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Golf exec summary.

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G.O.L.F. Exec. Summary #1 3

  1. 1. G.O.L.F. “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden” Executive SummaryLOGLINE: “G.O.L.F.” is a high-pitched comedy about PGA loser, McKenzie “Mighty Puddy” McFadden,who gets a second chance at the big time. An unlikely hero, he redeems himself with a little help from the ghostof his Scottish forefathers.Writer/Director: David Michael ONeill (“The Black Tulip” “Player 5150,” “Five Aces”)D.P.: Patrice Lucien Cochet (“Untitled Mark Webber Project,” “Explicit Ills” )Cast: Might Puddy - Christopher McDonald (“Twylight Zones,” “Balls to the Wall”) Melvin Dealer - Tom Berenger (“Faster,” “Inception”) Mialani – TBD Speck - Jason Wee Man Acuna (“Jackass”) Milton Stonehouse – Bob Gunton (“The Lincoln Lawyer,” “Shawshank Redemption”)Featured Music By: Tower of PowerLocation: Ontario, CANPrincipal Photography – Summer 2011SYNOPSIS“GOLF” is high-pitched comedy about PGA one-time winner, now full-time loser, McKenzie “Mighty Puddy”McFadden who gets a second chance at the big-time. A direct heir- descendent from the forefathers of Golf itself,Puddy’s Ancestor’s blood line has come with just a bit of a hiccup, a curse i.e., a curse that has put a stake rightthrough his professional efforts and has landed him presently overseeing a weed-infested miniature golf courselorded by a surly, not so attractive, trailer-living maiden who cuts shrewd sexually harassing deals as a way sothat Puddy can make the rental and utility payment.But an ounce of hope does arrive for poor old Mighty Puddy as one-time manager, con-man Melvin Dealershows up at the last minute unexpectedly and offers McKenzie McFadden a second opportunity of a lifetime i.e.,a high profile Pro-Am tournament that can redeem the fallen star’s reputation and put him on top once more. Butthe relationship between the two men has been strained and Melvin’s motives are always suspect at best.Making a narrow escape from the confines of his trailer-trash suite at the weed infested “Putt Putt Corral” Puddyfortuitously discovers at the local driving range, his game is gone, over, long since gone. He can’t keep a ballstraight on the fairway to save his life. He’s in trouble and knows it. His second chance at the life he once hadbegins to fade. With a game which is less than average at best and a reputation that is chauvinistic and repugnantat its absolute worst, Puddy seems to be straight on the one-way E-train right back to Palluckaville.G.O.L.F. - Executive Summary
  2. 2. But his fortunes are about to change as strained as they may unfold. Facing overwhelming odds with a CountryClub Owner who hates everything Puddy McFadden, an ex-wife who won’t let their kid around him, a vengefulcompetitor in the name of O’Toole and half of dozen court appointed teen-age renegades, Puddy finds the way toaddress his past. Now on a collision course with his own 1000 year old Ancestors, the curse put upon them andthe same Ancestor’s curse that has beleaguered him and his father’s, father’s before him, Puddy is given the keyto his salvation. But first he must reconcile his own debacle of setting aside a men’s only lounge called,“Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden” (GOLF). It appears to be the same thread his forefathers tried when theywere straining to rid their hag wives away in 1052 A.D.. Fending for their lives with shaft like clubs, keepingtheir angry wives at bay with 1st tee swings and heavy Scottish sod, golf itself was more or less born.Now with the largest tournament of his life on the line, a nemesis competitor who is actually married to his ex-wife and raising his own son Andy, Puddy gets a little help from his very own Scottish forefathers who’ve beenheld in a curse-like purgatory in search of the one who can lift the “Curse of the Hags” and set them free.PUDDY!!With the second day of the tournament unfolding, Puddy finds himself pitted against his rival. Little does heknow, the lifting of the generation’s curse upon him and his forefathers, demands that peace be made betweenthe feuding cousins. As it turns out, Puddys most fierce rival, O’Toole, is that very distant cousin tied to theoriginal forefathers and the original curse. He must