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Mobile marketing strategies


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A new presentation delivered as a keynote at Mobile Marketing Strategies conference. London, November 2012.

A new presentation delivered as a keynote at Mobile Marketing Strategies conference. London, November 2012.

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  • Based on common mistakes I see and opportunities for more sophisticated. Showing examples of good practice.Start at centre with some of the mistakes, look at social and head offline. Checklist to review your practice.
  • Growth in Worldwide mobile traffic% of all unique visitors
  • Ben Carter
  • For the keyword “London” mobile here is around 16% of searches, but for “restaurants” it’s around 30%.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Integrating mobileinto multichannelstrategyDr Dave ChaffeySmartInsights.comDigital marketing strategy advice 1
    • 2. The amazingly rapid growthin mobile use – an example Source: Craig Sullivan (Belron/Autoglass) 2
    • 3. Autoglass mobile optimised site – Mobile Value Proposition (MVP) 3
    • 4. Betfair’s Mobile Value Proposition (MVP)Betfair‟s mobile app generated £1 billion of bets inthe last financial year. 168,000 used it‟s app, a 122 https://touch.betfair.compercent increase.For 2012 c £2 billion, 15% of revenue 275,000app users. Half of all UK customers have placedbet. 4
    • 5. Agenda 5
    • 6. About Dave www.clickthrough- Marketing Strategy Guide by Rob Thurner 6
    • 7. Where are you onyour mobile marketing journey? 7
    • 8.  PLAN 8
    • 9. Mobile brand Mobile brand discovery experiences Mobile search Desktop site (natural and paid) (Responsive design?) Mobile publisher Mobile optimised site display ads and (scraped) comparison sites Mobile social Mobile optimised Multichannel networks site (personalised) CompanyConsumer Physical Email on mobile Location and coupon- store devices enabled presence mobile site Mobile app Push notifications on mobile OS Offline prompts from Mobile payment ads: QR/action codes options 9
    • 10. A balanced mobile strategy?Effectiveness: Efficiency:“Doing the right thing” “Doing the thing right”• Plan and Strategy • Mobile optimised site vs App• Reach - targeting • Responsive design• Act – activation and • Payment option proposition • QR codes. NFC.• Conversion – Sales • Analytics and conversion rate• Engage – Long-term optimisation (CRO)Integrated : Multichannel “Siloed” 10
    • 11. Running case study: Debenham’s strategic pillarsConsistent Device Agile developmen Multichannel brand Specific t journeyexperience functionality Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 11 Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 12. Success factors for today’smarketing according to Google 12
    • 13. Making the business case 13
    • 14. Consumer digital platform demand at Debenhams Total Hourly Demand by Device14.00%12.00%10.00%8.00% Dotcom6.00% iPad Mobile4.00%2.00%0.00% Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 14 Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 15. $ 6 billion UK Source: Forrester 156.8% mobile phone (exc Tablet) of all Ecommerce sales
    • 16. Understandingmultichannel journeys Smart Insights: ROPO summary of Google case 16
    • 17. Some rules of thumb for your business case A mobile-optimised site will convert at around half the rate of a desktop site, however...  A non mobile-optimised site will convert at around half the rate of the mobile-optimised site  Of people who research on their mobile device, 39% go onto to purchase on their desktop device and 24% go onto purchase in store  Around 30% of consumers use their mobile in store to inform purchases through in-store wifi or scanning barcodes  Overall mobile optimised will give a 2% increment in sales from creating a mobile optimised site Source: Source: Damon Mannion, Venda 17
    • 18. Mobile is influencing store salesDeloitte (2012):•Smartphone influence on department store store sales is due togrow from 6.7% in 2012, to 24-27% by 2016•For every $1 spent on mobile, mobile is influencing $13 in storesales Research Browse vs. purchase Purchase channels channel channel 40 120% Mobile 100% % researche 80% rs who go 60% Browse on to 40% 35 Purchase make a 20% purchase % 0% Store Website msite Apps 88% Debenhams customers use mobile to 20 browse vs. 12% purchase % Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 18 Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 19. Access to mobile in stores (theseare market stats, not Debenhams) Debenhams app: i. Price checking ii. Size availability iii. Order straight from their phone iv. Customer reviews v. Beauty Club: Collect points & redeem rewards via mobile vi. Push notifications – driving footfall in store & awareness of promotions•Shoppers who use a retailer’s dedicated app are 21% more likelyto make a purchase than those who don’t•Customers who read reviews are 2x more likely to convert Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 19 Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 20. Barcode scanner driving mobile interactions in store Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 20 Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 21.  REACH 21
    • 22. Mobile search marketing – usingthe Keyword Tool to find potential 22
    • 23. Mobile Adwords 23
    • 24. Mobile advertising Mobile ads (Google AdWords and Display) can offer:  Incremental reach  Increased frequency  Lower CPCs (for now) 24
    • 25. Activating mobilethrough Action (QR) codes 25
    • 26. Magazine NFC codes 26
    • 27.  ACT 27
    • 28. Creating the right mobile experiences 28
    • 29. Mobile design – spot the difference 29
    • 30. Mobile design – the future is personalisation 30
    • 31. Coke’s new responsive design 31
    • 32. Retail responsive design 32
    • 33. Retail responsive 2 Search > Browse > Buy 33
    • 34. Mobile site vs mobile App or… Which Mobile Value Proposition (MVP)? 34
    • 35. The future? 0 35
    • 36.  CONVERT  CRO 36
    • 37. Mobile sales growth at Dominos 37
    • 38. 38
    • 39. Mobile CROSee Craig Sullivan for more 39
    • 40. Reviewing complex journeys 40
    • 41.  ENGAGE 41
    • 42. Reviewing satisfaction levels by channel / platform Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 42 Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 43. Mobile CRM: targeted messaging and voucher codes M&S developed a fullyintegrated multi-channelstrategy to building itsmobile database, whichnow exceeds 1 millioncustomers.Mailshots carried uniquecodes which respondentswere invited to text in to adedicated M&S shortcodein order to win loyaltypoints.In the process, M&Sharvested „opted-in‟ mobilenumbers matched toexisting customer records.The same logic applied toemail addresses to appendmobile numbers for 43existing customers.
    • 44. Taking advantage of mobile loyalty O2 Priority moments : 250,000 business qualify to use service Customers have saved £23 million through 4,400 offersO2 Wallet•Money message - you can send a sum of up to £500 to other 02 Wallet users such as friends and family.•Shopping - this offers a direct of products from over 100 UK partner retailers. It also enables users to scan barcodeswhile in-store to look for better prices online. Payment and delivery details are entered automatically.•Special offers - discounts are available from the partner retailers•O2 Money account - users of the O2 account are automatically registered with an O2 money account, effectively abank account•O2 Money account card - this is a physical card that O2 wallet users including children which can be used to loadmoney and act as a standard contactless prepaid payment card. 44
    • 45. Delivery timeline Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 45Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 46. Future innovationIn store stock availability Mobile Payment Tablet site 10% off code Audio watermarking TV app Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, 46 Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams
    • 47. Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome   Feeds ghts  Email Newsletter 47