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Electric Vehicle Industry 2014-2024

  1. 1. Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024 This master report summarising and forecasting every sector of the EV industry remains unique. It adds new sectors as they become substantial, the latest being car-like MicroEVs homologated as quadricycles in Europe. In the last year it has become a more closely integrated market - pure electric and hybrid whether on land, water or airborne. For example, Nissan has launched hybrid cars selling in tens of thousands yearly. The e-bike company Brammo has taken orders for 4,000 of its $20,000 record-breaking e-motorbike on its launch in the USA. Previously, e-motorbikes have been merely a curiosity. Many profitable niches are emerging just as the largest major sectors are changing in importance; the industrial and commercial sector is now bigger and much more profitable than e-cars, and is set to remain so for at least eight more years. All components are changing with supercapacitors sometimes replacing or partly replacing batteries and also new types of battery, energy harvesting, power electronics and structure powering growth in this already huge and prosperous business. It is comprehensively forecasted only in this master report and the subsidiary reports on the segments. Disruptive change is now the norm and Apple-like inspiration and technological innovation is at last being seen. The fruits of all this are truly spectacular; including such things as the Marian fast surface boat that acts as a submarine when necessary, the fixed-wing plane that will stay aloft for five years on sunshine and the flying jet ski. An amphibious hybrid plane is also going into production with military robot jellyfish, bats and swarming flies. The race is on to make extremely short take-off and landing (ESTL) personal planes and air taxis, some that take-off and land vertically in your garden or from the "pocket airport" on top of a regular airport building. 10 year forecasts across all EV sectors This report gives the unit numbers, average vehicle prices, and total value for ten years for the following vehicle types: Hybrid cars Pure electric cars Heavy industrial Buses Lighting industrial/commercial Micro EV/quadricycle Golf car and motorized gold caddy Mobility for the disabled Two-wheel and allied Military Marine Other table Of Contents 1. Executive Summary And Conclusions 1.1. The Value Market For Electric Vehicles Evs Of All Types 1.2. Market Sectors And Technology Trends 1.3. Small And Medium Enterprises Sme Come To The Fore 1.4. Numbers Of Manufacturers 1.5. Stronger Value Growth, Hybrids Gain Value Share 1.6. Mark Ups Through The Value Chain 1.7. Electric Cars - The Most Unpredictable Market 1.7.1. Pure Electric Cars 1.7.2. Car-like Vehicles Not Homologated As Cars 1.7.3. The Most Unpredictable Market Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024
  2. 2. 1.7.4. Market Drivers 1.8. Market By Territory 1.8.1. Global 1.8.2. China 1.8.3. Pure Electric Vehicles In Europe 1.8.4. Usa 1.9. Lessons From Three Ev Events In Late 2013 2. Introduction 2.1. Definitions And Scope Of This Report 2.1.1. Learning From The Past 2.1.2. Organisations Involved In The Ev Industry Value Chain 2.1.3. Commonality 2.1.4. Key Components And Systems 2.2. Pure Electric Vehicles 2.3. Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2.3.1. Largest Sector By Value 2.3.2. Here Come Range Extenders 2.3.3. Hybrids At No Price Penalty 2.4. Born Electric - In-wheel Electric Motors 2.5. Born Electric - Smart Skin 2.6. Objectives 2.7. Benefits 2.8. Electric Vehicles Become Less Poisonous 2.8.1. How Green Are Electric Vehicles Really? 2.8.2. Contrast Global Automotive Production 2012: Major Polluter 3. Heavy Industrial Evs 3.1. What Is Included 3.2. Challenges 3.3. Listing Of Manufacturers 3.3.1. Statistics For All Types Of Industrial Lift Truck 3.3.2. Manufacturers Of Heavy Industrial Evs 3.4. Market Size 3.5. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 4. Light Industrial, Buses And Other Commercial Evs 4.1. What Is Included 4.1.1. Sub Categories 4.1.2. Buses Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024
  3. 3. 4.1.3. Trucks 4.2. Market Drivers 4.2.1. Governments Get Involved 4.3. Important Initiatives 4.4. Evs For Local Services 4.5. Airport Evs: Ground Support Equipment Gse 4.6. Small People-movers 4.7. Light Industrial Aids 4.8. Listing Of Manufacturers 4.9. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 5. Mobility For The Disabled 5.1. Compelling And Enduring Need 5.2. The Demographic Time-bomb 5.2.1. Ageing Population, Obesity And The Dependent Elderly 5.2.2. Laws Make Mobility Easier 5.3. Types Of Mobility Vehicle 5.3.1. Growth By New Market Segments 5.3.2. Interchina Industry Group China 5.4. Market Drivers 5.4.1. Geographical Distribution 5.4.2. Needs Creating New Segments 5.4.3. What Is Driving Regional Differences? 5.4.4. Zhejiang R&p Industry China 5.4.5. Pride Mobility, Usa 5.5. Listing Of Manufacturers 5.6. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 5.6.1. Growth By Creating New Markets 6. Two Wheeled Evs And Allied Vehicles 6.1. What Is Included 6.1.1. China - Unprecedented Growth Of Electric Two Wheelers 6.1.2. Other Countries 6.2. Prices And Performances Compared 6.3. Electric Two Wheeler Companies 6.3.1. Yamaha Japan 6.3.2. Eko Vehicles Hybrid Scooters India 6.3.3. Interchina Industry Group Foldable Electric Bike China 6.3.4. Honda Japan 6.3.5. Suzuki Fuel Cell Bike Japan 6.4. Market Drivers Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024
