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Online marketing Best practices
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Online marketing Best practices


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An updated, shorter version of the Manchester Business school deck presented to an IDM Network evening in September 2012

An updated, shorter version of the Manchester Business school deck presented to an IDM Network evening in September 2012

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • OVP = Online Value Proposition
  • Transcript

    • 1. Using best practices indigital marketingto increase leads and sales IDM Knowledge and Networking Evening London, 27th September Dave 1
    • 2. About Dave Chaffey Books  Online advice and consulting  Qualifications and training  Insights Director 2
    • 3. Ling’s Cars Ling’s Cars 3
    • 4. Mobile optimised! 4
    • 5. This month (Feb 2012) so far, I have sold 18 Merc C- Class (to chose a significant car). That is a £30k car.Payments will typically be more than £12,000 of paymentcommitment over 3-years. Try converting and getting anorder for £12,000 from a website! Therefore I have to try harder than most websites... Yes, many people will take one look, or make one visit and leave, never to come back. Many people complain about retina burn etc. But, so what? I *HAVE* to polarise visitors, and get them to chooseto stay or go. Its no good being average, no one would commit to £12k of payments over 3 years if I was average. So the argument that I get drop-off is very valid. Source: Ling’s cars and the art of persuading visitors to buy 5
    • 6. What is “best practice” for digital marketing? A process? A technique? A mindset?Need? A framework Capability review The right people 6
    • 7. Where does “best practice” originate? Opinion  Beware the gurus! Experience  Relevant case studies Testing  Using analytics Research  What sample size/frame, sector? 7
    • 8. 8
    • 9. Use Google Analytics MCF to understand true value Measuring Assists in Google Analytics Google’s new social reports 9 9
    • 10. 10
    • 11.  PLAN:  Insight  Journey analysis  OVP 11
    • 12. Harnessing insight 12
    • 13. Creating digital personas B2B Marketing Best Practice Guide 13
    • 14. Understandingmultichannel journeys Smart Insights: ROPO summary of Google case 14
    • 15. OVP backed by research 15
    • 16. Consistent OVP through customer journeys 16
    • 17.  REACH  Mix  SEO  Viral 17
    • 18. 18
    • 19. Is ethical SEO “best practice”? Dark Inky Black Hat SEO: So evil he’s a typosquatter installing spyware. Plain illegal, too. Charcoal Hat SEO: Optimizes really unrelated pages for all kinds of queries, but within the bounds of legality. Dark Gray Hat SEO: This SEO is e.g. a splogger stealing content from other sites. (What, that’s better than charcoal?) Slate Gray Hat SEO: An SEO creating link farms and such. Gray Hat SEO: An SEO who actually reads the search engine’s webmaster guidelines, but then tries as much “evil” as she can get away with. Light Gray Hat SEO: This SEO creates original content (lots of it), but the content is still only aimed at search engines. Off-White Hat SEO: This guy not only ensures the site is indexable – he’ll also make sure to get lots of backlinks from friends. White Hat SEO: This person puts up the content that people are actually searching for, and prepares the site to make it very accessible. White Hat SEOs only optimize those of their pages they deem worthy to be ranking top in search engines. Luminescent Pearly White Hat SEO: Not only does this SEO do everything the White Hat SEO does, the LPW Hat SEO also makes sure pages will not show up for irrelevant queries. 19
    • 20. A case in point… 20
    • 21. Google+ matters (to SEO) 21
    • 22. Source: Digital Buzz BlogDollar Shave 22
    • 23.  ACT  Content marketing  UX myths 23
    • 24. Investing in content and usingeffective “engagement devices”? 24
    • 25. 25
    • 26. TEFL Taster example 26Smart Insights Explainer example
    • 27. Persistent UX myth 1: 3 click rule Source: UIE 27
    • 28. Persistent UX myth 2:Make the home page scrollable Source: CX Partners 28
    • 29. Source: CX Partners 29
    • 30. Persistent UX myth 3: The home page is most important to get right / optimiseIn 2003, 39 percent of the page views for a large research website were for the homepage. By 2009, it was down to 19 percent. In one month in 2008, of the 70,000 page views a technology site received, 22,000 were for the homepage. For the same month in 2010, of the 120,000 page views the site received, only 2,500 were for the homepage.Another technology website had roughly 10 percent of page viewsfor the homepage in 2008, and by 2010 it was down to 5 percent.One of the largest websites in the world had 25 percent of visitorscome to the homepage in 2005, but in 2010 only has 10 percent. Gerry McGovern: The Decline of the homepage 30
    • 31.  CONVERT  CRO 31
    • 32. Mobile and social are sexy, and important for the future. But today98% of your revenue comes from Email, Affiliate, Display, Search. At least 50% of your attention / love / obsession should be to continuously get good at 98% of your revenue. Youll likely survive longer. : ) Will you get the balance right? Investment in CRO? 32
    • 33. 33
    • 34. Ask “Why” as well as “what” - use feedback tools Key Point iPerceptions “Bad web site. Difficult to find item as no search box provided for short cut” “I cant find any prices on your website” “Would like to see where I can buy products from” .Satisfaction : Intent tools 34
    • 35. 35
    • 36. Gaining site and business innovation ideas through Uservoice Tools: 36
    • 37. 37
    • 38. Source: Craig Sullivan (Belron/Autoglass)38
    • 39. A glimpse of the future Rue La La (Flash Sales)April 14th 2012 53% mobile(Apps and Site) 30% mobile Weekends 40% mobile Weekdays Source: 39
    • 40.  ENGAGE  Customer comms  Big data  Social media 40
    • 41. Your email marketing capability?Presented by Grant Baillie of Argos at 2008 Email marketing conference, with permission 41
    • 42. 42
    • 43. Social media best practices? 3 Social media gaffes 43
    • 44. Conclusions? You can run an online business by best practice alone, but… to make the most of opportunities you need… A digital marketing strategy To analyse and test, test, test what works in your sector Be relentless! 44
    • 45. Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome  Blog  Feed  Email Newsletter 45