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Amazing Fashion

  1. 1. Amazing FashionHI i am Ahmad youssef1. Black broadclothe with soutache braid embroidery is considered decidedly smart.-------------2. In a pleated skirt a plain front and back panel is often combined with a plain, carefully fitted yoke.-------------3. Butterflies are still influenching fashion. Some of the frocks with a fichu drapery on thr bodice showa sort of butterfly bow at the front.---------------Acordig plaits are used in some of the silk and satain frocks. The lower edge of the skirt is usuallybround or edge with ribbon, to give a flare effect.---------------4. Buttons are still called on to furnish a trimming element to one-piece frocks. They are much usedon some of the new cape collars.-----------------5. The uneven bem still prevails.often it is shorter in front than in back, and it is still scalloped.------------------6. Aporn effects are used on some evening and afternoon frocks.------------------7. The belero, which may be a big feature of spring styles, is effectively used now and then onmidwinter frocks.------------------8. Smocking in a effective trimming for velour evening coasts.-----------------9. The fichu, which is used on many waists and bodices, is usually finished with a ruffle, a scallop, orsome other rather fancy cdge.--------------------10. The fichu may be used to emphasize the high neck line by folding it to stand high at the back.----------------11. Low-heeled shoes may be brought back into fashion by skating ,it is true, whatever the reasonmay be, that low-heeled shoes are more in demand at the moment than they have been for months.looped up skirtsIn spite of the dominant idea of flare in the winter skirts-and the flare of the is their most char-acteristic feature whether they be fashioned of one layer or of two, tunic wise-there are some eveningfrocks with skirts that are looped up about the hips, almost like bustles,one on each side. Usuallythese pufls side is higher or lower than that on the tulle or lace, roses, articial, of course, are used toaccentuate under the puff.the v-shaped neck
  2. 2. The v-shaped neck line is still in evidence. It is, when everything else is left out of consideration,probably the most becoming neck line there is-some of the great designers to the contary. To besure, as they contend, it does cut the figure-but what line doesn;t unless it be the line of neck affectedby mother eve herself? And the v-shaped line is graceful and soft, and still persists even in some ofthe last frocks that were sent from paris.Oppose the geographic content covered is lopsided. Too much content on European history, whileAfrica is absent, only India and China are covered in Asia and the Pacific gets a small mention.=Nichalp «Talk»= 16:32, 26 August 2006 (UTC)Agreed, the geographic content is a bit lop-sided. I have corrected the absence of Africa, as Egypt ispart of Africa, although more closely related to other Middle East countries. The reason for theabsence of jewellery in the rest of Africa is that contenbt thought of as too broad, (such as aparagraph on slave beads & on South Africas blood diamonds), was moved to other sections of thearticle. For the Asian reference, there is also the Paduang tribe mentioned for its body modificationuses of jewellery. I think it would be unwise to try & mention every culture thats ever exsisted, as thepage would be both long & repetitive. For example, in New Zealand, we have much the samejewellery as Australia & America for example. To write about all three countries & say the same thingsfor their jewellery again & again would be pointless. The jewellery of Asia is very much the same;elegant, ceremonious & revered. China ruled much of Asia at one point, so their jewellery stylesinfluenced much of Asia, thus making it all seems similar. This too also happened in Europe when theRomans conquered most of the continent & Roman styles were adapted throughout. Again we alsosee this happening with the Incas & south americans when the Spanish invaded; they adapted manyof their designs. My point is, is that we should aim for a diverse selection of cultures who each usetheir jewellery differently, rather than add every culture whop have similar designs (which could getquite boring). Your suggestions are good, but I hope you may understand my rationale after readingthis. I will definitely expand the Australasia section. I did have a referenced paragraph on theAustralian opal trade, but it was deleted for some reason. Thanks a bunch! Spawn Man 00:40, 27August 2006 (UTC)Instead of doing a historical analysis, (I dont see a drastic chronological evolution of jewellery), youcan break it up into geographical zones, covering all six continents. Take a look at the article onButter which is a general topic but covers the topic on a global scale without going too much intodetail over each country. Secondly, what about the usage of jewellery in animals? Ive read thatprimates and birds also use natural jewellery. This could be added perhaps as a sentencesomewhere? PS will be busy till next weekend. =Nichalp «Talk»= 13:56, 27 August 2006 (UTC)Found a weird caption in that Butter article: "Butter is regulary found in modern Kitchens" - quite apartfrom the two typos, that has to be the most pointless picture caption Ive ever seen. Ive chaged it.Carcharoth 22:50, 27 August 2006 (UTC)Call me stupid, but Id like someone to explain what they want on the article exactly. Im not one totake hints, so if you continue like this, Ill never get it done. But tell me what you want exactly & itll bedone in days or hours. For example, I would need something like this:
  3. 3. Cat anatomy.Cat whiskers.Cat noses.Cat eyes.Fedding habits.Mice.Beast mice they eat... Etc etc.If you could swap cats with jewellery & how you would like me to rearrange the text & section to yourrequirements, it will be done. If everyone could come to a sort of concensus it would really really help.Thanks a lot. Spawn Man 23:47, 27 August 2006 (UTC)Fashion designers Manish Arora, Anamika Khanna and Rajesh Pratap Singh are ready to set ParisFashion Week ablaze under their own labels — a sign of India’s growing presence in the crowdedinternational arena.Anamika and Manish will showcase their creative brilliance at this fall’s fashion extravaganza, whileRajesh will roll out his collection at next year’s event.So far, Indian designers have been displaying their collections abroad under the labels of foreignfashion houses or retail chains.“It’s a great moment of glory,” Fashion Design Council of India’s (FDCI) Rathi Vinay Jha said at arecent press conference.“For the first time, our designers will showcase their collections under their own labels. India will bethere in its original form.”FDCI, which organises the highly acclaimed Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, has facilitated theIndian designers’ participation in Paris.ChanelGabrielle "Coco" Chanel (1883-1971) created feminine fashion that provided the feeling of luxury andcombined traditional womens clothing with styles, fabrics, and articles of clothing used by men. Shefelt comfortable wearing sports jackets and ties worn by men in casual settings. Her fashionrevolution liberated women to express their femininity with elegance and grace. Chanels logo isfrequently seen in perfumes, purses, shoes, and jewelry.PradaPrada was founded by Mario Prada and his brother in 1913 when they opened a luxurious boutique inMilan. The shop included imported silver, Austrian crystal, and exquisite leather handbags andluggage. The tradition of high-quality distinctive goods is continued today.The Hollywood film "The Devil Wears Prada", starring Meryl Streep, has brought a lot of attention tothe world of fashion. The film is a testament to the amazing transformations that can be achieved by
  4. 4. wearing elegant clothing.VersaceGianni Versace (1946-1997) became interested in fashion working in his mothers small dress shop.His first commercial success was the design of a line of clothes for Florentine Flowers in 1972.Versace continued a successful clothing design career in Milan. By 1978 he had become a designleader of womens and mens fashions. After Giannis death, his brother Santo Versace became theCEO of the Versace firm and his sister Donatella Versace became the head of design. Jennifer Lopezwore a sensational green dress by Versace to the Grammys in 2000.Jean-Paul Gaultier (1952- ) is a French fashion designer who never received formal design training.He started sending sketches to famous couture stylists, and Pierre Cardin hired him as an assistant in1970. His first individual collection was released in 1976. By 1981 he was known for irreverent,provocative designs, and for using unconventional models in his exhibitions, such as old and fatwomen, or tattooed and pierced models. Gaultiers sheer lace design worn by Teri Hatcher at the2006 Grammy Awards drew international attention. Gaultier was again in the spotlight with his designof the scalloped gown worn by Marion Cotillard, the Best Actress winner at the 2008 Oscarsceremony.TEEN FASHIONTopshop have some great fashion styles on offer this Autumn 2009Winter 2010. Take a look at thegreat styles in these photographs which will delight younger girls. The Topshop girl is youthful inoutlook, not just in age. If you are over a certain age, it does not mean these items are not for you,but that you must be more selective about your choices. There is cut off point where some styles lookbest on the young. Further down this page you will note the Celia Birtwell influenced Topshop itemsand some great new teen fashion looks for the Topshop girl.Some Topshop girls just cant see themselves in a dress. For those who cant adapt to dresses, thenthis sequin tunic and leggings will keep you feeling in the party mood for the Christmas and New Yearfestivities.Topshop are high street leaders and they are helping revive the beautiful prints of the 1960s.Topshop have launched a small number of limited edition pieces with lovely prints by Celia Birtwellthe famous 60’s print designer. The fabric prints are in the style of Birtwell’s signature hand-drawnprints that she created for Ossie Clark.Caseys CornerDo you always feel like you never have anything hot to wear? Doyou have tons of trouble finding your hippist shoes under all of yourclothes piles? Now is the time to end the closet clutter and getready for spring! Start with these simple steps to pure wardrobebliss!1. Start by taking everything out of your closet (but leave the clothing on hangers). Go through it alland set anything aside that you dont like.2. Then try everything else on. You never know if youre favorite tee from last year makes you look
