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Master redesign creds
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Master redesign creds


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Redesign of creds as seen by Mark

Redesign of creds as seen by Mark

Published in: Design, Business
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  • 1. Nov 2011Introducing 1o1A Free Range Creative Company 1
  • 2. About Us.Our Work.Discussion. 2
  • 3. Founded by people whohave seen what great brandsand great ideas can do.Phil Rich Laurence Steve Mark 3
  • 4. The BusinessProblemPeople care more about whichyoghurt they eat than their mobilephone network.Organising IdeaTogether we can do more. 4
  • 5. Brand tool kit:Including: Design/artdirection/photography for characterbased 3d toolkit/identitysystem/digital/retail/posters/advertising/en-code site. 5
  • 6. Media.Over 113 touchpoints; from TV tocinema, print and online to in-store(POS, window design), outdoor andbusiness cards, across 9 markets. 6
  • 7. Results. UK sales +14% Month on month (PAYM) and 13% (PAYG), and retail footfall increased nearly 7% yoy. In France, the campaign increased propensity to join Orange by 25%. 7
  • 8. The BusinessProblemRecover brand leadership in TV.Restore brand halo beyond.Organising IdeaColour like no other. 8
  • 9. ??? 9
  • 10. Results. Views +20m Brand leadership. Commercial taken off air. New factory built to meet demand. 10
  • 11. More than an advertising agency.We call ourselvesa free range Free to roam a business in searchcreative of a problem or opportunity, then to roam beyond traditional siloescompany. to solve it or seize it. Intervening earlier, executing more broadly than our peers. 11
  • 12. The brand and brand team’sWe pride north star.ourselveson delivering Informing what a brand does and not just what it says.organising ideas. Grounded in and serving the business problem. 12
  • 13. United behind the brand’sAnd we think of fortunes.ourselves as fellowbrand managers. Appraised and remunerated ‘as one’ wherever possible. Enabled and driven by a ‘client inside’ mentality/spirit of custodianship. 13
  • 14. Flexibility & Sized to reflect the task.accountability are Based more on value to you thanat the heart of cost.our approach toremuneration. Shared ethic of risk and reward. 14
  • 15. We call ourselves More than an advertising agency.a free range Free to roam a business in searchcreative of a problem or opportunity, then tocompany. roam beyond traditional siloes to solve it or seize it. Intervening earlier, executing more broadly than our peers. 15
  • 16. Our ambition is tolend our collectiveimagination to businessproblems, rather thanjust lend our creativityto comms. 16
  • 17. Want a running mate.Our idealpartners: Want to make a difference. Believe that creative imagination should be used to solve business problems rather than just a comms brief. 17
  • 18. Founding clients/tasks. 18
  • 19. The BusinessProblemSupporter numbers stalling.A cultural membershipscheme in denial.Organising IdeaThe National Art Pass means youare ‘Never Without Art’. 19
  • 20. Branding and visual identity:for the pass itself, membership packsand beyond.All launch materials:partner collateral, online and offlineadvertising, PR and sales promotion. 20
  • 21. MembershipResults. +12% Understanding +11% Fans +93% Followers +181% 70,000 very warm prospects 21
  • 22. The BusinessProblemThe long shadow of FCUK.The tyranny of ‘the season’.Organising IdeaGive the clothes personality:‘I am the collection’…in moveable parts. 22
  • 23. In-store, online and offlineadvertising (film and print).Any builds welcome, the morewe have done the merrier! 23
  • 24. Results. Sales £400m Company back in profit despite difficult high street conditions. 24
  • 25. BBC Radio Idents.Creating a clearlyidentifiable suite of logosthat could work effectivelyas a ‘favicon’ or as aconcert hall banner. Theyalso needed to hint atcontent on offer by eachstation.For example: Radio 4 is aspeech station for curiousminds, Radio 3 is aclassical music station.Incorporating a ‘speechmark’ and a ‘bass clefsymbol respectively intothe logos helps to definewhat is on offer.
  • 26. BBC Radio Idents.Each station was given anillustrated ‘brand toolkit,’which helps define thebrand’s distinctpersonality even further.These toolkits were usedacross all formsof media, fromanimation, signage, stationery, to all digital content. 26
  • 27. BBC.British Museum.History of the World.The logo reflects thechronological spreadof the objects butthrough typography. 27
  • 28. BBC.British Museum.History of the World.Examples of the brandtoolkit applied in-galleryand in print. 28
  • 29. BBC.British Museum.History of the World.Examples of the brandtoolkit applied on-line. 29