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Employee social media Toolbox Talk  v1.0
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Employee social media Toolbox Talk v1.0


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Toolbox Talk to be distributed to internal staff, related to Social Media and Data Protection presentation also uploaded

Toolbox Talk to be distributed to internal staff, related to Social Media and Data Protection presentation also uploaded

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 1 DS 06.11.12
  • 2.  What is Social Media?  Why have a Social Media policy?  Social Media Outlets?  Employee Guidelines for using Social Media  Summary 2
  • 3.  Company policy states: “Social Media is defined as any mechanism or system that allows individuals the ability to express or share personal views or comments with the Public”  Or, in more “every day” terms, it can be defined as: “Anywhere (although usually online) where a person can share an opinion that can then be viewed by others in the future” 3
  • 4. BBW has existing policies that relate to the use of Social Media, these existing policies are:  IT Acceptable Use Policy  Disciplinary Procedures However, with the growth of Social Media, a specific “Social Media policy” has been implemented across the business. This has been done to:  Formalise acceptable and unacceptable standards of behaviour on Social Media websites and apps  Provide awareness of possible disciplinary sanctions if acceptable standards aren’t met  Ensure all staff across the business are treated fairly and consistently if unacceptable behaviour is reported 4
  • 5. Popular sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are well known as “Social Media” sites, however most websites include some form of Social Media these days. Some examples are: • Photo Sharing sites – photo’s and/or comments on them • Forum posts – Chatting in online groups  Comments – left on online newspaper articles, BBC news site etc.  Blog posts and Comments– Online opinions  Apps – Chatlogs that are public, group chats • Reviews – Leaving feedback on products/services Recognise any of these logo’s? 5
  • 6. Golden Rule: Don’t post any information that could be damaging to the company’s reputation, or the reputation of its staff (including you!).  Anything that constitutes bullying, harassment or discrimination  Posting negative opinions of others online, spreading rumours, e.g. , relating to race, gender, religion etc.  Anything that is confidential in nature  Leaking information about the company, e.g. Contracts wins/losses etc.  Anything that would breach Data Protection laws  Any leaks of employee’s or client’s personal or sensitive data , e.g. Their contact details  Anything that breaches copyright laws  Any publication of copyrighted materials into the public domain, e.g. Taking information from one company to a rival company for competitive advantage, publishing work material on the internet  Anything that could damage working relationships with other employees/clients  Sharing any sensitive information without relevant consent e.g. Client performance data 6
  • 7.  Continued……  Anything that can be construed as controversial  Pointing out conflicts of interest publicly, courting the media  Anything that is dishonest, untrue or misleading  Lying or mistruths about job conditions, company performance  Anything with Balfour Beatty logos or trademarks (unless authorised)  Using logos to lend authority to a web identity, or to joke about or degrade the company image  Using your BBW email address for non work related activities  Running personal business, excessive personal emails  Anything anonymously that breaches this policy  Attempting to hide your identity while committing any of the above breaches of policy 7
  • 8.  Social Networking is a new and fast moving area of concern for businesses.  The company has developed a “Social Media” policy to allow all staff to understand what is and is not acceptable, when discussing work while using Social Media websites and apps  All staff shall be issued with an “Employee’s Guide to Social Networking” to read and understand. This has been provided to all TM’s to distribute to their team.  Staff should raise any concerns they have with their line manager or HR representative at the first possible opportunity 8
  • 9. 9