  5. 5. like a walking fashion no-no now! But remember, you might want to keep around a couple of vintagepieces, cause you never know when theyll suddenly be hot!3. Its time to make room and get rid of everything you decided was no longer "you". Take everythingin good-condition to a thrift shop if you want to make a little bling, bling, and trash the other stuff, or ifyoure in a giving mood, take it all to a homeless shelter.4. Now focus in on the stuff you do love! Think about why you love that baby-blue Gap cardigansweater or hip, hot pink bo-ho skirt. Is it the shade? Fit? Designer? Write it all down in a "fashion"notebook. Next time you go on a major shop-till-you-drop spree, bring it along to help you find whatyou really like.5. Back to your closet, divide your clothes into skirts, jeans, pants, tanks, tees, etc., then hang em upby the colors of the rainbow, from light to dark. For the stuff you fold, dont pile it too high, and arrangethe clothes in a rainbow as well.6. Move on to accessories. It would be smart to install a shoe holder, either on the wall or on yourdoor (that way theyre up and out of the way). Categorize them by sandals, sneaks, slides, dressy,etc. Also, install four or five hooks to hold belts, ribbons, and necklaces.7. Try to keep stuff that doesnt have anything to do with your wardrobe out of your closet. It just takesup space you could use. One thing I make an exception for? My beloved Instyle, Harpers Bazaar,and Seventeen magazines which take up the whole top shelf! I resort to them daily, so I just couldntgive them up!8. Also, to keep your closet clutter to a minimum, store all off your out-of-season clothes andaccessories out of the way. Keep sweaters folded neatly in a cedar closet or chest, to keep the mothsaway. Tees, sweatshirts, pants, and shorts can simply be folded and put in a chest, closet, or the topshelf. Make sure you wash everything before storing it! For your winter coats, take them to thecleaners, then leave the plastic wrapping on them to keep em protected.Teen fashion trendsThere are many articles dedicated to fashion trends: trends for men or women, trends for kids andeven for dogs. What about teens? Try to do a web search and you will see that finding nice guidelinesabout teen fashion trends is not as easy as it may seem. Why is it this way? The reason for this lackof information is teen fashion being more complicated than any other. Teenagers are fighting againstsociety; they put a lot of effort to be different, but they also invent new trends and fashion styles.The latest trend is EMO (emotional) style. EMO style is definitely for those who adore bright colors.Green, pink, red, yellow matched with black will undoubtedly make you noticeable. If you are into thisstyle, you must have an appropriate hairdo: Zelda hairdo for girls and jet black mop top for boys.Pencil or at least cigarette-shaped jeans with studded belt is also a must-have. Rules for top are notthat strict, you may choose anything you want, just be sure its close-fitting and bright colored. Youmust wear large amounts jewelry and its even better if you pierce your face (small lip ring would doperfectly). EMO style is perfect for those who wear glasses - its a great accent and EMOs love nerdyones.Hip hop never goes out of fashion. Music that speaks street language is definitely for young rebellious
  6. 6. souls. Hip-hop style for teen boys and girls is rather different. Boys are usually wearing baggy pantsand t-shirt, while girls chose sexy outfits. Cap is a must for both. When it comes to colors - chooseanything you want. Boys usually prefer blue jeans and white-colored top while girls are totallyunpredictable. Girls wear big rounded earrings and boys must wear at least one ring.What fashion designers have come up to this season is gothic youth. Although this fashion hasexisted for a number of years and has been discussed in various ways, it is the first time it isfashionable. Dressing all-black, coloring your hair black, using only black makeup means or evenwhitening your face to make everything else look even blacker is a hot trend. Choose big shoes withchunky heels; go for metal details all over your clothing and accessories and youre a perfect goth. Nomatter if you are wearing a short or a long skirt, a close fitting top or a loose one - its ok as long asits black.Bohemian style is also fashionable among teenagers. Loose light colored clothes, wraps andwooden, stone or amber accessories will make you look like a real bohemian girl or boyAs a star of NBCs "Days of Our Lives," 15-year-old Taylor Spreitler is one of the youngest actors ondaytime TV, and her portrayal of "Mia" is garnering rave reviews. In real life Taylor is a cool, down-to-earth girl with an amazing sense of style and an eye for fashion! Here, Taylor Spreitler shares someof her fashion advice:When shes not working in Los Angeles, Spreitler is back in Mississippi at her home near Tupelohelping her parents raise and train working German Shepherds. Spreitler also enjoys horsebackriding, bowling, hanging out with friends, shopping, and collecting Marilyn Monroe items.15 (She turns 16 in October)Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Taylor now lives in Los Angeles with her mom and sister.How Would You Describe Your Style?Taylor says: "Its pretty much a Hippie/Boho/Gypsy style. I love boots and have them in every colorimaginable! And I always throw on a lot of bracelets."What are Your Favorite Stores?"My favorite stores are Forever 21 - especially their twelve by twelve line. Also Buffalo Exchange,which has both recycled and new clothes," Taylor says, adding: "There is a very cool store in Burbankcalled "Its a Wrap" which sells actual wardrobe from movie and TV sets - including Days [of OurLives]!"Do You Admire Anyones Style?"I like the styles that people like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Kate Hudson wear. Its just very laid-back, like they just throw something on but they still look great!" she says.Whats Your Style Advice for Other Teens Out There?Taylor says: "Dont be afraid to take risks as long as you feel confident and comfortable in it!"Whats it Like Being a TV Star?"It really is a dream come true for me! Mia is such an interesting character and has dealt with somereally painful issues lately. Becoming pregnant, giving her baby up and now having to deal with a girlbully spreading rumors about her," she says.
  7. 7. What Advice Would You Give Teens About Following Their Dreams?"Be sure it is a dream that you are willing to make a big commitment to!" Taylor advises, adding: "Forme it was a lot of years of classes, auditions, learning how to stay positive even when coming closeand not booking!"Cloche HatCloche hats were the most fashionable form of womens headgear during the 1920s. They wereclose-fitting, helmet-shaped hats that hugged the skull. They had deep rounded crowns with no brimor just a small curve at the edge. Cloche means bell in French, and these hats were so namedbecause they resembled large bells. They often were made of woolen felt.Womens hats of the early twentieth century were ornately decorated with deep crowns and widebrims. During World War I (1914–18) hats became less flamboyant. By the end of the war manywomen were cutting their long hair. They wore bobbed haircuts trimmed to the nape of the neck;shingled locks, layering their short hair into flat, overlapping rows; and the Eton crop, a severe,masculine style with hair slicked back close to the head.With new short hair fashions, older style hats appeared old-fashioned and out of place. The tighthelmet fit of the cloche hat complemented the new hairstyles. The round crown of the cloche followedthe natural curve of the head. Trims were simple. Some cloches were trimmed with a ribbon band andsome featured small jeweled brooches on one side or in front. Others were unadorned. Women woretheir cloche hats pulled down over to just above their eyes so that the forehead was hidden under thehat. The back of the cloche hat skimmed the nape of the neck. Sometimes the cloche was worn tiltedover the right eye. The cloche hat gave women an air of mysterious appeal, but wearing the hat solow made watching where one walked difficult. To counteract that problem, women began holdingtheir heads back as they walked, a mannerism that led to a new slant in female posture. Cloche hatsbecame very popular attire for weddings. Such bridal accessories were trimmed in lace or composedsolely of veiling.During the 1930s cloche hats still were popular but in modified versions. Some had pleated folds onthe sides and back, and some dipped over one eye. Trims of veiling or lace sometimes were added,as hat fashions returned to more elaborate designs. The cloche faded from fashion in the late 1930sand 1940s but was revived as a fashion trend in the late 1950s.National SourcesMuseum collections of major national museums and private institutions show actual costume andaccessories. In the UK the Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington, London is one of the primesources of costume. The other great costume collection is held at the Costume Gallery in Bath, in theWest of England. Both venues house superb collections of costume.In Bath, the Costume Gallery provides individual audio controls with up to 6 language translations.The costume displayed is only one quarter of the actual costume available and it is all used inregularly rotated displays.Additionally the Research Centre at Bath connected to Bath Museum Educational services haswonderful resource material such as original C19th accessories as well as published material such as
  8. 8. La Belle Assemblee , Moniteur de la Mode, Englishwomans Domestic Magazine, Le Petit Courrierdes Dames, Le Follet, Godeys, The Queen and Chic Parisian. In addition they hold many fashioncatalogues of the C20th.Prior to the medieval era those seriously researching costume details, need to resort to writtensources. These are often difficult to use and are usually in Latin or medieval English. For examplemany royal household accounts have never been translated into modern day English. They do notalways translate well as they were often written by monks and other educated clergy. Sometimes thereferences to clothing are lost in the translation.Until the 16th century most evidence is taken from the following:-MetalworkStoneworkSculptureMosaicsWoodcarvingsSketchesCeramicsPaintingsEmbroideriesTombsWeavingsStumpworkBody JewelleryCave DrawingsBrass RubbingsCave DrawingsActual Costume ArtefactsFew artefacts before 1600 AD have survived. Those that have, were usually found in extremeenvironmental conditions where either intense cold or dryness preserved articles. Such items havebeen found in freezing areas of Russia or the contrasting dry sands of Egypt. Sometime jewellery orhard body equipment such as ivory beads and armoury survive, whilst the surrounding fabric mayhave disintegrated.Costume Plates and Fashion PlatesFrom the 16th century costume plates appeared.It is important to understand that costume plates represent fashion as it was worn.In contrast fashion plates like pre 20th century fashion dolls promote and publicize possible futurefashions.It is still possible to collect good costume and fashion plates in antique shops and at auction sites andis discussed in my vintage section. Prices vary and are dependant on the quality and rare value of theprint. As an example I paid £12.50 in 2002 for the page of 8 illustrated mantles shown on the pageVictorian Pictures of Mantelets.However the plate from La Mode Illustrée shown above which is almost A3 size compared to the A4Mantelets above, cost me £15 fourteen years earlier.The main newer fuller section of 18 pages on the history of fashion plates.One of the easiest ways to see fashion plates is by visiting a museum site or commercial site thatsells them on the internet.For the collector who is interested in a particular era and maybe who just wants to enliven their decorwith a set of fashion plates then there are great reproductions of fashion plates on the market. Learnhow to spot difference between modern reprint fashion plates at my page here.Some of the most attractive examples of reproduction print fashion plates I have seen are for sale and some examples are shown below.Late Victorian Dress
  9. 9. The two late Victorian pictures above are of fashion plate reproductions of the originals found in LaMode Illustrée and sold by in their fashion Art section.Fashion DollsFashion Dolls date from as early as the 14th century. They were widely used in the 17th and 18thcenturies as a primary means for supplying the last word in:-FashionHairstylesMillineryPaintingsIn the UK visit the National Gallery, Country Houses and Galleries. Paintings.Written Costume and Fashion InformationVisual representations of dress need to be cross-checked with other information. The problem ofartistic license has always existed and even the photographs available after Kodaks camerainvention of 1888, are not always a true record.Written references :-EssaysSatiresBiographiesContemporary NovelsMemoirsHistorical WorksPhilosophy BooksEtiquette ManualsPersonal Conduct ManualsRecordsNewspapersMagazinesPostersEvent ProgrammesAccounts of Travel and ExplorationReligious Manuals (often a very rich source of information on dress)Diaries e.g. Those of Queen Victoria, Jane Austen, Samuel Pepys.Where legend and fact have blended all can play a part in validating authenticity of representation.ExhibitionsExhibition Catalogues such as those from the Great Exhibition of 1851 give facts that are frequentlyilluminating. Auction houses produce catalogues and Sotheby’s and Christies have catalogues withdetailed information of sales collections such as Wallis Simpson’s jewellery and the sale of theclothes of the late Princess of Wales, Diana.Trade Cards and Advertisements
