Common mistakes to avoid when starting an internet business


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One of the more common mistakes people make when starting an internet business is having unrealistic expectations of making a lot of cash as soon as they begin.

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Common mistakes to avoid when starting an internet business

  1. 1. Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Internet Businessby Dave Rea | on December 24, 2012 • • One of the more common mistakes people makewhen starting an internet business is having unrealistic expectations of making a lot ofcash as soon as they begin.Some individuals get the misconceived notion that all they have to do is jump on theinternet, toss a couple of ad banner ads around, and sit back and wait for the cash to startflowing in.The reality is it takes time and consistent everyday action to develop your internetbusiness and get your website identified by Google for page rank.Getting your website ranked and noticed by the major search engines requires vastamounts of persistence.There are tools to help accomplish the process but for those of you who are on a budget, Isuggest writing and posting content to websites that already have an authority rankingand point a link back to your blog.Promoting Your Internet BusinessSocial public networking sites are for just that, networking…not promoting. You do yourpromoting from your website.Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc… is where individuals are given the opportunity to beable to get to know you and what you are all about.
  2. 2. It’s perfectly okay to use paid Facebook or Myspace marketing, just do not spam yourwall with your business opportunity.Fact is nobody cares about your opportunity. They want to know about you.Video marketing is another low cost marketing tool you can use to help promote yourinternet business. It’s a very powerful form of low cost marketing that will generate lotsof visitors to your website.Your website is the point of interest or hub of your internet business with back-links to itthrough content you have written and distributed to the content submission websites.The more websites that are connected to your hub the more noticeable you will be andtherefore be identified by Google for page ranking.Avoid These Mistakes With Your Internet BusinessAnother mistake people make is trying to offer their product once they have gottensomebody’s attention.Think of your internet business as an exclusive store on the internet where individualswill go to shop and possibly make a purchase. Your job is to get individuals to your storeand have them enter.Do not do as some marketers do and pitch everyone with your internet opportunity andend everything with an advertisement.Instead, use attraction marketing concepts and lead your list of opt-in members withvalue.If your store is set up effectively there will be need to sell as this technique will onlychase the potential customer away from you.You’ve heard it said before “Everybody likes to shop but no one likes being sold to.”More mistakes to avoid…Lack of focus and discipline will stop your internet marketing business in its tracksbefore ever getting off the ground.Take small specified action steps each day that is going to develop your internet businessand put you into profit.There are so many methods to earn cash on the internet with different methods to marketit is very easy to get into a state of overwhelm and confusion.
  3. 3. Streamline your everyday method of operation and narrow your focus to everything thatis going to directly grow your company and put dollars into your banking account.I recommend choosing one marketing strategy and focusing all your effort on that onetechnique until you have perfected it.The concept here is to develop a strong foundation for your internet marketingbusiness.You can have customers looking at your business opportunity all day long but if you havenot put your internet business together effectively you are pretty much wasting your timeand energy.If you are on a tight budget and do not have cash for paid marketing strategies, you mayconsider blogging and promoting your content to article directories with back-links toyour website.This will greatly increase your position with Google, thus bringing more visitors andpotential customers to your website where they can learn more about you.You want to develop a relationship with your supporters by maybe offering them freetraining that they can apply into their own internet business.Establish yourself as a leader, someone people will want to follow and look to forassistance.Build trust and interact with your subscribers through your website and email auto-responder.Know that building your internet business is a process and takes time before you willnotice significant growth and advancement.Getting overly anxious and eager because of not seeing results right away has causedmany individuals to surrender and forget about continuing as an internet marketer.It may seem like too much to take on but will be well worth the effort when you finallydo create a break-through and create your first dollar on the internet.There is no known time exactly when you will see the results of your hard labors and theonly way to fall short is to quit on your dream.Online marketing is very competitive but disregard the competition and concentrate onyour own internet business.
  4. 4. Developing A Positive Mindset As You Build Your Online BusinessThis entry was posted in Empower Network, Internet BusinessTags: attraction marketing, internet business, internet marketing business, low costmarketing, marketing strategy, page ranking, website