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How to create a coupon
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How to create a coupon


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Brief instructions on how to create a coupon at

Brief instructions on how to create a coupon at

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. How to create
    a coupon
  • 2. DavesBillboard offers
    our members an
    easy to use coupon creator.
    Just a few simple steps and you’ll
    be publishing your own coupons
    Let’s get started….
  • 3. From the top of any page
    Click on:
    “My Account Dashboard”
  • 4. “My Account Dashboard”
    Once you’re in your
    account dashboard,
    select the billboard
    in which you’d like to
    add a coupon by clicking
    on the title of the ad.
  • 5. Your active billboard will open.
    Look for “Add a Coupon” along the top edge
    of your Billboard ad and click it.
  • 6. You are now on the
    create coupon page.
    Fill out all required fields
    Noted with an asterisk.
  • 7. The “Title” field appears at the top of your coupon. Choose a title that will best describe the offer for easy identification.
    The “Offer” area provides a more detailed explanation of the coupon and what it offers the user. You have a limit of 120 characters for this field.
    Terms refers to any specific instructions or
    limitations covering the coupon’s usability.
  • 8. To add a photo to your coupon, click browse
    and select the appropriate file.
    For faster loading
    please choose a file under 2MB in size.
    Once you’ve selected the file to appear on your
    coupon double-click the file name. You should
    see the file name and location in the “Image” field.
    Now click
  • 9. Congratulations!
    You have just created a custom coupon
    in just a few easy steps.
    To view or edit your coupon or coupons
    click on “Coupons”near the top of your
    business page.
  • 10. To view or edit your coupon
    On your Coupons page select the
    coupon you’d like to view or edit
    by clicking on the coupon’s title next
    to the bullet point.
  • 11. From this page you will be able to check your coupon for accuracy and if
    necessary make any changes. You may also print your coupon or delete
    your coupon if the offer becomes invalid.
    When your are done with this page you may go back to your business page
    or click any link on the page to go to a new section.
  • 12. Your custom coupon!
    Coupon title
    Business Title or Name
    Coupon offer
    Expiration date
    QR Code**
    **A QR Code is a barcode that is read by your smart
    phone. If you have the correct app installed, take a closeup picture of this code, and your mobile web browser will be directed to the online version!