  10. 10. There are collections of trade cards and advertisements in national and local collections. Companies,especially long established ones, often have a written history or records that they will allow the publicto access. Old catalogues of shops such as that of Sears or Harrods or Selfridges are a rich source ofinformation.CartoonsIn addition cartoons, especially those by Punch magazine, can encapsulate fashion or current idealsof modesty or immodesty. Similarly moral writers of today still describe fashion as right or wrong justas writers of 1000 years ago did.Local SourcesPublic libraries, museums, galleries and private collections may contain family records with accountbooks and local business archives. Newspapers both local and national have always carried articleson fashion and the materials used in fashionable dress. Centenary celebrations and the likesometimes reveal huge collections of photographs that someone found in an attic.By its very nature this information is constantly changing, but some of my favourite museums ofcostume are below. For a full list of museums in UK with costume go here.There are also other collections in the UK too many to mention, but some of my favourites that I havepersonally visited and always enjoy are:-The Costume Collection in central Nottingham.The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Hanley, Stoke on Trent where you can compare ceramics ofthe era.Prada spring/summer 2009 ad campaignSpring/Summer 2009 ad campaign for luxury fashion label Prada was inspired by ancient stone bas-reliefs - depicting everyday life scenes and in this case dancing (?!). Well, anyway, the crinkled,glossy, textured fabrics and leathers Miuccia Prada planned for this season really go together withthis idea.Same goes for the sculptured hair-styling and the rigid, statuesque postures of the 7 topmodels thatlook so alike. Photographer Steven Meisel did as always a great job in capturing the mood - but Imjust glad crinkled is in again, you know. No more ironing, yay!The goal is to revive the now-comatose basic human urge to snap up lipstick, socks, neckties,designer gowns, jewelry, handbags and all the other goodies that people cut—with a certainpride—from their household budgets after the financial markets crashed last fall and the recession setin.In the first time for such an event, 700 stores in the U.S. And 11 other countries, including the U.K.,Greece, Japan, China, Russia, India and Brazil, will keep their doors open until at least 11 p.m. OnSept. 10—the eve of New York Fashion Week.They will hold special events to entice shoppers. Vera Wang says she will have a DJ and "AmericanIdol" judge Kara DioGuardi at her Mercer Street boutique in New York. Roughly 40 designers willwander around chatting up shoppers at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. All 41 Neiman Marcus storeswill participate, offering entertainment to shoppers. Ten Judith Ripka stores around the U.S. Will offer
  11. 11. a free change of nail polish infused with diamond dust, and serve food and champagne while rafflingoff rings worth $700. Details of all the evenings events will be posted on the Fashions Night Out Website ( on Aug. 17.The stores have a tacit agreement that they wont launch sales that evening—though they wont hidesales racks with items that are already marked down. "We told retailers, this [event] is not aboutdiscounting," says Steven Kolb, executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America,which is helping organized the evening.This is all an effort to end the cycle of deep-discounting that began last Thanksgiving, when storesslashed prices because there was no other way to get rid of the inventory they had purchased sixmonths earlier, when the economy was stronger.Apparel sales in the U.S. Fell 7% to $84.8 billion for the six months ended in June, according to NPDGroup. The only bright spots in the market were sales of mens underwear and fleece products, whichrose slightly—suggesting, perhaps, the very practical bent among shoppers these days.As a result, retail employment has been one of the hardest hit sectors of the economy, leaving one-out-of-10 retail-industry employees out of work. Every level has been affected: Circuit City went out ofbusiness, and so has Christian Lacroix, which is currently on the sale block. Also, fashion advertisingsales are down double-digits at CondeNast Publications, which owns Vogue, and McKinsey & Co.Has been brought in to consult on possible restructuring.Ms. Wintour, editor in chief of U.S. Vogue, seems grounded in a new world order. "We had a lot ofwonderful moments," she says of the now-past economic boom, with an air of moving on to solve theproblem at hand: "Another thing we need to counteract is that even among wealthy people, it is notreally the thing to go shopping right now."Ms. Wintour says that discounting at stores has "almost got out of hand." In a public forum severalweeks ago, she wondered aloud if the U.S. Should consider the systems in place in France andEngland, where sales are government-regulated and held only during sanctioned time periods.She and Mr. Kolb note that no one will enforce the hold-the-line stance on pricing during FashionsNight Out because that would violate U.S. Antitrust laws.Shoppers Still QueasyThe concept for Fashions Night Out was initially Ms. Wintours, and it came from Paris White Nights,during which museums stay open all night. She enlisted the help of Ms. Von Furstenberg, who chairsthe Council of Fashion Designers of America, and they approached New York Mayor MichaelBloomberg, who asked them to be sure to include all five boroughs of New York. Ms. Wintour broughtin the editors of every Vogue edition, which spread the event internationally.It is a sign of both the industrys desperation and Ms. Wintours clout that participation in FashionsNight Out is expected to be so strong. (The Wall Street Journal is co-hosting an event that is on theevenings calendar.)But can fashionable entertainment persuade people to pay full price when they are still feeling queasyand bloated from over-spending?Discounting is a matter of supply and demand. During the boom, luxury goods and fashion brands
  12. 12. became so plentiful that they turned into commodities. Stores, carrying the same items around theworld, were left to compete on little more than price when the recession set in. It is no coincidencethat two brands that carefully control access to their products—Hermes and Louis Vuitton—havefared well, even increasing revenue since the crash.Placing Early BetsFor the upcoming season, stores placed their bets—their clothing orders—months ago, cutting backtheir purchases by about 20%. They hope that is adequate to accommodate shrunken demand.If consumers continue to cut back on shopping this fall, which seems possible given the pooremployment situation, stores could be forced to discount to get rid of their inventory.Still, it seems unlikely that shoppers will see the sort of deep discounting that happened last fall, whenstores were chock-full of goods that had been ordered before the financial woes set in."Last year, it was ‘Lets get out of this inventory at any cost, " says Macys Inc.s Chairman and ChiefExecutive Terry Lundgren of the discounting situation. "But now here we are nine months later, andwe have inventory back in line so there isnt a need for clearance," he says. Ken Downing, fashiondirector for Neiman Marcus, says the "feeding frenzy" is over.During the 1820s in European and European-influenced countries, fashionable womens clothingstyles transitioned away from the classically-influenced "Empire"/"Regency" styles of ca. 1795-1820(with their relatively unconfining empire silhouette) and re-adopted elements that had beencharacteristic of most of the 18th century (and were to be characteristic of the remainder of the 19thcentury), such as full skirts and clearly visible corseting of the natural waist.The silhouette of mens fashion changed in similar ways: by the mid-1820s coats featured broadshoulders with puffed sleeves, a narrow waist, and full skirts. Trousers were worn for smart day wear,while breeches continued in use at court and in the country.During the first half of the 1820s, there were slight gradual modifications of Regency styles, with theposition of the waistline trending successively lower than the high waistline of the Regency (justbelow the breasts), and also further development of the trends of the late 1810s towards giving skirtsa somewhat conical silhouette (as opposed to earlier more clinging and free-flowing styles), and inhaving various types of decoration (sometimes large and ornate) applied horizontally around thedress near the hem. Sleeves also began increasing in size , foreshadowing the styles of the 1830s.However, there was still no radical break with the Empire/Regency aesthetic.During the second half of the 1820s, this neoclassical aesthetic was decisively repudiated, preparingthe way for the main fashion features of the next ten to fifteen years (large sleeves, somewhat strictcorseting of the natural waist, full skirts, elaborate large-circumference hats, and visual emphasis onwide sloping shoulders). Around 1826, fabrics with large bold checkerboard or plaid patterns wereseen on various fashion plates (another contrast with the previous fashion period, which had favoredsmall delicate pastel prints). A bustle was sometimes also worn. Belts accentuated the new definedwaist.Day gowns were often worn with a round ruffled linen collar similar to a soft Elizabethan ruff.The late 1820s fashion plate (right) gives examples of late 1820s fashions; the rightmost outfit, with
  13. 13. its smaller, shorter sleeves, non-whitish color scheme, and slightly lower neckline, is the eveningdress.Madame Marie Marcotte wears a brown gown with a wide buckled belt, full sleeves, and a sheercollar with shell buttons. Her hair is worn in elaborate curls on the sides and on top. 1826.Viennese fashion plate of 1826. Stripes run in different directions on the skirt, hem and sleeves, andthe hat is lined with plaid fabric and trimmed with a matching ribbon.Comtesse de MacMahon wears a satin gown with a conical skirt trimmed with horizontal frills at thehem. Matching frills accent the new wide-puffed sleeves. She wears a large hat decorated withostrich plumes, latter half of the 1820s.Auguste Strobl wears a sheer overdress with full sleeves in the new fashion over a white gown withshort puffed undersleeves. A wide ribbon sash is fastened with a gold buckle. German, 1827.Sarah Stanton Blake wears a frilled indoor cap trimmed with sheer ribbon and a high-necked chemiseor chemisette under her black gown and scarlet shawl. Massachusetts, c. 1827.Evening gown of 1828 shows the beginnings of the dropped shoulder and wide sleeve puff that wouldflower in the 1830s. Hair is worn in elaborate side curls, and the knotted bun is higher on the crown ofthe head. German.Regina Daxenberger wears sheer blue oversleeves with short puffed undersleeves. Her fitted bodicehas pairs of waist darts, 1829.Mens fashionsOverviewBy the mid-1820s, mens fashion plates show a shapely ideal silhouette with broad shouldersemphasized with puffs at the sleevehead, a narrow waist, and very curvy hips.A corset was required to achieve the tiny waistline shown in fashion plates. Already de rigueur in thewardrobes of military officers, men of all middle and upper classes began wearing them, out of thenecessity to fit in with the fashionable gentry. Usually referred to as "girdles", "belts" or "vests" (as"corsets" and "stays" were considered feminine terms) they were used to cinch the waist tosometimes tiny proportions, although sometimes they were simply whalebone-stiffened waistcoatswith lacing in the back. Many contemporary cartoonists of the time poked fun at the repressed natureof the tightlaced gentlemen, although the style grew in popularity nonetheless. This was the caseespecially amidst middle-class men, who often used their wardrobe to promote themselves, at least inmind, to a higher class - hence the dandy was born.Shirts and cravatsShirts of linen or cotton featured tall standing collars and were worn with wide cravats tied in a softbow.Coats and waistcoatsCoats and waistcoats had high shawl-like collars to frame the face and were cut straight across thewaist. Waistcoats were buttoned high on the chest. Cutaway coats were worn as in the previousperiod for formal daywear, but the skirts might almost meet at the front waist.Frock coats had the same nipped-in waist and full skirts. Very fashionable sleeves were gathered or
