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Social Media for Your DMO
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Social Media for Your DMO


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How to use social media - featuring Facebook & Twitter - to promote your tourism destination. Presented at #PCMA12

How to use social media - featuring Facebook & Twitter - to promote your tourism destination. Presented at #PCMA12

Published in: Business, Sports

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  • 1. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA PCMA Annual Meeting San Diego, CA January 9-10, 2012Social Media for Your DMO Presented By Dave Serino Strategist & Educator Think! Social Media @DaveSerino
  • 2. DAVE SERINO-STRATEGIST & #PCMA12 – San Diego, CAEDUCATOR Travel, tourism and hospitality industry online marketing & social media consultant. Big sports fan who enjoys family time. Likes to run, kayak, bike, hike & drink hoppy IPAs at brew pubs across the country. Swim parent and St. Bernard owner. Former sports writer and rugby enthusiast. Currently working at Think! Social Media. Developed one of the first social media measurement scales for destination marketers and founded the Social Media Tourism Symposium – aka #SoMeT. @DaveSerino
  • 3. THE NEW COMMUNICATION MODEL #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 4. THE NEW COMMUNICATION MODEL #PCMA12 – San Diego, CAIt’s all about DIALOG……..- Individuals easily connecting with theirexisting network to find trusted informationAnd, in TRAVEL it’s all about…..-Individuals easily connecting with eachother looking for advice and sharing theirexperience with ease @DaveSerino
  • 5. THE STATE OF THE AMERICAN TRAVELER #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA • Average consumer has taken 4.7 trips in the past year with 27% saying they plan to increase spending on travel in the next year. • 30% of the trips taken were day trips and another 30% only stayed one night • 58% are looking for “travel discounts or bargains” • 80% of the travelers use Facebook and 14% say it has impacted their destination choice • 81% have used a mobile July 2011 device to access travel info on-site @DaveSerino
  • 6. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 7. FACEBOOK #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA• Facebook is becoming the perfect venue for developing relationships and creating engagement. - iFrames creates a better visual experience - Small to medium size businesses are beginning to use it as a primary web presence - The advertising platform is unmatched for targeting consumers @DaveSerino
  • 8. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 9. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 10. FACEBOOK ADS #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 11. FACEBOOK ADS #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 12. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CAFACEBOOK ADS @DaveSerino
  • 13. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CAFACEBOOK ADS @DaveSerino
  • 14. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CAFACEBOOK ADS Testing: A or B? Customized Text in Targeted Ads @DaveSerino
  • 15. FACEBOOK – WHAT WE LEARNED #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA• Build iFrame tabs to improve the consumer experience and increase conversions• Utilize your data profiles & Facebook Insights to identify your target consumers• Build likes, but use a campaign experience or niche to drive clicks• Test different ads & targeting options• Use your destination partners or similar destinations to find like minded travels• Keep ads fresh by rotating creative and pausing start & stop times @DaveSerino
  • 16. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 17. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 18. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 19. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 20. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerinoTWITTER
  • 21. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 22. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerinoTWITTER
  • 23. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerino
  • 24. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA @DaveSerinoTWITTER
  • 25. TWITTER – WHAT WE LEARNED #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA• Be sure your bio is complete & keyword rich• Use your background image to provide additional info and paint a picture of your destination• Listening is the key to a successful voice• Use a third party Twitter application to monitor the conversation• Set up your application to track relevant keywords/hash tags @DaveSerino
  • 26. #PCMA12 – San Diego, CA Dave Serino Strategist & Educator Think! Social Media USA 3389 Habitat Trail Pinckney, Michigan 48169 Voice: 734-878-8800 Cell: 810-623-1505 Skype: dave.serino @DaveSerino