make an honorary gesture to his rival.With the gallery and the world watching, Puddy does make the gesture to his rival, he sinks the one in a millionshot and just does win the tournament. As he turns to the applauding crowd, his son Andy is revealed, his loveMialani awaits and the renegade teenagers are reunited with their weary parents.Puddy is now back on top…THE TEAMDavid Michael ONeill -Writer/Director/ProducerGraduating from the University of Oregon, David received a post-graduate scholarship from the renownedAmerican Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and pursued a career in theater, television and film.His interests in screenwriting came a number of years later when his first adapted screenplay, Jack Londonsperiod epoch "Martin Eden" was purchased by Academy Award winning, Panorama Films Intls, Just Betzer.Panorama subsequently hired ONeill to write three more adapted works; famed author William Whartons novelLast Lovers (Birdy, Dad, Once Upon a Midnight Clear); Marilyn, a novel by Hans Lembourne, which tells thestory of the authors own love affair with the iconic American actress, and lastly scribing the English version ofBetzers own prized Academy Award winning Danish film “Babettes Feast” which was originally adapted fromIsaak Denisons (Out of Africa) novel of the same name.ONeill was then contracted to write the period epoch screenplay “Lady Godiva” for Santa Monica Pictures inwhich he conducted extensive research throughout Europe. Soon after he was hired on as part of the SantaMonica Pictures development staff. ONeill then went on to pen the Pulitzer nominated Richard Jessup novelThreat for Nick Cassavetes, Charlie Sheen and “Return of the Jedi” producer Howard Kazanjians Ventura Films.Ultimately focusing on his desire to direct, ONeill went on to write and direct his next two independent featurefilms, “Five Aces” (distributed by 20th Century Fox) starring Charlie Sheen and “Player 5150” (distributed byFirst Look Studios) starring Chris McDonald, Bob Gunton, Ethan Embry and Kathleen Robertson.ONeills latest finished work was a four year long writing effort in collaboration with Sonia Nassery Cole onindependent feature, “The Black Tulip”. Tulip was shot in Kabul Afghanistan in the winter of 2009 and tells thestory of a family who opens a restaurant after the fall of the Taliban and is subsequently targeted by thoseG.O.L.F. - Executive Summary
  3. 3. factional elements. The film was selected by the Afghanistan Film Commission to be its official entry in the2011 Academy Awards for best Foreign Film category.Michael Hamilton -Wright - ProducerMr. Wright has been involved in the entertainment industry for the last twenty years. After graduating fromConcordia University with B.A. in Economics, Mr. Wright started his film career on various independent filmproductions as a production assistant and production manager.Mr. Wright was then recruited in 1988 to an overseas job in London as the International Distribution Coordinatorfor Nelson Entertainment. In 1990 Mr. Wright moved to Los Angeles where, thanks to a relationship built withactor Ed Harris, he landed a job at Triad Artists. At Triad Mr. Wright worked as a Talent & Literary PackagingCoordinator. From Triad, Mr. Wright went on to work at Samuel Goldwyn Films in Foreign Sales. During thistime, Mr. Wright wrote the action sci-fi feature “Retroactive” which premiered on HBO.Following this, Mr. Wright created his first media company Banana Brothers Entertainment, which produced Mr.Wright’s screenplay “Dangerous Attraction.” Subsequently, he went on to write and produce “Fool’s Gold,” thefirst online, live action interactive game on the internet with Ninth House. Following this, Mr. Wright wrote anddirected “Stephen King’s Mangler 2 “ for Lionsgate.Recently, Mr. Wright was the Executive Producer of the film “Marigold” which had a successful theatrical run inthe US and Canada. Mr. Wright also produced the sci-fi thriller of “Dark Reprieve.” Additionally, Mr. Wrightwrote the romantic comedy “Baby On Board” starring Heather Graham, Jerry O’Connell and John Corbett.Mr. Wright has also recently branched off into the TV series world recently finishing the TV comedy pilot “TheFuture Life of Jake” which he co-created, wrote and executive produced. As well, he is the Executive Produceron the