  14. 14. pleated into a slightly puffed "leg of mutton" shape. Coats could be made of wool or velvet, and jewelcolors like bottle green and midnight blue were high style. Double-breasted coats were very much infashion throughout the decade.Trousers and breechesFull-length light-colored trousers were worn for day; these were cut full through the hips and thighs,tapering to the ankles. They were held smoothly in place by straps fastened under the square-toedshoes. Dark trousers were worn for evening wear, and breeches were worn for formal functions at theBritish court (as they would be throughout the century). Breeches were also worn for horseback ridingand other country pursuits, especially in Britain, with tall fitted boots.Hats and hairstylesThe crowns of tall hats also became curvy in keeping with the new style, and began to flare from theheadband to the top. Curled hair and sideburns were fashionable.President James Monroe wears a high shirt collar and white cravat tied in a wide bow. His jacketcollar and lapels form a continuous curve very like a shawl collar. 1820-22.Country clothes in the city: In this caricature by Richard Dighton, a stout man wears country clothes(breeches and riding boots) at the Royal Exchange in London. Hats of 1823 are not yet curvy, and thestraight-bottomed waistcoat shows slightly below the coat in front.French fashion plate shows an evening cape or manteau with a fur collar and shoulder cape, wornover dark formal breeches and double-breasted coat, 1823.Conte Ninni wears a black coat with a tall collar and a slight puff at the sleeve head over a tall-collared white shirt and white cravat, 1825.Francisco de Goya wears a gray coat over a satin single-breasted waistcoat and a tall-collared shirtthat reaches to his ears, with a white cravat. Spanish, 1826.Baron Schwiter wears a dark cutaway coat, waistcoat, and narrow fitted pantaloons or trousers. Hisflat shoes have square toes and bows on the instep, and are worn with white stockings, 1827.Goethe wears a coat with a slight puff at the sleeve head, a satin lining turned back to form lapels,and a high contrasting collar over a patterned waistcoat. His white cravat is fastened with a gold pin.German, 1828.In his self-portrait, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller wears a striped cravat and striped waistcoat, both indull gold and blue, 1828.Key Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2009For many people, the 2009 fashion season will be one not of flaunt it, but of savour it. Spring andSummer 2009 is a season for ownership of carefully selected fashion garments and accessories at acost conscious price point, but where quality counts.By all means have your garment, but do wear it. It is more important than ever to make sure that yourpurchase is right at the till point, as one more unworn brand new with tags garment six months later,is not an option for a tightly pulled purse.The subtle, but futuristic refinements that are emerging have given a fresh impetus to fashion stylesand trends, whilst embracing the need to abandon conspicuous consumption in the subdued
  15. 15. economy of 2009. Observe how worthy fashion elements have been given the ultimate polish bydesigners and manufacturers.In the credit squeezed world of 2009 the most noticeable fashion trend is of individuals grasping thefashion essence. The zeitgeist reaction to the recession economy has been to tune into the very bestfashion trends which took hold in 2008.The One-shoulder Dress 2009 Trend (Michelle Obama)Leading Fashion Trend 2009The one-shoulder dress is already the hot style of early 2009.Right - A photo of the radiant and proudly beautiful Michelle Obama, a C21st woman, wearing herJason Wu white Swarovski embellished CRYSTALLIZED evening gown for the Inauguration EveningBall of the President of USA. Jason Wu is also the designer of the fuchsia pink dress Mrs Obamawears on the cover of Vogue. Fuchsia, a top spring colour is featured several times on this page.Above Right - SS2009 - Aquascutum one-shoulder dress in the top tone of blue this year. The stylingof this blue dress has been widely copied by retailers. You are reading an original Spring SummerFashion Trends 2009 article by Pauline Weston Thomas at ©Yellow the Colour of 2009 - Michelle Obama YellowYellow is THE Colour of 2009. Watch how it injects new vigour into fashion. Like the yellow glow of adawn rise, citrine lemon and buttercup gold are the colours of hope, optimism, and new beginnings.Michelle Obama - The New Fashion IconMichelle Obama has shown a clear eye for the newest of fashion colours. Take for example herchoice of dress and coat for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on 21 January 2009. MrsObamas lemongrass wool coat and dress of wool guipure lace, reflected yellow hues in the play oflight on the wool guipure raised surface.The true colour of her coat is hotly debated amongst the fashionistas, because in some images thecolour looks citron green and in others lemon yellow. In yet different photographs (there were plenty)the tone appears an almost creamy yellow. The respected Isabel Toledo confirmed the colour waslemongrass. And everyone who has bought a stick of lemongrass or a lemon fruit, knows that colourshading well. To my way of thinking Mrs Obamas coat has several tints that meet each other.Those familiar with textile yarns know that quality wool yarns are often made of fibres dyed to beseveral different related colours. When carded, blended and spun together, this creates a moremesmerizing lively effect to the yarn, and in turn to the end material. The play of light on the helicalwool fibre will also affect the colour tones reflected when viewed from different angles.More Fashion Trends for Spring 2009Paint Box Colour Blocking and Fondant ColoursAdamant fashion designers trod the path of soft fondant tints. For Spring 2009 they favour blushingpink beiges, neutrals, creamy whites, and tones of slate blue. Such softer dusty tones are easy tintsto mix and match with existing black, navy or other neutrals, the result is a new more ladylikewardrobe.Richard Nicoll was a prime example of a designer using colour blocking. However, many other
  16. 16. fashion designers have injected statement colour into Spring 2009 clothes by using bright bold hues.While a few other creators played to the neutral palette.Left - The pink way, striking colour blocking with blushing pink beige, rose to hot pink. All three pantvariations are by Richard Nicoll. Note how we have two looks working here - the mixing of fondanttones in large colour blocks, and also the mixing of vibrant brights. Observe also the importantboyfriend blazer style jacket.Colour blocking with strong brights of hot pinks, orange, mango, tangerine and lime are popular. Youwill also see other brights such as lapis, Yves Klein blue, Santorini blue, lemon yellow, lime, orangeand aqua jade tones. These garments can be worn alone or blocked together with the enthusiasm ofthe Dutch designer Mondrian.In conclusion, expect bright colours that pop, shock and electrify to cheer up dull days. Mix and matchbold colours in the latest silhouettes to add zest and a new tang to your existing wardrobe.Top Tip - Black and White or MonochromeBlack and white has always been a winning colour scheme, and this year it combines animal printswith Mondrian style colour blocking. In particular look for monochrome effects based on zebra orgiraffe prints with stripes and spots. The recent Spring 2009 Chanel Couture, show by Karl Lagerfeld,was an endless stream of white, and then black and white ensembles The high street has paidhomage to the monochrome scheme as a foil for those who will never adopt neon bright colours. Themonochrome look also translates well into the nautical / yachting / maritime themes which designerscelebrate every year. This black and white fashion look is classic, and easy to develop on a budget,or by adapting existing wardrobe items.Trends in Pant Shapes - Spring 2009All three pant variations above are by Richard Nicoll. Wide legs, or narrow pants mean eachsilhouette can be equally fashionable on the right body shape. As usual, fashion is accommodatingevery purse. Some trousers may have more edge than others, but whether a wide, or narrow legpant, 2009 is the ultimate year to wear the womens trouser style that suits you most. For many thiswill be the pair of previously unworn wide pants already hanging in their closet, especially so if theyare already in a strong colour. One trouser fashion to steer clear of is the nappy style pant.Read more about the latest new styles of pants here.Modesty in Fashion - Changes for 2009Peek-a-Boo Sheers - More Modesty and Less Skin CoverageIn Spring 2009 you will see a trend developing for greater skin coverage. The bare-all too exposedfashions of previous seasons are now considered passé.What we are now seeing are peek-a-boo sheers, sleeves and more modest, less revealing cuts.Many women protested at the bare-all fashion and went for self-styling where they covered up thosebare arms with shrugs. Designers have finally taken notice of consumer mood and are reworkingsleeves with new vigour, adding sheer fabrics to décolletage and bringing hemlines down.Ladylike cover up is in fashion. It is a signal of the more self assured woman. Even the latestjumpsuits are cut in many lengths from playsuit length, mid calf to ankle length. The new trophy jacket
  17. 17. is the timeless alternative.Left - Peek-a-boo sheers and texture are a big trend for 2009. The dress is a Swarovski embellishedCRYSTALLIZED Jason Wu Spring 2009 catwalk dress and has textured sheer fabric to décolletage.Images courtesy Swarovski.Top Trend - Be Yourself & Live in Your Own SkinTan No MoreNow that the orange glow, and fake mahogany tans, are truly dead in the water there is less desire toshow flesh; instead there is a new desire to simply display the natural skin tones of birthright. Indeed,natural skin is the most acceptable. Women like Michelle Obama and Dita Von Teese are verydifferent, but each is beautiful and very fashionable in their own skin. You may have noticed a trend inthis years publicity shots - all the models are showing their own glowing skin base colour, whatevertheir race. Whether honey, brown, black, pink or milky white, living in your own skin is the biggestfashion trend of all.KEY FASHION TREND ALERTHeavy Embellished Hem EmphasisNow is the time to embrace wearable glamour in the form of texture with crunchy lace fabrics, guipurelace, crinkled chiffons, raised brocades and tucked raised pleating trims.Folkloric, blackwork and ikat embroidery, fringe and feathers are other textures to consider.Add drama with silk foulard satin fabrics with surface sheen which glisten and gleam.Texture, sheen and print is found on everything from dresses to earrings and belts to shoes, banglesand bags.Left - SS09 evening dresses - Textured ribbon lace Oriental Embellished Dress £65.Centre Right - Prize winning black feather frill dress from the Royal College of Art in association withOasis collection.Far Right - Erdem simple 20s inspired shift dress with Crystallized Swarovski decoration and pleatedraised fabric appliqué areas to hem.Note that lemon grass colour again.This year exotic, animal and Amer-Afro tribal prints will also continue to be seen across womensfashion and accessories and giving options to those who are more minimalist in outlook and neverwear florals.Important Trend for ShouldersShoulders have been gaining considerable attention from designers.The importance of the changing sleeve and now the widening/wavering shoulder line has beengrowing over the past few years, first with three quarter and elbow lengths and blouson or ruffleflounce frill effects. Now the clear development is toward puff, leg of mutton, batwing fullness andkimono drapery. Kimono sleeves grace dresses, tunic tops and coats.Right - Erdem dress with Crystallized Swarovski surface raise decorated sleeves creating fullershoulders.KEY PIECE FASHION TREND - The Dress
