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Continental mileage plus program— the world’s most rewarding loyalty program. – continental onepass
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Continental mileage plus program— the world’s most rewarding loyalty program. – continental onepass


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  • 1. Page 1 of 4From: Jeff Martin/USW/SArmyTo: David Allen/IM/USW/SArmy@USW, Howard Bennett/USW/SArmy@USW, John Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Lisa Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, John Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Linnea Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Erica Helton/USW/SArmy@USW, Edward Hill/HI/USW/SArmy@USW, Shelley Hill/HI/USW/SArmy, Donna Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, George Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Lee Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Michele Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Rhonda Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Robert Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Mark Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Noelle Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Colleen Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Doug Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Ian Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Isobel Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Claudia Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Mario Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Judy Smith/USW/SArmy@USW, Marcia Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Steve Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Angela Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Derek Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeanne Stromberg/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Darren Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, LeAnn Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Paula Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Roy Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Janene Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Michael Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW,, Bryan Land <>, Eloisa Martin/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeff Martin/USW/SArmy@USWCc: Hope Maxey/USW/SArmy@USWDate: Friday, September 02, 2011 11:07 PMSubject: CONTINENTAL MileagePlus Program— the world’s most rewarding loyalty program. – Continental OnePassHistory: This message has been forwarded.Greetings Pilgrims,Something to think about and take care of before we travel is Airline Miles.Do you have a mileage plan already? If so, please check to see if they are partners withContinental or United. Then be sure to have your mileage number ready and with you sowhen we check in at the airport you can get credit for your travel.If your mileage plan does not include Continental, then it might be a good idea to go aheadand register for this one since you will get a whole bunch of miles on this trip. It is all up toyou. We cant do it for you, but I have included this helpful page to remind you to get thistask out of the way. You can go to the United Airlines website at and take care ofit there.MileagePlus® — The world’s most rewarding loyaltyprogram. 10/18/2011
  • 2. Page 2 of 4MileagePlus will be the loyalty program for the new United. We look forward to welcoming you intoMileagePlus and will continue to work hard to build the worlds leading rewards program.OnePass® members will be automatically enrolled in MileagePlus whenOnePass ends.OnePass members will be automatically enrolled in the MileagePlus program. You dont need to doanything.Rest assured that all of your reward miles, Elite Qualifying Miles and Elite Qualifying Points in OnePass andMileagePlus will be secure as we transition to a single program in the first quarter of 2012.In 2012, your flights on Continental and United will earn reward miles, Elite Qualifying Miles and EliteQualifying Segments in MileagePlus. You will receive your 2012 Elite status based on your OnePass (andany MileagePlus) Elite Qualifying Miles and Elite Qualifying Points in 2011.The OnePass program will formally end on Dec. 31, 2011, followed by a wind-down period during the firstquarter of 2012. During the wind-down period, your OnePass reward miles will remain available forredemption. Following the wind-down period, we will replace your OnePass reward miles with an equivalentgrant of MileagePlus reward miles. We will also replace your OnePass Elite Qualifying Miles and EliteQualifying Points with an equivalent grant of MileagePlus Elite Qualifying Miles and Elite QualifyingSegments.We will update you further on specific transition plans in the coming months.More details about the 2012 MileagePlus program.In the coming months, we will share complete details about the 2012 MileagePlus program, including Elitelevels, qualifications and benefits; lifetime benefits; and other program developments, so stay tuned. Youcan also get updates at MileagePlus, you will enjoy the benefits of membership in the worlds most rewarding loyalty program.With our wide array of travel, credit card and retail partners, no other airline program gives you betteropportunities to quickly earn miles for travel, as well as the things you do every day. No other rewards ®program provides you access to Uniteds exclusive world-class travel services, like Economy Plus extralegroom seating and Premier Access airport services. And now that United has the leading global network,no other airline offers more destinations for reward travel.Its no wonder that in 2010 MileagePlus was voted Best Frequent Flyer Program by Global Travelermagazine for the seventh year in a row. And that in 2011 we won the Frequent Traveler award for bestairline Elite program for the second year in a row.Learn more about MileagePlusCredit Card benefits will continue.If you are a Continental Airlines Cardmember, you can still use your Credit Card as usual — there is nothingyou need to do differently. You can continue to use your Card in 2012 to earn miles in your MileagePlusaccount.If you dont have a Continental Airlines Credit Card, now is a good time to get one. An expanded routenetwork means youll enjoy more choices than ever for reward travel around the world. With a ContinentalAirlines Credit Card, you earn miles for your everyday spending and will see your miles balance will grow.You can continue to use your Card in 2012 to earn miles in your MileagePlus account.Learn more about Continental Airlines Credit CardsContinental Airlines participation in the American Express® MembershipRewards® program is ending. ®If you have Membership Rewards points, you can transfer them into your OnePass account through Sept. ®30, 2011. The opportunity to transfer Membership Rewards points for reward travel on Continental will no 10/18/2011
  • 3. Page 3 of 4longer be an option after that date. When OnePass ends, we will give you MileagePlus award miles equal to ®your OnePass reward miles balance, including your Membership Rewards transfers.Transfer nowUnited and MileagePlus bring you great travel opportunities.With United and MileagePlus, you can enjoy the benefits of the worlds most rewarding loyalty program.More worldwide destinations You can now travel to more than 370 destinations on Uniteds unparalleled global network. Thats 100 more than before. The addition of Uniteds domestic hub airports in Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles means you can now fly to more than 220 destinations in the United States. From San Francisco, Uniteds main transpacific gateway, you can choose from more than 250 daily departures to destinations including Asia and Australia.More comfort Enjoy access to Economy Plus seating on United, with up to five extra inches of legroom so you can stretch out and relax on your trip. Its complimentary for Elite members and available for purchase for all other members. And we will begin expanding Economy Plus to the Continental fleet in 2012. With Premier Access, first- and business-class travelers and MileagePlus elite members enjoy priority check-in, security, boarding, and baggage handling, to streamline travel through the airport.Special privilegesMileagePlus Elite members receive special privileges like Unlimited Domestic Upgrades, SystemwideUpgrades, and class-of-service and Elite bonus miles. These benefits make travel more comfortable andrewarding for our most valuable frequent travelers.MileagePlus Merger UpdatesPresidents Club®Presidents Club members continue to have access to all Presidents Club locations, United Red Carpet ®Club lounges and select partner lounges.Learn more or joinRelated Stories:MilestonesBuilding on the BestPremier AccessProgram NameInfo about linking accounts Do you also have a MileagePlus account?Link accountsTransfer milesTerms and conditions | Privacy | © 2011 United Air Lines, Inc. 10/18/2011
  • 4. Page 4 of 4God bless!Jeff Martin, MajorEducation SecretaryPs 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have allthose who do His commandments. His praise endures forever. NKJV__________________ 10/18/2011