Confirmit Values and Guiding Principles


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This is the Confirmit world-wide internal presentation on our mission statement, guiding principles and values. It's important that our customers, employees and suppliers know what to expect...

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  • Knowing the type of company you work for and can contribute to is as important as knowing the products and services the company offers. Dave King
  • Alignment - all in any organization desire to know ‘Is what I’m doing each and every day contributing and making a difference. The alignment model provides a framework where everyone is clear as to their contribution and what we are looking to achieve throught the enterprise. Transition 1: ‘Strategies & Actions’ many organizations focus their efforts primarily in the tactical execution of strategies and action. This is important though in isolation will not necessarily lead to success however that is defined. Transition 2: ‘Goals & Objectives’ The goals, reports, measures in 4 key areas. Established annually and drives the Strategies and Actions Transition 3: Vision & Mission – we know who and what we are, the type of company we wish to build – now what are we going to do at the highest levels. Defines and articulates the long term perspective on where and what we will be (Vision) and the current term perspective on what we will be today (Mission) .Transition 4 ‘Principles & Environment’ Values & Guiding Principles define the type of company we wish to build and work for. They are the pillars on which we will build our culture and our operations. Environment and Context – our understanding and acknowledgment of where we have come from, where and who we are as a company combined with the external and internal environmental factors at play. This is the context on which we evaluate and explore our approach to current markets and consideration for new markets.
  • More than posters on a wall The way we do business and the type of company we will be Aspirational – we are working towards a goal, we are not there yet.
  • I suggest reading each of these and then providing interpretation and examples******We all deserve to be passionate and enthusiastic about the work we do. We need to be inspired and find enjoyment in what we do or why bother doing it. We are not all the same – different cultures, experiences and responsibilities. What should be consistent is our desire to be here and to do a good job with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Markets around the globe are picking up speed with new competitors being introduced regularly Existing competitors are being more aggressive in their positioning and their timelines We must act quickly and decisively even if we don’t’ have 100% of the information we would like. A good plan today executed properly is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Get on with it – we should be setting the pace in the markets in which we operate not letting our competitors do so.
  • We must over deliver on our commitments and should strive to never allow it to be ok to fall short of our commitments. In sales we have quotas and numbers that make it easy to measure and rally around. We should have no lower expectations for other parts of our business as they are as critical to our success. We should commit and measure and deliver .. The same holds true for our customers and suppliers. If we are to deliver them success they will often need to deliver us what we need.
  • Find the shortest path from A to B – break down barriers that make working with us a challenge. Find a better way. Many organizations as they grow, build upon existing ways of doing business and unwittingly also build burden into their system – layers upon layers and the next thing you have is a sluggish organization. Ask ‘why do we do it this way’ and find a better way in order to deliver customer delight.
  • Scalable processes and models that allow us to adapt to market needs Minimum mandatory to get the job done but fully defined so all have clarity on how we do things so they can follow the model and deliver consistent predictably to their customers – both internally and externally Allow us to ensure we efficiently and effectively manage our resources and contain our costs.
  • As small companies become medium sized companies and medium sized companies become global large companies they often lose their curiosity and the entrepreneurial thirst that made them successful in the first place. We encourage everyone to be curious and to explore – to think about what's next, what can we do that is innovative and leading in the marketplaces in which we serve. How can we make a difference. Confirmit are leaders and we will remain as leaders if we keep the innovative spirit alive.
  • The ultimate measure of our success. Do our stakeholders and customers have the confidence in us to continue supporting us. To date – our growth suggests our customers are confident. The investments by our shareholder also suggests he is confident. We have earned it and we must continue to earn it each and every day. It is the most valuable commodity we have. We will not squander it.
  • Confirmit Values and Guiding Principles

    1. 1. Presentation Title Mission Statement, Values Presentation Principles and GuidingSubtitle Presenter Name Job Title or Position Date
    2. 2. The “Alignment” Strategic Planning Process
    3. 3. Why is this important to you? • Effective organizations identify and develop a clear, concise and shared meaning of values/beliefs, priorities, and direction so that every employee understands and can contribute • Once defined, values impact every aspect of our company and daily interactions with colleagues and customers • Values and guiding principles are the pillars and foundations that all actions are grounded on regardless of position, role or location
    4. 4. What do others say? “Our values are very important to us because they shape the personality of our organization. They affect the way we work, the services and products we provide, and our support of our people and their communities.” “Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. Our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.” “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”
    5. 5. Alignment Strategic Planning... Vision Confirmit connects companies and individuals so that their voices can be heard, amplified and acted upon Mission Confirmit is a market-driven technology company that is grounded by a focus on our core values and guiding principles. Our market research and voice of the customer clients have access to the most comprehensive suite of multi-mode data collection capabilities, analysis tools and complementary services available to the marketplace. Values and guiding principles Confident Shareholders and Customers Enthusiastic and Passionate Team Members Sense of Urgency and Motivation to Action Accountability and Commitment to Performance Easy To Do Business With Business Process and Procedure Orientation Innovation and Leadership
    6. 6. Enthusiastic and Passionate Team Members We welcome smart, hardworking, innovative, talented people with positive energy to join and grow with our team. We encourage creative, energetic debate and will take time to celebrate our successes and appreciate our accomplishments
    7. 7. Sense of Urgency and Motivation to Action We do not squander our windows of opportunity. We take balanced risks and resist analysis paralysis in favor of quicker, thoughtful action. The working environment will be energized and inspired through accomplishment
    8. 8. Accountability and Commitment to Performance We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We will hold ourselves, each other, our suppliers, our partners and our customers to a standard of performance and commitment that ensures our mutual success
    9. 9. Easy to Do Business With Systems, processes, agreements, and an attitude that presents us as co-operative, caring, agile and listening while being a driven, focused organization
    10. 10. Business, Process and Procedure Orientation Sound business practices are defined, agreed upon and implemented throughout the organization. We all have clarity on what is expected of us and how our individual contributions make a difference
    11. 11. Innovation and Leadership We believe that solving problems comes by looking at challenges and opportunities from new perspectives and exercising our curiosity. Thinking differently is encouraged
    12. 12. Confident Shareholders and Customers We manage our business with the ultimate goal of building value for our shareholders and our customers, thereby confirming their confidence and continued support
    13. 13. Thank you “Rely on these values and guiding principles Presentation Titleyour every day. They should facilitate Presentation Subtitle govern all of decision-making process and your Confirmit-related activities.” Presenter Name Job Title or Position Date