  18. 18. There is a continued love affair with the dress, in particular the simple shift and now the A-line shiftdress has gained a following. Women have always loved the way a dress is so easy to wear, but thenewest lines transform it swathes of fabric that twist and wrap. The result is to make a Greciangoddess out of the most ordinary woman whether the dress is cocktail occasion or maxi style.Even two shoulder dresses are given the asymmetric look, as this pink cocktail dress left by VeraMont shows. The first impression is of the dress being one shoulder, yet it firmly covers bothshoulders. Look out for innovative dresses that are inspired by the one-shoulder look.Right - Vera Mont Spring Summer 2009 Fatal Attraction sheath dress £360/IRL €410.00 - Material:63% polyester, 33% polyamide, 4% Elastane. Dress Style No: 2163/3130.The feminine styling of this figure-hugging dress in stretch taffeta enhances the natural silhouette.Unusual gathering, an asymmetrical neckline and the brooch as an extra highlight, reinterpret theclassic sheath dress.Asymmetric Fashion Trend - Dresses with One ShoulderThe full prom skirt has become a norm for special occasion wear. The bare shoulder prom look dressis making way for the ladylike silhouette of the one shoulder dress. The bandeau bustier bareshoulder look has been in vogue for bridal and evening dresses for over a decade. Time to movethose occasion dresses and prom gowns on into the next fashion decade of the twenty-teens. 2010will be here before you know it.The newer dress styles favour more interesting one-shoulder detail or attention-grabbing skirt layers.Tops, swimsuits and floor length maxi gowns are all a sign of the strength of this trend.Left and near left printed blue dresses worn by guests at Swarovski sponsored function.Bright Blue Hare Place dress by Aquascutum. Far right print dress - River Island Clothing Co. LtdSpring 2009 - 80s Paint splash dress £59.99.The Dress SilhouetteThe 60s A-line Shift Dress Fashion Trend - Spring Summer 2009For this summer 2009 the dress fashion trend most likely to win over every age group is the 60s A-line shift dress like the central blue dress below. The A-line styles are often embellished at the jewelneckline. This is such a wearable silhouette whatever the age group - no wonder Michelle Obamaselected the style for her lemongrass coat and matching Inauguration dress. It is a silhouette thathelps the wearer feel at ease, and that A-line is much more forgiving of creasing and crumpling. It isalso a good disguise over heavier hips and thighs, smoothing and flowing over lumps, bumps andbellies.Another great disguise for lumps and bumps is drapery and this is evident in a gradually wideningskirt silhouette. This style is achieved through designers employing double layer skirts.TOP TREND - DrapingThe Goddess Draped Dress Fashion Trend - Spring Summer 2009Drapery focusing on the waist or side waist was a catwalk special in Autumn/Winter 2008/9. Now thisfashion style has been taken up by retailers everywhere.Along with the one shoulder dresses observe how the dresses show more modest bodice lines
  19. 19. offering plenty of coverage. Note too, the use of a gradually wider A-line silhouette, side or centredrapery in the form of gathers, tucks pleats and bow ties. The changes are subtle but the inclinationtoward more modest looks is gaining ground.Left - Wallis Spring Summer 09 - Metallic One-shoulder dress £55/€90.Centre Left - Matalan Dresses - Et Vous ruffle asymmetric shoulder dress £25 - Matalan SS09Womens Apparel.Centre - Wallis Spring Summer 09 - Beaded neck shift dress £60/€95.Centre Right - Wallis Spring Summer 09 - Draped deep v-neck dress £40/€60.Far Right - Dorothy Perkins Spring Summer 09 - Pink bubble hem dress with bow £45 €70.Dresses of various styles and colour types are a continuing important fashion trend for 2009 and youcan see many more on the dress page. Hot colours include lapis, shocking neon pink and flesh tonesas above.Draped Drop Shoulder Tops, Kaftan Lines and Draped SkirtsIts worth noting how this draping is affecting every silhouette not just the dress. These tops and skirtsare all defined by architectural draping and the newer peg top trousers make use of the same swatheand folding qualities.Kaftan silhouette tunics with easy batwing flowing sleeves, or dropped shoulder 1980s style tops andkimono sleeves are relaxed and easy to wear. All are ideal fashions for summer wear, perfect withjeans, shorts or other trousers. They are especially utilitarian as beach and spa wear worn overswimwear.The rose printed floral materials or exotic tribal prints are such strong patterns that they can easilycompete with the bold brights. There is a fabric and colour suit every woman.Above Left - River Island Clothing Co. Ltd. Floral sculpture dress £34.99. SS09 WW Hero PiecesCentre Left - Principles Spring Summer 2009 Asymmetric draped top in orange.Centre Right - Next Spring Summer 2009 - Womenswear Ruched Skirt £35/€50.Far Right - Littlewoods Direct Spring Summer 2009 - Seam detail jersey top £22.KEY PIECES - New Trouser Styles/JumpsuitsNarrower Pant Leg Silhouettes & Peg Top or Carrot Top Trouser StylesTapered narrow pants first edged their way into fashion with leggings and skinny jeans. Last Autumn/Winter 2008/9 saw the rising popularity of coloured and textured tights. Hosiery looks became morepopular than since the 1980s and the fashion history progression is proving to be very similar.If you have loved wearing dark coloured tights for winter consider pastel hosiery options for spring.White tights were a big look in the 1960s and their time may well have come again as a transitionalfad for cool spring days.For summer, ankle length narrow pants or jeans rolled up for an edgier look are beating a path to aretailer near you. Worn with a full skirted dress or top, cropped leggings or calf length trousers andjeans are still one of summers fun ways of wearing the pants.Narrow pants can be made extra snug fitting at the ankle with zip or button trims. Multiplehaberdashery on clothing is big news this summer. Many of these styles also have peg-top waist
  20. 20. styling and button closures without zip.Left - Principles Spring Summer 2009 - Grey printed hook up skirt dress £75.00/ €115 Grey multistrand waist belt £32.00/€49 Pewter peep toe shoes, all from a selection at Principles.Above Right - Principles Spring Summer 2009 - Fashion model wears a Neutral hook up shirt £55.00with a Chocolate suede all over tassel cross body bag £45.00 and Chocolate silk washed trousers£55.00; Pink paisley print silk scarf £29.00. Shoes and jewellery selection from Principles.Summer Dresses 2009 - Latest Fashion LooksThis article is about pretty and sophisticated summer dresses for 2009. I will cover the latestsilhouette, the fabric type, colours and patterns. It is interesting to compare trends of previousrecessions with those of fashion looks in 2009. For example, increased modesty in dress with longer,fuller skirts, more reserved necklines, wider shoulders and billowing sleeves capping or encasingarms. Despite recession hardship there will always be women who want fashionable clothes ataffordable prices.The 2009 Summer Dress SilhouetteIn fashion history terms it is now very easy to see how the dress for 2009 is moving from a straightsilhouette to A-line. The profile is getting much wider at skirt and shoulder level, and is balanced witha longer hemline.Observe how many of the dresses on this page illustrate the use of a wider A-line silhouette, drapery,tucks, pleats and bows. Almost all are combined with that other strong new fashion trend of greatermodesty at the neckline. Most of these frocks have more modest sweeping jewel or boat necklinesrather than ultra low revealing décolleté.Less formal dresses are the easy A-line 60s shifts, or Kimono sleeve dresses that morph into tunicswhen worn over trousers.Asymmetric one shoulder dresses are leading the way for occasion and evening wear styles,although there are also plenty of prom fairy style dresses and maxi dresses too. You are reading anoriginal article about fashions in summer dresses for 2009, author Pauline Weston Thomas Copyright 2009 ©Bold Dresses for Spring 2009All manner of styles have appeared for Spring 2009 with both customers and retailers taking thedress to heart. These two dresses above right are by Celine. Both Celine dresses illustrate thefashion trendsetter elements with the loose painted on dye fabric effect, the widening longer line skirtand wider shoulder line.This is a pivotal change in the everyday silhouette and worthy of note. For not only is the dress now anorm, but it also comes in a wide array of silhouette styles.Paint Box Watercolour Brushstroke ColoursPlain bold colours, or monochrome schemes, produce powerful yet summery looks. Newer fabricdecoration gives full rein to the paint box. Painted-on colour using wide brushstrokes of watercolour,plus soft dreamy Ombre effects, create a kaleidoscope of colour yet are blended to art paletteperfection.
  21. 21. Floral roses, trailing blooms of sweet peas and daisies combine to create watercolour like prints.Fabrics done in a painterly manner allow whole gardens to be brought to dresses, as shown by thedresses above. Such patterns suit the classic waisted fifties dress so well.Right - TK Maxx Floral Print Dress. £49.99 Spring Summer 09 Dresses.The tunic dress above left, by Michael Angel, is in an abstract wet-on-wet watercolour material similarto the styles of fabrics from Celine shown top of the page.These dye print/ombre/brushstroke/tie-dye effects are so new they blur the boundaries of traditionalpattern and prints, the result is to invent fabrications that have the look of hand painting and hand-screen printing.Blue is an important colour this year, and fused with aquamarine green or purple mauve it becomeslike a vibrant psychedelic dream.The blue and sea green dress right, and which reflects all the colours of the sea, is from WarehouseSpring 2009 Womenswear.Warehouse Impact Print Dress £60/€95, Necklaces start from £14/€22, Sandals £28/€45.Prints help to fashion a more ethereal and exotic effect. Fabrics are layered or given additionaltexture with brocade surface interest and the play of metallic, satin and silk fabrics combine to addsurface depth.Designers are using the artist palette in its full range even in animal prints. We are seeing patternsfrom zebra to leopard, which are much more exotic than in previous years; what makes the differenceis the rich jewel hues.Bright colour is one of the strongest fashion statements of the season. This vivid blue paintbrushstroke halter maxi dress left is from TK Maxx and bears striking print imagery similar to thedesigner fabrications above.Left - Multicoloured blue mix halter-neck maxi dress £29.99 Spring Summer 09 Dresses TK Maxx(Limited availability on items at TK Maxx).Japanesque DetailsStylised statement is the key to Japanesque detail, for example, print fabrics with meandering motifornamentation that have bold Ikebana styled flora and grasses like this Monsoon maxi dress. Maxidresses offer a large canvas of fabric, and are wonderful to display the largest of lone motifs as a boldsingle work of artFashion Colour 2009Key Trends for Spring & SummerFashion Colour Trends 20092009 is awash with the colour of bold brights and lively hues; the result is to make a dull gloomyeconomy seem brighter, even when optimism is low. Like the sixties, the eighties were littered withlarge canvases of the boldest and brightest colours. Then the sombre dark urban looks of the ninetiesreduced the fashion colour palette to a diet of black, navy, camel or taupe. What a relief it was earlierin this decade to see colour re-emerge and bring back variety to a womans wardrobe, lighting herface, enabling her to make the best of herself.
