acustomized product, or do you need an offer?Contact our product engineers!
  28. 28. OPTICAL FIBERSAssemblies &Coatings Product Range We assemble the widest variety of optical fibers – from bare fibers, cladded fibers, to fibers with a protective jacket – all of which can be equipped with all common connectors. It goes without saying that we also assemble customer-specific connectors with the desired fiber. Machinery and Quality Control We modernize our facilities regularly. Computer-operated cutting and polishing machines work with precision and reproducibly. This is how we achieve the high quality of our fiber assemblies. To keep our customers satisfied with our products, we introduced an advanced outgoing goods inspection. With the help of a digital micro- scope, 3D measurements, centricity measurements, and surface analyses can be performed. We like to ensure that you receive a fiber that has been perfectly assembled and achieves the best results in centricity and laser polishing.
  29. 29. ProductsStandard Cables Fiber Bundles Specialty SolutionsCustomer-specific fiber assemblies are Several optical fibers are combined in If you require sterilized fibers for medi-available for conventional applica- fiber bundles which are used in illumi- cal applications or free-standing SMAtions. Multi-mode cables, single-mode nation tasks and sensor applications. connectors for the transmission ofcables, and POF cables are availa- You determine the number of fibers high optical power, we are the rightble with all common connectors. We to be bundled and the geometric partner for you. You benefit from shortalso manufacture reference cables dimensions of the ferrules. delivery times and a high flexibility inwith precise reference connectors for custom solutions.measurement tasks. Coated Fiber Tips One particular highlight is our optical coatings on fibers. The AR coating in- creases the efficiency of the coupled light beam enormously. AR coatings are available for different wavelength ranges.
  30. 30. OPTICAL Manufacturer: Laser Components GmbH Country: Germany Production started: 1986COATINGS ISO 9001 certified Coatings for traditional wavelengths on conventional substrates are often descri- bed as standard compo- nents; however, none of the products is run of the mill. We design individualized products surprisingly inexpensively. Some of the parameters to be selected freely include the fol- lowing: substrate, wavelength, and transmission/ reflection properties. Direct contact: Do you have questions, do you require a customized product, or do you need an offer? Contact our product engineers!
  31. 31.
  32. 32. OPTICALCOATINGS The manufacture of custom laser optics is our specialty. Depending on the specifications, we use different coatings methods.Production PVD Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a classic method. The coatings pro- duced using this method feature very high damage thresholds across the entire wavelength range – from 193 nm to 5 µm. We can process optics with a standard diameter of up to 200 mm. Our PVD coaters, which are equipped with an electron beam source of evaporation, are particularly flexible. This makes it possible to manufacture products inexpensively according to customer specifications, even in small quantities. Coater with IAD Source for Complex Coatings An IAD coater is used for low-drift coatings as well as for laser optics used at wavelengths close to the water absorption line. This type of coater is particularly suitable for complex coatings involving multiple wavelengths. Through an integrated online monitoring system, these IAD coatings exhibit the highest spectral precision and quality. Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) – The Specialty Coater Our IBS coater is equipped with a filament-free ion source; it sputters mo- lecules off a target that produce structures of dense layers on the surface of the substrate. The integrated online monitoring and zone targeting allow for any type of complex coating structures. This makes it possible to achieve two things: the highest reflection and transmission values produced in house and particularly steep edges.
  33. 33. Our SpecialtiesWe manufacture mirrors, output coup- Beam Splitters Mirrorslers, beam splitters, dichroic coatings, Beam splitters are necessary to split Mirrors are the highlight of ourpolarizers, and antireflective coatings a laser beam into two parts. Polari- production range. They include theas standard components or according zation-independent components are following: multiple-wavelength mirrorsto customer specifications – all for required for the degree of separation used in the reflection of more thanapplications with lasers that have the to remain constant when the direction one wavelength and dichroic mirrorshighest energy and power densities. of polarization changes. used to combine or separate two or more wavelengths. Thin-film Polarizers Different polarizers are used to Gaussian Mirrors separate the direction of polarization. To produce a particularly high quality Are you familiar with 45° polarizers, laser beam with low divergence adjust-ment-free polarizers, and and high beam quality at high pulse broadband polarizers? We will be energies, we manufacture Gaussian happy to explain the differences and mirrors – as the only manufacturer in manufacture the appropriate compo- Germany! nent for your needs.
  34. 34. OPTICALSUBSTRATES Direct contact: Do you have questions, do you require a customized product, or do you need an offer? Contact our product engineers!
  35. 35. Manufacturer: Laser Components GmbHGermanyProduction started: 2008ISO 9001 certifiedWe manufacture customer-specific plano substrates and spheri-cal lenses in Germany – from small series to large series, withdiameters between 10 mm and 55 mm.
  36. 36. OPTICALSUBSTRATESProduction In order for us to offer quick service, we manufacture laser optics substra- tes directly in Germany – from single items to small series. You determine the material used in your laser optics: Different fused silica glasses are recommended for high laser power, and the inexpensive NBK-7 is recom- mended for low power. From Raw Material to High-quality Optics Our laser optics substrates are cut at the required thickness from rods using a glass saw. This allows us particular flexibility. Grinding and Polishing – Take Advantage of our Many Options We shape your optics using several grinding and polishing machines. We produce flat surfaces using a lever machine. The most modern CNC machines are used to shape spherical surfaces. A surface figure of l/10 is usually achieved after polishing. Highest Quality – The Finish with the “Rolls Royce” of the Industry The quality of the substrates is measured after fine grinding and polishing using an interferometer from the company Zygo; the measurement data is transferred directly to a computer. This technology provides precise in- formation about where the substrate requires refinishing. This information is transferred to the QED for refinishing. The QED is a polishing machine of the highest quality that makes the smallest corrections to the surface figure.
