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Study tour 2012   some information about our travel arrangements (2)
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Study tour 2012 some information about our travel arrangements (2)



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  • 1. Page 1 of 2From: Jeff Martin/USW/SArmyTo: David Allen/IM/USW/SArmy@USW, Howard Bennett/USW/SArmy@USW, John Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Lisa Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, John Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Linnea Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Erica Helton/USW/SArmy@USW, Edward Hill/HI/USW/SArmy@USW, Shelley Hill/HI/USW/SArmy, Donna Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, George Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Lee Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Michele Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Rhonda Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Robert Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Mark Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Noelle Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Colleen Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Doug Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Ian Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Isobel Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Claudia Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Mario Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Judy Smith/USW/SArmy@USW, Marcia Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Steve Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Angela Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Derek Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeanne Stromberg/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Darren Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, LeAnn Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Paula Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Roy Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Janene Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Michael Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, RGHAGERTY@aol.com, Bryan Land <bryan@bryanlandagency.com>, Eloisa Martin/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeff Martin/USW/SArmy@USWCc: Hope Maxey/USW/SArmy@USWDate: Thursday, August 25, 2011 3:22 PMSubject: Study tour 2012 - Some information about our travel arrangementsHistory: This message has been forwarded.Greetings fellow Pilgrims,I have been in contact with our tour company and they have informed me that we will beflying on Continental Airlines. I dont have the exact times yet, but the flight will go from LAXto Newark, NJ and then from Newark to Tel-Aviv. The return flight will be from Tel-Aviv toNewark, and then Newark to LAX.I dont believe we change planes in Newark, but just pick up more passengers. For thisreason, the tour company told me that there is not a possibility of making any other flightconnections from Newark. When you leave Tel-Aviv you must continue to LAX.If you plan to do some other travel you will need to do so from Tel-Aviv. You will then returnto Tel-Aviv to catch the same flight (on a different day) back to LAX.I hope that makes sense to you... It does make sense to me, but I may not have explained itwell.As long as we are talking about travel, I have included an attachment below that I think youwill enjoy. It is just something fun.(See attached file: talmudic logic.docx)God bless!https://inotes.usw.salvationarmy.org/mail/dallen.nsf/c9f96bc7796d36c1882578ef0024... 10/18/2011
  • 2. Page 2 of 2Jeff Martin, MajorEducation SecretaryPs 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have allthose who do His commandments. His praise endures forever. NKJVAttachments: talmudic logic.docxhttps://inotes.usw.salvationarmy.org/mail/dallen.nsf/c9f96bc7796d36c1882578ef0024... 10/18/2011