  22. 22. Whilst some designer opted for soft pastels for Spring 2009 fashion others, including Sinah Stanic,selected the boldest of vibrant brights including Fuchsia Red a top colour for Spring Summer 2009.This glorious statement making, asymmetric Sinah Stanic designer dress is available at HarveyNichols. See more bold brights on the main Spring 2009 Looks page.Spring 2009 Top Colour Trend TipMy top tip for forward looking outfits in fashion colours for 2009 is to either choose colour blockingwith daring striking hues, or opt for more subtle monochrome looks of black and white/cream. Themonochrome scheme is the perfect solution to those who will never step out of their comfort zone ofblack, faded black and greige.In all areas of lifestyle products companies produce colour cards for designers and manufacturers towork with. For 45 years Pantone, has been the world’s colour authority offering precision colourcharts that mean the same thing to supplier and buyer even if they are working in different continents.If you want accuracy with your colours for any industry requirement, then Pantone is the service thatprovides a world recognised system of colour charts. Referencing Pantone colours will ensureaccuracy and consistency when manufacturers create their commodities. Pantone colour directionsare a reliable guide to the colours we will see in the next year. Left - Pantones Spring 2009 fashioncolour report, available from the Pantone website. Press information is courtesy Press Release for Spring Colour 2009Colour fashions evolve from season to season, and the autumn of 2008 saw blue and purple rise tothe forefront of fashion. Each season, Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week tocollect feedback on prominent collection colours, colour inspiration and colour philosophy. Blue wasclearly a winner with both Pantones Palace Blue and Lavender the hot blue favourites for 2009.According to the Pantone Press Release for Spring Colour 2009, blue and purple lead the top 10hues for spring 2009. The fashion palette includes pops of vibrant colour which represent theoptimism of new life that comes with the spring season. This is combined with sophisticated neutralsand a spectrum of fresh greens.Pantone list their top 10 spring 09 fashion colours as:Palace Blue, Lavender,Super Lemon, Dark Citron,Vibrant Green, Lucite Green,Salmon Rose, Fuchsia RedRose Dust and Slate GrayTo the eight brights, Pantone add neutrals Rose Dust and Slate Gray. Neutrals are always necessaryto add contrast and impact to these vivid and stronger colours. Left - The colours of Spring Summer2009 shown here all in one garment. Stills Maxi Dress and available from John Lewis stores.Above Right - The colours Pantone favour for Spring 2009.Key Trousers and Pant Style Fashion Trends for Spring & Summer 2009Even with world in recession, people still have to wear clothes, so if its trousers that you are choosing
  23. 23. you select a style which suits you. The secret is to tune into the best of trouser fashion whilst keepingan eye on value and quality for money.KEY PIECES - IMPORTANT TREND ALERT - New Trousers Style /JumpsuitsAt the close of the noughties decade several changes are occurring in the fashion history of ladiestrouser wear. Pants are reinventing themselves, although the current styles are still too new tocompete with the importance of the dress.The first trend to note in 2009 sees is the rise of the trouser leg to above ankle. What fabric has beenlost at the ankle has been added above waist, with high bands and peg-top carrot shaping. Secondly,trousers have joined up with tops to form the retro all-in-one jumpsuit, flying suit, or playsuit. Becauseof the high street availability of the jumpsuit in so many different styles I have written a page justabout the fashion trend for all-in-one jumpsuits.VOLUME - Narrower Looking Silhouette to Trouser Legs2009 is the year of wearing any pant style you fancy. Go retro thrift, or buy new. Whichever optionyou take will be spot on fashion wise.The noticeable trend is the return of narrow legs and peg top waists. But these too sit happily besidewide leg trousers.Skinny jeans and footless tights/hosiery were the forerunner of some of autumn 2008 pant styles witha much slimmer lower leg and often cropped above the ankle. The legs are frequently so narrow thata zip or button fastening aids dressing.The new narrower pants for 2009 combine several ideas, and variations lend themselves to alterativenames, such as carrot top pants, dhoti or harem pants.Right - River Island Clothing Co. Ltd Spring 2009 -Fuchsia one shoulder satin top £34.99, Black Nicola three quarter zip detail trouser £34.99, Bluesnakeskin Whoop platforms £54.99.Above Left - Miss Selfridge - Fashion styles for Spring 2009.Carrot Top Trousers Style - Peg Top LooksA popular 1980s fashion trend was the easy peg top trouser which today returns in several guises.Right now the peg top is growing as the newest pant style to be seen wearing. Most new slim legpants have upper fullness or volume usually tapering to a narrow leg or cuff. Some harem pants(shown further down) have great lower volume too.Note how plenty of ankle is on display.Expect to see plenty of carrot-top trousers, so called not because of their colour, but because theyhave similar silhouette to a tapering carrot. The peg-top fullness is at the waistline and some trouserscan be moderately streamlined. Others drape into extra gathers at ankle or have a low calf taperedfinish.Left - Dorothy Perkins - Buy of the Month using the hottest colour of the year lemon yellow. DorothyPerkins Spring 2009 - Origami top £28 €44, Grey peg leg trousers £30 €45.Far Right - Denim homage - Peg Leg Jeans £28, Peep Toe Sling Backs £60, Crop Top £16, DenimQuilted Bag £18 all from Spring/Summer 2009 Womenswear Fashion Collection.
  24. 24. Glamorous Satin PantsNote how these pants are made in every fabric from denim to lustrous fabrics such as satin.Sometimes these satin versions are called pyjama pants.Far Left - Flat shot of Littlewoods Carrot trousers.Far Right - Flat shot of Wallis Peg satin top trousers £35/€55 - Wallis Spring Summer 09.Centre Left - Rocha - John Rocha cropped leather jacket £190/€294 Star by Julien Macdonaldembellished top £35/€54, Satin ¾ trousers £35/€54, Red Herring scarf £15/€23.50, Rocha. JohnRocha shoulder bag embellished circle detail £65/€101.Centre Right - Grey pants from Spring/Summer 2009 Womenswear within Debenhams.All items by Designers at Debenhams Spring/Summer 2009 Womenswear.Dhoti PantsAs you can see from the styles illustrated here that the main fashion trend factor is that the leg, fromwaist to ankle, resembles a carrot in shape.One step from the carrot style is the dhoti pant, and then the harem pant. Some dhoti pants taper tosuch tight narrowness they have many buttons to ensure an ankle hugging close fit.These pants right are from Benetton and look fresh and new in style. These and other even fullerpants available at Benetton and elsewhere owe much to the original rapper styling designed fordance movement and handstands.Be warned, the lines between these styles are fine. The pair shown right are very moderate in crutchdepth, but extra deep dhoti styles are on offer. Just take care you dont step into ranges that owemuch resemblance to baggy diaper nappies.Volume - Wider Leg Trousers & Harem PantsAs you can see any width of pant is a fashion hit.The most important trend within wide trousers is of strong bold colours. Rich bold bright wide pants inpink, blue and Santorini blue or lapis shout 2009 styles of wider leg pants.Any Width of PantsSummer of course also means holidays, and in these relaxed carefree days white pants lookwonderful in summer sunshine. White trousers are frequently designed to be very wide legged.The white wide leg trousers above left are from Phase Eight Spring Summer 2009 Campaign Shots.Details - Phase Eight - Kay Linen Jacket £75.00 Linen Trousers £50.00.Right - White trousers by New Look Spring/Summer 2009 Womens Collection - Patent hooded jacket£25, Limited Edition pearl embellished T shirt £28, Limited Edition trousers £25, Navy pumps £10.Many stores also show pants with high waists set on deep buttoned bands flowing into wide flaredlegs. Another variation are the pants with turn-ups or button only closures adding a true maritime feel.Above:- Far Left/ Centre Left - French Connection SS09 Navy Wide Leg Trousers- £70 LadieswearSpring 2009.Centre Right - Wallis Spring Summer 09 - Ivory White wide leg trousers £40/€60.Far Right - French Connection Ladieswear Spring 2009 White Wide Leg Cotton Trousers - £80.Blue Trousers Fashion
  25. 25. Blue trousers in any fabric are a summer fashion must-have.You can opt for denim, like these dark navy denim boot flares from Linea at House of Fraser.Purple dip dye scarf £25 Linea Weekend, Flower print top £29 Linea Weekend, Indigo crease frontjeans £45 by Linea Weekend - House of Fraser Womenswear & Accessories SS09.Near Left - Boot-cut jeans from Linea Spring Summer 2009 Collection.But dont forget blue silk, or blue linen trousers, which have a summery feel without the industrialtoughness of denim.Distressed Denim JeansOne of the looks for summer is the retro denim theme.This year you can choose from any jean texture, dark coloured, acid distressed or stone washeddenim fabrics with, or without extra Lycra.You can also select the style from skinny to boyfriend baggies; the ankles can be flared boot leg orcropped or turn ups. All are the right jeans and if peg-top styles suit you, then find denim jeans madeup in the carrot pants silhouette too.If you dont have the patience to distress and shred the jeans yourself, UK high street retailers likeOasis, Benettons and Miss Selfridge all have versions to suit.Details Above:- Far Left - TBC. Centre Left - Benetton - Cotton mousseline shirt with boat neckline,Style n: 5BW15QW03, Sizes: XS - L. Delavé denim trousers with vintage effect, Style n: 4D08Z7105,Sizes: 38 - 48.Centre - Benetton Wide delavé denim trousers with turn-up, Style n: 4F6FZ5324, Poplin cottonempire-style top with print, Style n: 5A1LST024, Sizes: XS - L. Centre Right - Oasis torn jeans - TBC.Far Right - Dark jeans from Principles Spring Summer 2009 - Taupe tape cardigan £49.00/€79,Ceylon mixed print tunic £49.00/€79, Slim boot cut jeans £39.00/€59, Chocolate suede all over tasselcross body bag £45.00/€69.Top Denim Tip - Do It Yourself DistressingDO-IT-YOURSELF denim makes the ultimate credit crunch chic opportunity. Therefore give yourimagination full rein and start shredding, bleaching, stonewashing those old jeans. So get trashingthat denim.Jumpsuits Are ComingIt is not just jeans that get the denim treatment, but also jumpsuits and shorts make up beautifully inthis material. Read more about jumpsuits on the next page.Both these all in one jumpsuits have 80s flying suit influence.This blue denim jumpsuit left is from and is hot off the press.The military influenced natural jumpsuit right is from the value for money store Matalan.Right - Matalan Papaya linen blend jumpsuit £18 from Matalan SS09.Teen Fashion, Body Piercing and TattooingBody piercing, dyed hair, shaved heads and tattoos. Should teen fashion be cause for concern orcelebration?For many teens, hair and clothing is as important to them as food and water. Whether its tattooing,