  37. 37. Manufacturing OptionsEverything from One Source Materials Plano SubstratesAll of our optical components are also We use Suprasil® 3002 and 3001 Flat is not always flat. We guaranteeavailable from one source. We manu- to ensure that the focus remains precise parallelism. Thus, exchangingfacture the substrate and coatings in constant, even at high cw laser one plano substrate with another in atwo to three weeks. If an order is time power levels. Infrasil 302 and 301 ® system is possible without the need forsensitive, we can significantly reduce are tested and proven in applica- readjustment.our delivery times, provided that the tions near water absorption. Forrequired tools are available. short UV wavelengths, however, we recommend selected fused silica. In Spherical Optics addition to high-end glasses, we also We manufacture spherical lenses and have standard fused silica and BK 7 curved mirror substrates. With these available. lenses and substrates, we lay the foundation for our coated laser optics that can withstand the highest levels of laser power. We have everything under our control – and the entire chain of production in house.
  39. 39. Manufacturer: Laser Components GmbHGermanyProduction started: 2008ISO 9001 certifiedStand-alone products, such as our current amplifier and photodio-de modules, are manufactured in the electronics department. Thisdepartment works particularly closely with our other R&D depart-ments to create user-friendly products.Direct contact:info@lasercomponents.comDo you have questions, do you require acustomized product, or do you need an offer?Contact our product engineers!
  40. 40. ELECTRONICSDevelopment &Production In-house Product Developments We pay close attention to the requests made by our customers. Many developments were made in accordance with concrete customer speci- fications; in fact, this has led to the development of different drivers for diodes. Prototype Design Thanks to extensive laboratory equipment, developments can be made very quickly. Prototypes can be built in a matter of days. With the help of software, our R&D team initially designed a printed circuit board to be manufactured using a computer-controlled circuit board milling machine followed by the manual assembly of the prototype. Quality Assurance and Series Production Each prototype is subjected to comprehensive testing and measurements at our measurement stations. If it meets all the criteria, the prototype is approved for series production.
  41. 41. ProductsHigh Voltage Modules PLD Modules Current AmplifiersThese inexpensive block modules Both a pulsed laser diode and a The programmable current amplifier,produce voltages of up to 1000 V. driver are integrated into a single iAMP-700, is designed for use in theThey are required for the operation housing in PLD modules. To operate frequency range of up to 720 kHz.of photodiodes, avalanche photodio- the modules, you only require a The amplification can be set betweendes, and photomultipliers. Depending trigger signal. 102 and 1011 V/A.on the version, they are controlled Two versions are available: 905 nm Thus, the iAMP-700 is optimallyanalogously or digitally via an integ- and 1550 nm. Both are powerful; in suited for applications which requirerated µ controller. fact, they produce a peak power of conversion from low currents to usable more than 200 W. output voltages.APD Modules Although these modules are no largerAPD modules detect the smallest than a matchbox, they can be con- CUBEsamount of light very quickly and relia- trolled flexibly. They are particularlybly. The heart of our APD modules is well suited for R&D applications; thus, The CUBE housings are designeda low-noise Si or InGaAs avalanche you are free to vary your work and for integration into optomechanicalphotodiode that is equipped with testing. assemblies. Detectors - depending ona preamplifier and an integrated the version, PIN diodes or even APDshigh voltage supply. In addition, a - are housed in the CUBEs. Due to itstemperature compensation circuit is easy control (e.g., using the iAMP),integrated into the modules, making the CUBEs are ideally suited for OEMhighly-reliable operation at a constant assemblies.amplification across a wide tempera-ture range possible.
  42. 42. Get inASFContact Worldwide ContactLASER COMPONENTS GmbH Sven Schreiber Lukasz AbramekWerner-von-Siemens-Str. 15 Sales Region: Worldwide Sales Region: Eastern Europe82140 Olching l.abramek@lasercomponents.comGermany Tel: +49 8142 2864-27 Tel: +49 152 09 08 96
  43. 43. Imprint LASER COMPONENTS GmbH Notes on the trademark ow- Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 15 nership: Infrasil® and Suprasil® 82140 Olching/Germany are registered trademarks of Heraeus Quarzglas GmbH & General Managers: Co. KG. Patrick Paul, Günther Paul Picture credits page 2/3: Design: authority iStockphoto/nelic Printer: asf This brochure including all Version 01/13-VxE written and visual entries, is protected by copyright. With the exception of specific cases permitted by law, use of this material without the consent of Laser Components GmbH is punishable by law. Despite thorough reserch, Laser Components GmbH will not accept responsibility for any © 2013. All rights reserved. inaccuracy of content.Our Sales Offices Gary Hayes, CEO Christian Merry, CEO Chris Varney, CEOLASER COMPONENTS USA, Inc. LASER COMPONENTS S.A.S. LASER COMPONENTS UK9 River Road 45 Bis Route des Gardes Goldlay HouseHudson, NH 03051 92190 Meudon 114 ParkwayUSA France Chelmsford Essex CM2 7PR United +1 603 821 7040 Tel: +33 1 3959 5225 Tel: +44 1245 491 499Fax: +1 603 821 704 1 Fax: +33 1 3959 5350 Fax: +44 1245 491
  44. 44. LASER COMPONENTS GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 15 82140 Olching / Germany Tel: +49 8142 2864-0 Fax: +49 8142 2864-11