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  • 1. writing the literature review….. © Dr. David Sammon, Business Information Systems, University College Cork email: dsammon@afis.ucc.ie tel: 021 4903836 ie.linkedin.com/in/davesammon
  • 2. N. W. Agnew and S. W. Pyke, The Science Game: An Introduction to Research in Behavioural Sciences. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1969.
  • 3. necessa ry challengi ng ing rit the w Straightforw ard scar importa y nt li te ra t review ure borin impossib g frustrati le confusi ng enjoyab ng time le inspiri consuming
  • 4. what is the best literature review you have read? what is its defining characteristic?
  • 5. what is known?
  • 6. e an ffe li ve cti ie rev ure rat te d: oul h ws
  • 7. i keep six honest serving-men they taught me all I knew their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who a new way of seeing things raw ’t d can n’t you u do If yo it! t… i and rst nde u
  • 8. Do you see these?
  • 9. you les rtic e a like o th er look D ev ead r is? th
  • 10. theoretical & ic ty g tr ivi kin strength ex a ca en c s fl -m e e tego r pt ice risin ns ce tr arti se g con a cles m
  • 11. what does a good literature review look like?
  • 12. Google Scholar: 247 citations
  • 13. Google Scholar: 250 citations
  • 14. Google Scholar: 949 citations
  • 15. gf do wn yo d! oo gm tin ea a quick exercise drin king my o wn c ham pagn e!
  • 16. A Concept-Centric Matrix write a paragraph based on your observations around this matrix
  • 17. Existing research suggests that the sky can have many different colours ranging from black (Sammon, 2013) to oftentimes grey (Nagle, 2002) to always being blue (Adam, 2009). Google Scholar: 1332 citations Sammon (2013) stated that the sky is black . Nagle (2002) has observed that the sky is often grey. However, Adam (2009) argued that the sky is always blue.
  • 18. First Draft Paragraph In the last number of years there has been an increase in the volume of empirical case study research focusing on Agile methods and their adoption/adaption in organisational environments. These studies have examined Agile teams in large organisations (c.f. Conboy, 2009; Matook and Kautz, 2008; Fitzgerald et al., 2006; Wang and Vidgen, 2007; Sharp and Robinson, 2006) and in small firms (c.f. Mathiassen and Vainio, 2007; Vidgen and Wang, 2006), and comparative studies across organisational size, project type, project size and software development methodology (c.f. Cao et al. 2009; Vidgen and Wang, 2009). Furthermore, these studies have utilised a variety of theoretical perspectives, for example, complex adaptive systems (c.f. Vidgen and Wang, 2009), adaptive structuration (c.f. Cao et al. 2009), dynamic capabilities (c.f. Mathiassen and Vainio, 2007), distributed cognition (c.f. Sharp and Robinson, 2006), agility (c.f. Conboy, 2009) and mindfulness (c.f. Matook and Kautz, 2008). Across the majority of these empirical research studies one of the main contributions has been the development of a framework to facilitate a better understanding of Agile development practices and the management of Agile teams. As a collective, these empirical research studies have strengthened the theoretical core of Agile methods, while further presenting recommendations for further research in the area. c.f. is used in this context to mean ‘see’
  • 19. Final Version Paragraph
  • 20. questions…… © Dr. David Sammon, Business Information Systems, University College Cork email: dsammon@afis.ucc.ie tel: 021 4903836 ie.linkedin.com/in/davesammon