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10 kids shows adults can't stand
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10 kids shows adults can't stand


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Patch blogger Dave Schwartz asked parents to share their least favorite kids shows. This is their response.

Patch blogger Dave Schwartz asked parents to share their least favorite kids shows. This is their response.

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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  • 1. Worst of the Worst The 10 Kids Shows that Send Parents Over the Edge
  • 2. Worst of the Worst• On Dec. 2, Patch blogger Dave Schwartz asked parents to share their least favorite TV shows for kids. He received massive feedback via Patch, Twitter, Facebook and email. These are the results – the 10 worst, from 10 to 1 – as chosen by parents and compiled by Dave.• They were ranked by the sheer number of responses and the anger and/or exasperation of those responses.• You‟ve been warned.
  • 3. 10. Martha Speaks “Martha Speaks is non grata for us, despite shrill & persistent protests of the constituency.” – Aldean Hendrickson
  • 4. 9. SpongebobSquarepants “When (Spongebob) comes on by accident both kids know to tell me. Its a great big no-no. I tell them „stupid funny‟ isnt smart or funny!” – Becky Bennett-Brusky
  • 5. 8. Pokemon “Pokemon drives me nuts. This kid wandering around with little creatures in his backpack that he makes fight other little creatures in secret gyms. Its like dog fighting for kids.” – Leah Smutzer
  • 6. 7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “They don‟t even attempt to make Mickey Mouse Clubhouse educational, with episodes like „How do we get back that balloon?‟ ” – Jerry Rothstein
  • 7. 6. Fresh Beat Band “I caught a few minutes of The Fresh Beat Band one time and it was the worst crap that has ever assaulted my eyeballs and ear drums.” – Jessica Bloomquist
  • 8. 5. Wonder Pets “I cant stand Wonder Pets! The baby duck character drives me insane and the songs get stuck in my head.” – JennifferBulaga Whitworth
  • 9. 4. Dora the Explorer “Dora is bossy. Do this, do that, get up, sit down, fight, fight, fight. Blah, blah, blah. Back off, Dora.” – Samantha Norris (Dave’s wife)
  • 10. 3. Max and Ruby “Number 1. Why do the bunnies wear no pants? Number 2. Where are the parents to these pantsless bunnies? 3. Why cant Max speak in complete sentences?” – Nichole McDowell
  • 11. 2. Caillou “Caillou is a whiny little brat and his parents are lumpy in odd places. – Amy Dix
  • 12. 1. Wow Wow Wubbzy “I dont understand Wow Wow Wubbzy at all. And I dont think Nick Jr. does either. Any time the only entry at the beginning is „Teaches Kids To Share And Care‟ then I know the show has no educational value.” – JohnerRiehl