  4. 4. 6.4.1. Bicycles And Electric Bicycles 6.4.2. Hybrid Motorcycles 6.5. Statistics For All Bicycles 6.6. Listing Of Manufacturers 6.6.1. China 6.7. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 7. Car-like Vehicles Not Homologated As Cars: Microev, Quadricycle, E Trike, Nev, Golf Car 7.1. Many Names, Common Factors 7.2. Car-like Vehicles That Evade Restrictions, Taxes And Other Costs 7.3. Estrima Birò Microev Quadricycle Removable Battery 7.4. Philippines: Big New Commitments To E Trikes 7.5. Listing Of Manufacturers Beyond Golf Cars 7.6. Golf Cars 7.6.1. What Is Included 7.6.2. Market Drivers 7.6.3. Listing Of Manufacturers 7.6.4. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 8. Cars 8.1. Adoption Of Electric Cars 8.2. Rapid Increase In Number Of Manufacturers 8.3. Providing Charging Infrastructure 8.3.1. Recharging Points 8.3.2. Battery Changing Points 8.3.3. Can The Grid Cope? 8.4. Market 2013-2024 8.5. National Targets For Plug-in (phev, Bev) On Road Vehicle Sales 2010-2020 8.5.1. United Kingdom 9. Pure Electric Cars 9.1. Deja Vu 9.1.1. Pure Electric Cars Are A Necessary Part Of The Range? 9.2. Examples Of Pure Ev Cars 9.2.1. Renault-nissan Alliance France, Japan 9.2.2. China 9.2.3. High Performance Pure Evs - Tesla Usa 9.2.4. Pininfarina Bolloré Bluecar France, Italy 9.2.5. Reva India 9.2.6. Club Car Usa Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024
  5. 5. 9.2.7. Toyota Japan 10. Hybrid Cars 10.1. Construction And Advantages Of Hybrids 10.2. Evolution 10.3. Chevrolet Volt Usa 10.4. Ford Hybrids Usa 10.5. Market Drivers 10.5.1. Leading Indicators 10.6. History Of Hybrids And Planned Models 11. Military 11.1. Examples Of Military Evs 11.1.1. Hummer Usa / China 11.1.2. Quantum Technologies Usa Aggressor Amv 11.1.3. Us Army Trucks Etc - Zap, Columbia Parcar Usa 11.1.4. Oshkosh Truck Corp Usa 11.1.5. Plug-in Trucks - Bae Systems Uk 11.1.6. Electric Robot Vehicles Usa 11.1.7. Uqm Unmanned Combat Vehicle Usa 11.1.8. Balqon Corporation 11.2. Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (uavs) 11.2.1. Small Electrical Uavs 11.2.2. Suav Batteries 11.2.3. The Most Successful Electric Uav 11.2.4. Micro Nano Air Vehicles 11.2.5. Large Electrical Uavs 11.2.6. Com-bat Robot Bat Usa 11.3. Examples Of Military Evs - In The Water 11.3.1. Us Naval Undersea Warfare Center 11.4. Manufacturers Of Military Evs 11.5. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 12. Marine 12.1.1. Hybrid And Pure Electric Tugboats 12.2. Market Segments 12.2.1. Total Market 12.2.2. Underwater 12.2.3. On The Water 12.3. Commonality With Land Evs Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024
  6. 6. 12.3.1. Grants For Land And Water 12.3.2. Effect Of Land Ev Manufacturers Entering Marine 12.4. Market Drivers 12.4.1. Pollution Laws Back Electric Boats - India, Europe, Usa 12.4.2. Energy Harvesting Superyacht Uk 12.4.3. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (auvs) - Europe, Usa 12.5. Manufacturers By Country And Product 12.6. Selling Prices 12.7. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 12.7.1. Outboard Motor Market Size 2013-2024 13. Aircraft, Mobile Robots And Other Evs 13.1. Definition 13.2. Market Drivers 13.3. Listing Of Other Manufacturers By Country And Product 13.4. Market Size And Trends 13.4.1. Aircraft - Renault, Piccard 13.4.2. Solar Impulse 13.4.3. Non-military Mobile Robots - Usa, Uk, Japan 13.4.4. The Electrolux Automower Sweden 13.4.5. Rescue Robots In Germany 13.4.6. Robots On Mars 13.4.7. Leisure On Land 13.4.8. Research And Hobbyist 13.4.9. Electric Aircraft For Civil Use 13.4.10. Robotic Lawn Mowers 13.5. Market Forecasts 2013-2024 appendix 1: Idtechex Publications And Consultancy ResearchMoz(http://www.researchmoz.us/) is the one stop online destination to find and buy market research reports & Industry Analysis. We fulfill all your research needs spanning across industry verticals with our huge collection of market research reports. We provide our services to all sizes of organizations and across all industry verticals and markets. Our Research Coordinators have in-depth knowledge of reports as well as publishers and will assist you in making an informed decision by giving you unbiased and deep insights on which reports will satisfy your needs at the best price. Contact: M/s Sheela, 90 State Street, Suite 700, Albany NY - 12207 United States Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024
  7. 7. Tel: +1-518-618-1030 USA - Canada Toll Free 866-997-4948 Email: sales@researchmoz.us Website: http://www.researchmoz.us/ Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2014-2024