  26. 26. body piercing, or the latest look in clothing, teens express themselves through what they wear andhow they look. And if we remember, so did we. Thats because adolescence is a time when kids arecreating their own separate identity , and a large part of that is expressed through fashion.This self expression is a short lived phase, which parent educator Sue Bourque believes should becelebrated. "In our whole life, in our one time, there is a very small window of opportunity between theyears of 13 and 19 where its okay to have blue hair, a shaved head, holey jeans. This window ofopportunity is an opportunity for us as well to celebrate the changes that our teens are going throughand their growth into adulthood."While it may not be too difficult to accept teens shaving their heads or dying their hair, many parentsbecome concerned when their teens want a tattoo simply because they are aware that a teens tattoowill still be there well after the fashion fad has faded. Bourque suggests that "when a child comes toyou and says Im thinking of getting a tattoo, educate that child. We can do that by telling them to talkabout it with a doctor and ask about medical concerns (such as) if you go to a tattoo parlor and youget a dirty needle."Bourque also suggests discussing with your teen "what happens if once you have tattoos you go outand are looking for work. How will that employer view you? Our teens need this information and theyshould go out and find it themselves."Overall, Bourque reminds parents and all adults to not judge a teen by the cover. "Parents can focustoo much on the physical things that are happening to their kids and the styles theyve taken on andforget that this is a commendable young person who is struggling valiantly to reach adulthood."Hair StylesYour Personal Hair StyleOne of the most important things to remember, whether you are trying to freshen up an existing lookor redefine your image with a new cut or hair color, is your hairstyle should fit your lifestyle. In otherwords, think about the kind of activities you enjoy the most. If you are active, sporty and do not enjoytaking time getting yourself ready for the day, you need a low maintenance hair style; consider a shortcut that is wash and go, or a long, straight look that can be swept back with a simple headband. Onthe other hand, if you are a teen who loves to constantly change your look, adores time spent with theblow dryer and cant decide whether to crimp or curl, you can probably handle a cut that requiresmore daily attention; you may want a medium length or long hair style since you will be able to vary itdaily and you can handle the maintenance that a longer layered cut or highlights will require.Next, think about the image you want to convey. Certainly, you want to be attractive and a good haircut is a great step toward that goal. However, there is more to personal style than that. Do you wantpeople to see you as practical? Romantic? Sporty? Edgy? Emo? A good teen hair style, along withyour makeup and clothing, can say any of these things about you.Assessing Your TressesRemember that your hair has some say in the matter of the style you ultimately wear. The texture ofyour tresses will affect the type of cut that will work the best for you. While curly hair may bestraightened and straight hair can be curled, choosing a style that is at odds with your hairs natural
  27. 27. state can mean longer hours spent coaxing and cajoling your locks. For example, if you have thick,curly hair, a wispy pixie cut may just not be the right teen hair style for you.You should also look at your facial shape and bone structure and follow the classic rules for pickinghair styles.If you have a round face: look to styles that lengthen and slim; an off-center part can help with this, ascan cuts that build height and volume. Avoid anything that poofs out to the sides since this will onlymake your face look wider.If you have an oblong face: you want to add some width to the look. Avoid long, straight, hair with notapering; on the other hand, long bangs or face-framing layers can be great choices.For triangular faces: teens with wide chins may want to choose cuts that balance the proportionsbetween the forehead and chin. Medium and long hair cuts are better at this, especially if the hair istapered around the face.Picking the Best Teen Hair StyleOnce you have considered all of these factors and have some ideas, you are ready to decide on yourhair style. Look for pictures of teen hair styles you think are attractive. Do your favorite celebritieshave hair styles you want to emulate? Do the models have similar facial shapes? Does their hairtexture seem as though it may be like yours? Clip a few of your favorite choices from magazines, orprint looks you find on teen web sites to show to your hair stylist. Discuss your goals with your stylistsince he or she may have some personal suggestions that will work well for you.Want to take some of the risk out of your new hair style? Take a digital picture of yourself and use anonline hair style service (most have a small subscription fee) such as Stellure to try different hairstyleswith your face to get an idea of how youll look.HairstylesCaring for hair can be time consuming... More so if youre active in sports and find yourself showeringa lot. Naturally, long hair takes considerably more time to care of while short hair is easy to manageand can be styled quickly. So choose a hairstyle that fits in with your lifestyle.Facial shape:This one of the most important factors when deciding on a haircut. Hair can be easily manipulated tohighlight or de-emphasize certain features. It can add angles to a round face or play down a largenose. The possibilities are endless.Usually faces are of three shapes -- round, long and square.If your face is round, add length to your face by having fullness on the top of head. It can also beachieved by either having no parting or one which is placed to one side. Avoid styles where hair isvery long and straight or flat at the top of your head.For a long face, the forehead, cheek bones and jaw are often of equal width and this can be hard, soa soft hair style is usually more flattering. Avoid center parting and dead straight shoulder length hairbut aim at a short one.Square face has an angular shape and any hairstyle should be gentle to soften the outline. Shoulderlength hair, flicking at the ends or straight, is flattering and so is a short style flicking away from the
  28. 28. face at ear-level. Hair swept to one side or with a diagonal fringe is attractive.Personality:Particular hairstyles project certain looks. Long hair is perceived as being feminine and sexy. Short,cropped hair is seen as being sporty and/or business like. But rarely sexy.When you go in for your next haircut, tell them what "personality" you want your hair to project. Agood stylist can give you what you want.Versatile HaircutThe all-around haircutOur hair frames our face and the way it is cut and done should highlight the best features of our face.However, inasmuch as there are so many hairstyles out there that we can pick and choose from,there are some haircut styles that may look good on some but not on others. A hairstyle we may likemay not look good on us, and mainly because that haircut does not flatter the shape of our face.A woman with a round face should wear her hair in such a way that it lessens the width of her faceand should go for hairstyles that add length. In contrast, hairstyles that add length should be avoidedby women with long faces, and these women should go for hairdos that add width to the face.Read more on best hairdos for your face.But whatever the shape a womans face may have, there are indeed a few haircuts that would lookgood on her regardless. This all-around hairstyle is so simple and versatile that it would look good notjust on any type of face, but also on any kind of occasion.What are the elements of this all-around haircut that goes well with any shape of the face?There are two elements to the all-around hairstyle.The first element is layering. The layers of the hair should act as arrows that direct the eyes towhoever is looking at you to the best features of your face, such as the eyes, the lips or thecheekbones. So, the layers of your hair should be done to the front of the face, rather than in theback. However, avoid having your layers done too short; hair layers should not fall above the eye orabove the earlobes.The second element is length. Try to keep the length of your hair to just about your shoulders. Longhair that falls to the middle of the back and cut without any shape or layers should be left to teenagegirls.But if you want to wear your hair long, wear it with layers around your face. Also, have the length atthe back cut to a round shape, or a V-shape. Long hair cut straight and without any shape can makea woman look either too old or too juvenile, but long hair that is done with layers and with the endsshaped at the back can make you look sophisticated and sexy.The all-around haircut is perfect for any face, regardless of the shape. Why dont you try it and see foryourself?To Blow Dry or To Air Dry?Should the hair be blow dried or air dried?It is a matter of preference, actually. Some people do not have much time to devote to styling their
  29. 29. hair, or want to achieve the maximum styling they can get for their hair, so they opt for blow-drying it.On the other hand, there are some people who think that blow-drying is a waste of electricity and isthe quickest way of damaging the hair, so they opt to have it air dried.Which is better, you may ask?Both ways of drying the hair have their advantages and disadvantages, and there are proper andimproper ways of doing both. Read on and find out what these are.Air drying. Air drying is usually done by people who have short and low-maintenance hairstyles, or bypeople with curly hair. There are also people who have long hair yet have their hair air dry, as airdrying does not subject the hair to excessive heat. Therefore, the hair is not as susceptible to damageas hair that is blow dried.If you are going to have your hair air dried, it is very important to remember that the hair is at itsweakest when it is wet. So, take care not to rub your hair dry with the use of a towel. The frictioncaused by rubbing the hair with a towel will make the hair brittle and eventually break. Rather thanrubbing it, you should instead blot the moisture out of your hair with the towel. Also, be careful not totug or pull at your hair that much when it is still wet. Once the water is blotted out of the hair, fluff it outwith your fingers.Blow Drying. Blow drying the hair is the most convenient way of doing it, and because most peoplelive fast-paced lives, blow drying the hair is the way most people want to do it. Moreover, drying thehair using a blower adds volume to the hair. But inasmuch that blow drying is very convenient, it isalso dangerous to the hair, especially if overdone. It can make the hair very brittle.If you blow dry your hair, make sure that it is not soaking. Blot the water out with a towel first. Do nothold the dryer too close to your head; keep it at least six inches away from your hair and move thedryer constantly around your head. Protect the outer strands of your hair from being over-dried bybending over and blow drying your hair with your hair hanging upside down. Also, try not to dry yourhair completely with the blow dryer. Stop while the hair is still slightly damp.Whether you air dry your hair or you blow dry it is completely your own choice based on your ownlifestyle and preferences. But whatever you do, always remember that the hair is fragile. Be carefulwhile handling it.BlondeSheer BlondeOk blondes, we all know you love to soak up that sun but so does your hair. Natural sun and heatdamages your hair vaporizing all the moisture needed for your hair to look healthy and shiny. Texturedoesnt really matter nor does the shade of blonde, as they all are more prone to damage in the sun.Frizz is common in the summer and with good conditioner and frizz control you can look like anycelebrity.Try Frizz-ease or Split Ends by BC Bonicure to control frizz after or before your blow dry. For addedprotection apply a blow dry sealer before you start to blow dry your hair. It will protect your blonde hairfrom heat and this is for high damage control. There are also newer sprays and conditionersspecifically formulated with SUV protectants helping your hair from damage. For a great feel try Back
