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Your user profile


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Your user profile at What it is and why it's important.

Your user profile at What it is and why it's important.

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  • 1. Your
    User Profile
    • How to create and edit
    • 2. Why it’s so important
  • Joining DavesBillboard is easy and
    Just fill out the required information
    and in no time you are an official
    member of
    Once you click “Create Account” you have
    the ability to add listings in any of our
    free categories, contact other members and
    take advantage of all the great extras we offer
    our members.
  • 3. One important distinction between
    our site and others is that at, we offer members
    the opportunity to create a full user
    profile to enhance their online experience.
  • 4. This user profile is your
    “face to the world”, serving as your central hub for other members to contact you, learn more about who you are and view your online presence at DavesBillboard.
  • 5. Your profile
    Each billboard listing you place has a direct
    link to your user profile in the top right corner. Not only does that profile link act as
    an effective way of contacting you, it also provides other users the opportunity to
    learn more about who you are.
  • 6. Your User Profile
    Your user profile contains several
    features to help promote you
    and/or your business.
    Your profile can be updated as
    often as you wish.
    Let’s take a look at some of the
    key features on your user profile….
  • 7. Your User Profile
    Your main contact info
    Your main contact information appears at the top of your profile for easy reference and includes:
  • Your User Profile
    About Me –
    Full description area
    This area provides you the opportunity to include as much information as you’d like to describe yourself or your company. You may
    update this as frequently as you’d like.
  • 13. Your User Profile
    Creating your profile
    HTML Editor
    Customize your text by adding
    bold, italics, change your font
    color or style, add
  • Your User Profile
    Creating your profile
    HTML Editor
    And for advanced users, our
    Source code access allows even
    greater flexibility to allow tables,
    forms, external image links,
    animated .gif files, and full
  • 18. Your User Profile
    HTML Editor
    Creating your profile
    You can even embed slideshows
    and videos directly into your
    profile! Users never have to
    leave your page to view your
    youtube or slideshare
  • 19. Your User Profile
    Aside from a complete personal or business description, your user profile also contains a link to all your active billboards on the site
    arranged by category.
  • 20. Your User Profile
    Your user profile
    This is a GREAT TOOL to help promote your business!
    Since your user profile appears
    on all your billboards, with just
    one click other users have access
    to all your active billboards.
    It’s a great way to maintain even
    wider exposure for yourself or your company.
  • 21. Your User Profile
    You also have the opportunity
    to attach photos to your profile.
  • 22. Your User Profile
    Great tool for personal marketing
    or to just let other users know
    more about you.
  • 23. Your User Profile
    A complete user profile also helps instill confidence in other users when dealing with you in an online transaction.
  • 24. After all, would you rather make
    an online purchase from this person….
  • 25. ….or this person!
  • 26. One more reason why a full profile
    is important – and this is maybe the
    biggest reason of all…..
  • 27. Your very own web address!
    Every account comes with it’s own static URL (web address)!
  • 28. When you create your own, unique username at DavesBillboard, you’re given a web address that users can reach you from any computer they’re on – at any time.
  • 29. Your address is easy to remember!
    Just add / and your username after
    For instance, if your company username is Acmefloors
    your URL or web address would be:
  • 30. If you’re using your name, the address works the same way:
    For example, if your username is JoanSmith
    your URL or web address would be:
  • 31. Your static URL never changes unless you change it yourself so others can always find you.
    Add it to your business cards, email signatures – link to it in your blog, social network page, or
    web post – wherever you find it convenient.
  • 32. When friends, customers or clients click your web link
    they’ll have instant access to your full bio, information
    about your company, access to ALL your active listings on
    our site, upcoming events, unlimited photos, your
    favorite links, videos….
  • 33. EVERYTHING a traditional website does but all together
    in an easy to use, informative and effective package for
    the ultimate social online presence or the ultimate online
    business model!
  • 34. With a user profile and WEB ADDRESS
    you’re now “plugged in” to the internet!
  • 35. So to make your DavesBillboard
    experience as fulfilling as possible
    and to take advantage of the extra
    exposure and marketing…
  • 36. ….a full and complete profile
    is one of your most valuable
    tools available!
    Do yourself a favor, and
    make sure your profile is
    complete today!