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Your daily devotion schedule Your daily devotion schedule Document Transcript

  • Israel 2012 Study TourOur DAILY Devotion ScheduleTheme: Jesus was HereThink of all the places you have been where you have seen those annoying inscriptionswhere someone wrote their name and the words: “was here”. As we travel along to seethe many places that we know Jesus may have also visited perhaps we can acknowledgeHis visit to that place and what He did, or something about the Old Testament history ofthe place. If you would like to present a devotion you may want to focus on an event ineither testament. After choosing the day, then you can choose one of the locations foryour subject. Don’t worry about telling us all the history… that’s what we are payingour guide to do. We just want a 5 minute devotion that will help us start or continue ourday.Following is a list of where we will go. Please choose the day you would like to present adevotion. Choose from the places we’ll visit on that day a topic for your devotion. Thenyou can send me your title if you wish within a month from now. I’ll assign the devotionsbased on first come first served, followed by the draft. There are not enough days for allof us to present devotions but there will be readings that we will need everyone to beprepared for. Choose the date now… Send me the title later.WED, FEB 29 SUN, MAR 4 Mt. ZionTEL AVIV JORDAN VALLEY House of CaiaphasJaffa (Joppa) Beit Shean Upper Room of the Last Mt. Nebo Supper.THU, MAR 1CAESAREA MON, MAR 5 THU, MAR 8MEGIDDO PETRA JERUSALEMTIBERIAS DEAD SEA Western WallJezreel Valley Southern Temple Staircase.Nazareth Village TUE, MAR 6 City of David MASADAFRI, MAR 2 QUMRAN FRI, MAR 9SEA OF GALILEE JERUSALEM JERUSALEMold Capernaum Ein Gedi Temple MountCaesarea Phillipi Golgotha WED, MAR 7 Garden TombSAT, MAR 3 JERUSALEMNORTHERN GALILEE Mt. of Olives SAT, MAR 10Hazor Garden of Gethsemane JERUSALEMBethsaida Kidron Valley BETHLEHEMSea of Galilee Church of St. Anne Bet ShemeshJordan River Pool of Bethesda Shepherds Fields Pilates Judgment Hall Fields of Boaz and Ruth Via Dolorosa Hezekiah’s Tunnel SUN, MAR 11 Pool of Siloam JERUSALEM