  30. 30. to Basics - KiwiIf your hair starts to go a green from being in the water a little too much, Resolve by JOICO is highlyrecommended. It will strip the chlorine buildup letting your hair breathe. Eventually youll get back toyour great color.Sheer Blonde is available at most drug stores. Its formulated to enhance your blonde while protectingit from further damage.Frederic Fekkai Baby Blonde Conditioner is a daily conditioner and enhances your hair with a greatshine. Using sunflower seed oil, lemon peel and other natural products it helps with your hairselasticity and this product is used specifically for color treated blonde hair.For further protection, use a wide toothed comb or pick while your hair is wet. If you need a greatdetangler, BC Bonicures Spray Moisturizer is the best product on the market for detangling thosehard annoying tangles.Blonde will always have high maintenance and expensive to maintain. The tips above are to help youin between visits to your stylist. Its still more fun to be blonde at any cost!Hair ColorHot Tips on Hair ColorTheres just something so sexy about being a woman. Buying new lingerie, donning a new look with agreat makeover, trying out a new hairstyle or hair color. We all need a change sometimes, and whatbetter to change than the color of our hair?Dyeing our hair a new shade shifts us into a new sense of being, gives us a new persona to assumeand fulfill. We can be the boisterous blonde we never were, the seductive brunette, the electricredhead or the mysterious ebony-haired beauty. And with this exciting new shade also comes astunning blast of self-confidence and invigoration.Changing the color of our hair gives us freedom and a sense of renewal, even if the only thingdifferent from yesterday to today is the color of the strands on our heads. Depending on your comfortlevels, you can try at-home coloring kits or you can make an appointment with your stylist. Opt forhighlights only or color your entire mane for the ultimate head-turning factor.Tips and Tricks:Try to stick pretty close to your natural hair color if it is your first time. This way it wont be the end ofthe world when your roots start growing in.Also, you might consider a temporary washout color treatment if you are a beginner. This gives youthe freedom and flexibility to remedy the situation if you dont like the new color of your hair.If you opt for do-it-yourself highlights, have a family member or a friend help you, if possible. It isalways nice to have another set of eyes to guide you through things you cannot clearly see. Mirrorsmay be deceiving, so having someone there to help really could be the difference between an okaydye job and an excellent one.Follow the instructions closely and thoroughly. No skipping steps. Test a small area of your hair asinstructed, just to be sure you arent allergic to anything in the dye.Leave your hair down as you color it and you will achieve a more even look. Pinning your hair on top
  31. 31. of your head leaves more to chance.Part hair into sections and apply color from roots to ends, starting near the temples. Double-check theinstructions to be sure you are following them properly.To prevent hair from dripping on your skin, apply a thin layer of moisturizer or petroleum jelly to theskin at your hairline. Most hair dyes will not drip, but in case they do, this makes cleanup so mucheasier!If you want beautiful blonde tresses, consider seeing your stylist for best results. Dyeing darker hairinto a lighter shade, especially blonde, can be a tricky task. Even if youre an at-home hair dyeingprofessional, remember that its easier to do it right the first time than to cover up any boo-boos.More Home Coloring Tips: Deep condition before you color your hair. Wait two days aftershampooing before coloring. The color will adhere better, since your scalp is more sensitive aftershampooing, it will make the process more comfortable. Plus the natural oils in your hair will protect it.A new hair color is fun... Enjoy!How to Wear Skinny JeansSkinny-leg jeans look great on models and celebrities, but can real women pull off this runway look?Sure, if you follow a few guidelines:The most slimming look comes from skinny jeans in a dark blue or black wash.You dont have to go with skin-tight jeans to get the look of the trend: jeans vary from super-skinny(usually about a 10" leg opening) to a kinder, straight-leg cut (about 14" leg opening).One of the key elements for pulling off skinny jeans is to balance it with volume on top includingdolman-sleeve tops, bell-sleeve tops or tunics.Disguise heavy thighs by wearing a longer, belted tunic over skinny jeans.Cover up thick calves by tucking skinny jeans into tall boots.Wear heels with skinny jeans for a leg-lengthening look; pointy-toed flats also work.Jeans: A mans viewDoes my bum look big in this?what men really think of skinny jeansAs a rule of thumb, if it takes longer than 20 minutes and you have to displace a couple of majorinternal organs to get them on then they are not for you. No, not even if you promise to drink SlimFast until Sienna Miller makes a film worth watching. Ladies, trust me, if your dress size is in doublefigures, youre wearing skinny jeans and you hear a whistle as you walk past a building site, its notnecessarily a compliment. If youre still convinced men think those skinny jeans look great, then takethis quick test to see...When you were trying on your jeans, did the stick-thin teenage shop assistant...a) Smile, bring you three or four pairs in different colours like nothing was too much trouble, text herfriends and then hang around just to see what you looked likeb) Grimace, suggest a pair of boyfriend jeans and then disappearc) Cough, ask Are they alright? through the changing room doors, hang around just to see what youlooked like and then text her friends
  32. 32. What did you say to yourself before you bought them?a) They sag a bit at the back but Ill get a couple of days wear out of themb) £80 for a pair of trousers I cant get past my knees? Thats okay, Ill keep them in the cupboard andwear them when Ive lost a few pounds. Itll be an incentivec) Hmmm, I could always use them as patches for my other jeansWhat did you say to the assistant when you bought them?a) You didnt. Your P.A. Said, Black Amex okay sweetheart? Can you deliver?b) Have you got any long baggy tops that might go with these?c) Theyre for a friendMostly as) OK, you win. Youre Kate Moss and the whistle actually was a complimentMostly bs) The last time you were a size 8 you had just won an egg and spoon race and it was justan exhausted brickie exhaling through his false teethMostly cs) Lets be honest, its not happening. With your jeans inside your boots you look like acarrot, with them outside you look like a python that has just swallowed a badger. Youre hearingthings…Im not being cruel, quite the reverse. I am just trying to push you in the right direction. Skinny jeansare only marginally less forgiving than a woman who has just found her husband in bed with his ex-wife, her sister, his sister and the paper-boy. If you have the figure of a supermodel, go for it girl. Ifyou havent, dont kid yourself but dont worry either. Going to bed with a woman who looks great inskinny jeans is like going to bed with a bicycle. Give me a woman who fills jeans built for a womanrather than a woman who fills jeans built for a child every day of the week. To size 10 and beyond…The Perfect Pair of Blue JeansIt can be stressful.Dealing with all those terms that blue jeans aficionados use so casually, and wondering if youre theonly one that has no clue what they mean: tight fit, low rise flares, with artful distressing, slightlyfrayed, button fly, wide yoke, signature flap pockets............ Well, you get the idea.Then you have to accept the fact that you just can no longer squeeze into the size that "is rightfullyyours". And all you really want is to find a pair that fits well and makes you look great!We have no "one size fits all" answers, just some simple guidelines on how to find jeans that fit.At Jeans and Accessories we aim to clear up what this "denim-speak" is really all about and get pastthe hype. What’s more, we don’t truly believe that there is a “perfect pair”, except as it relates to yourspecific body type, size and personal style.Step One: Understanding Jeans SizesWithout a little note about jeans sizes and a womans size chart this site wouldn’t be complete.This is generally not much of an issue for men, especially with traditional cuts and brands like Levis’s,Wrangler and Lee. It’s not unusual for a man to buy the same size jeans (inseam and waist) for years.My husband doesn’t even bother to try them on. Guy’s jeans generally have a looser fit. Now, if you’reinto low risers or skinnies, jeans sizes become an isssue, so try them on and test them. You shouldbe able to crouch and do some other routine movements in them without feeling too constrained. I
  33. 33. don’t think I can teach guys much here, but as for women’s designer jeans sizes, that’s another story.Consumer Reports conducted a study on jeans sizes and came up with what, to most of us, shouldnot be totally unexpected conclusions. They tried on 24 women’s and men’s jeans priced between$11 and $50 and came up with the following observations on jeans sizes:A difference of up to 2 inches in waistA difference of up to 1 inch in lengthAnd this is comparing the same style and size of different brands!Jeans Sizes as a PsychotacticThey concluded that the fit guide of some makers is a little on the generous side, so that we can “fit”into a pair one size smaller than our actual size. The psychological effect is obvious. Who wouldn’tswear that these are the best fitting jeans they have ever owned for their size 10 body, even thoughthey are really size 12!This creation of "vanity sizes" to flatter the buyer has made jeans sizing even more of a guessinggame. No wonder there is an estimated 36% return on clothing due to fit.There is, however, a method to this madness!Some experts believe that women shop at fewer stores and buy less clothes than they would if sizingissues were cleared up. Retailers and manufacturers alike have their own reasons for not wanting a"uniform sizing code", if such a thing were even possible. And that is to perpetuate the mystique ofthe perfect fit. They believe that a brands "sizing" is an integral part of its identity. It distinguishes onedesigner from the other in the eyes of the consumer. A Lucky Brand jeans fit is very different from aRock & Republic. They each shoot for a segment of the market that will, when they find them, swearthat they are the best jeans ever.That is the way it should be, just think of how difficult it would be for one brand to satisfy all shapesand sizes, and how dull. That is also why, when we find a brand whose cut, fit and sizing fits usperfectly, we become loyal advocates for his label. The whole sizing mess is unavoidable, createscustomer loyalty, and, to my taste anyway, makes searching so much more fun.My attitude is, "if they fit, great, it doesn’t matter what the tag says". ( I do, however, love the labels!)You simply cannot tell from the tag if the jeans will fit or not. This is why trying them on is soimportant, at least until you get to “know” how each designer defines his jeans sizes. If you’reshopping online and have a doubt, ask the retailer for details on how any specific brand is sized. Alsomake sure that their return policy is fair and hassle free.Weve included some sizing charts for specific labels on the following pages:Antik Jeans, FrankieB,Joes Jeans, Lucky Brand, Rock & Republic Jeans, 7 For All Mankind, and True Religion.More will be coming soon.Measuring YourselfI’m including the women’s size chart below as a guide, mostly for conversions. As obvious as thismay sound, I have to say it: to get the best fit, you have to measure yourself correctly:Measure your hips and waist a bit loosely with a flexible measuring tape