just completed TV comedy pilot “The Trainer” which is being distributed by Park Entertainment in theU.K.Mr. Wright also wrote and produced the upcoming family dog comedy, “The Dogfather” which is currently inrelease through Image Entertainment and is in post production on the teen comedy “I Suck At This” which is setfor a 2011 release.Lynn Mooney - Executive ProducerMs. Mooney began her career at Harmony Gold, a leading international television sales and production companyultimately becoming vice president of international distribution, responsible for all aspects of acquisitions andthe sale of theatrical, home video, merchandising and basic, pay and free television product. She went on towork with film companies Transatlantic Entertainment, Dream Entertainment and was a founding partner ofShoreline Entertainment a company specializing in worldwide distribution and production finance. This is whereshe established excellent relationships with MGM/UA, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal,New Line Cinema and Columbia Pictures, as well as, banking relationships with Imperial Bank of California,Co-America, NATEXIS Banque and Union Bank of California.Ms. Mooney proceeded to create Perspective Pictures where she was a member of a management team thatraised funds totaling over $50M for feature film financing. She worked extensively with companies such asKintop Pictures (Buena Vista Social Club, Bend It Like Beckham, Million Dollar Hotel with Mel Gibson) andother respected producers in the industry. She was also involved in the securitization and development of literaryproperties for production including the $10M feature film “Gone to Earth”, to be directed by Rebecca Miller, andexecutive produced by Daniel Day Lewis. Under her current Eclectic Media Group banner she consults for awide range of producers and distributors, in the areas of worldwide production, co-production, acquisitions andsales with a specific focus on the construction of innovative finance structures. She has worked on projects,ranging from $1M - $40M with producers and directors such as Alexandra Rose ("Frankie and Johnny");producer, Stepahanie Austin (“Sahara”); producer Jib Pohemus (“Lara Croft: Tombraider,” “The Mechanic”).She has also lectured on film distribution and financing at Chapman University graduate film conservancy, andis a board member of the newly formed Asian film workshop program, Learn Film Asia.G.O.L.F. - Executive Summary
  4. 4. Patrice Lucien Cochet - D.P.Patrice Lucien Cochet was born in Paris, France and is now represented by The Gersh Agency. He studiedCinematography at The American Film Institute where he received an MFA in Cinematography in 1999. Cochethas photographed numerous feature length films. "Better Luck Tomorrow" and "The Good Life," both coming ofage feature dramas, were in the prestigious official dramatic competition at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002and 2007. The cast of “The Good Life” includes Mark Webber ( Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Harry DeanStanton (Big Love), Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer), Bill Paxton (Big Love) and Chris Klein(American Pie). "Explicit Ills," a social drama directed by Mark Webber, recieved a Special Jury Award for BestCinematography at the 2009 SXSW film festival. Cast members include Paul Dano (There will be blood) andRosario Dawson (Seven Pounds). "Player 5150", a drama, directed by David Michael ONeill includes KellyCarlson, Kathleen Robertson, and Christopher McDonald. Cochet is currently shooting principal photography onthe Mark Webber Untitled project, which include cast members Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, Jason Ritter,and Shannyn Sossamon. Cochet is currently in pre-production on the cop/thriller/drama "killing at ParadiseYard" which will be his 2nd collaboration with director Cartney Wearn (Pray for Morning). He is also embarkingon his second collaboration with director John Simon on the Feature Drama “Nothing More than Murder”.Cochet has also shot numerous, commercials, music videos and TV series. Cochet joined the prestigiousSundance Directors Lab to work with selected directors with their visual approach to story telling in 2009. Youcan see reviews and work samples at www.mydp.comG.O.L.F. - Executive Summary