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This is the presentation built to go along with the webinar "Mobile Reporting 101" for the RTDNA. In it, I describe the must-have apps for reporters who want to be able to cover breaking news events in the field, using smartphones to upload text, audio and even streaming video.

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  • If anyone really wants a transcript of this (some of the slides are not really self-explanatory), let me know. Otherwise, hope everyone who's looking at this finds it useful.
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The newsroom in your pocket

  1. Newsroom in your pocket <br />Covering breaking news with a mobile phone<br />Strategies to engage with tomorrow’s news consumers – and creators<br />
  2. “Singularity”<br />“The computer in your cellphone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful and about a hundred thousand times smaller than the one at MIT in 1965. What used to fit in a building now fits in your pocket.<br />“What fits in your pocket now will fit inside a blood cell in 25 years.”<br /> --Futurist Ray Kurzweil<br />
  3. Future Displays<br />From CES: <br />Quantum LED technology<br />Creates LED grid in RGB color<br />Powered by temp differential<br />Bluetooth connectivity<br />Augmented reality<br />
  4. How Good is the Video?<br />
  5. How Good is the Video?<br />
  6. How Good is the Video?<br />
  7. “Inflection Points”<br />Iran: Twitter+Mobile+Facebook<br />“Hamed” is an Iranian refugee living in the Netherlands, and it was from there that he posted the death of 27-year-old NedaSalehiAfghaSoltani. <br />"I am no hero," Hamedsaid. "The real hero is my friend who risked his life making the video." <br />A Facebook friend, that is. Hamed never met the author of the film except on the social networking site. <br />
  8. “Inflection Points”<br />World Cup Soccer 2010<br />ESPN announced an $100MM plus investment into mobile video in 2011. <br />“Fans don’t care how they get their content as long as they get it. <br />“Mobile is personal, mobile is digital, mobile is video and mobile is social.” <br />--Brian Colbert, senior director of mobile ad sales at ESPN<br />
  9. “Inflection Points”<br />Tablets, tablets, everywhere! <br />More than 80 tablets announced at the CES show. <br />Each wants you to develop content for their store (Apple’s iPad App store now larger than their laptop biz)<br />“Hope you have a good browser on that thing…” <br />
  10. A Brief Aside About Equipment<br />“The best camera in the world is the one that you have with you when the picture happens.” <br /> Way too many variables in each market to make a blanket recommendation (carrier coverage, local HSDPA servers down-rezzing videos, etc.)<br />
  11. DeviceAnywhere<br />
  12. DeviceAtlas<br />
  13. What’s in Your Backpack?<br />#1 cause of video problems: dirty optics <br />(the phone is in your pocket, after all…)<br />
  14. Noise Cancelling + Mike<br />
  15. Battery Booster(s)<br />
  16. GorillaMobile Tripod<br />
  17. Gaff Tape / Duct Tape<br />
  18. Armored Case<br />
  19. Skills Overview<br />Identify & connect with sources while in the field<br />Coordinate with other team members<br />Search and access content in various forms (web, video)<br />Accurately & quickly enter text<br />Capture, edit & transmit still photos<br />Capture, edit & transmit audio<br />Capture, edit & transmit video<br />
  20. Skills Overview<br />8. Use GPS to navigate to a location<br />9. Upload content to a CMS<br />10. Stream audio/video live to web<br />11. Transmit/share files with another reporter’s mobile device<br />12. Generate or use QR codes <br />13. Geo-tag content<br />
  21. 1. Find Sources<br />Social Networking sites – join them all and establish a presence<br />Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Gowalla, SCVNGR, FourSquare<br />CrossPaths, StreetMaven, TweetyMap, MeetUp<br />
  22. 2. Coordinate Coverage<br />Yammer<br />Posterous<br />Tumblr<br />Weegoh<br />CrossPathz<br />BrightKite<br />
  23. EnLegion<br />
  24. 3. Search & Access Content<br />Beyond Google: <br />Dragon Medical, iTriage<br />World Factbook<br />HazMat, PoliceScanner<br />Wikipanion Plus<br />Firefighter Companion<br />VideoTime for Facebook<br />EzUbi (for your audio/video)<br />DailyMotion Premium (for viral videos) <br />
  25. 4. Accurately Enter Text<br />Dragon<br />Dictate<br />
  26. TextExpander<br />
  27. SimpleNote<br />
  28. 5. Capture & Edit Photos<br />Photoshop Express<br />
  29. Instagram<br />
  30. MediaMarker<br />
  31. Scanner Pro<br />
  32. Photo Transfer<br />
  33. 6. Capture & Edit Audio<br />Audioboo<br />
  34. Cinch<br />
  35. Caster: Mobile Studio<br />
  36. 7. Capture & Edit Video<br />iMovie<br />
  37. Splice<br />
  38. 8. Use GPS to Navigate<br />
  39. 9. Upload Content to CMS<br />Blogpress<br />
  40. WordPress<br />
  41. Via E-Mail<br /><ul><li>Blogger
  42. LiveJournal
  43. Squarespace
  44. Typepad
  45. Picasa
  46. Flickr</li></li></ul><li>
  47. 10. Stream Audio/Video Live<br />UStream<br />
  48. 11. Transfer Files <br />Filer<br />
  49. 12. Generate/Use QR Codes<br />
  50. BeeTagg<br />
  51. 13. Geo-Tag Content<br />
  52. SeeClickFix<br />
  53. Monitor Comments with Disqus<br />
  54. Learning/Training in Tools<br />MobileQuest -<br />Make it fun & non-threatening<br />Give prizes at the end<br />
  55. <ul><li>Most successful big media company in the world
  56. Very forward-thinking
  57. Aggressive approach to new technology</li></ul>Schibsted – Fast Bear toMarket<br />
  58. FasterThan TV<br />VG.nohadthe video 6 hoursbeforethe TV newschannelscouldgettheir video tothestation, ingested, edited, v/o, etc. <br />
  59. Organizing Chaos<br />MISTAKES: <br />Many voices<br />Logistics<br />Getting material to office<br />
  60. Not Always Reliable<br />Rumor: Indian gov’t asking Twitter to be shut down because it was being used by terrorists to track cops<br />Reality: rumor spread by high school junior in Boston<br />
  61. Shelby Star<br />
  62. Reuters<br />
  63. Hierarchical Information Flow<br />Question: <br />How often, and under what conditions, do you interact with your readers? <br />
  64. Wildfires – Urgent Need for Info<br />
  65. Readers Do It Themselves<br />
  66. Monetization <br />
  67. For the Code Geeks…<br />