Content Marketing Priorities 2013
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Content Marketing Priorities 2013



In this talk at the Smart Insights Digital Marketing Priorities Summit Dan Bosomworth MD of First 10 and Marketing Director of Smart Insights discussed and gave examples of how to use content ...

In this talk at the Smart Insights Digital Marketing Priorities Summit Dan Bosomworth MD of First 10 and Marketing Director of Smart Insights discussed and gave examples of how to use content marketing to drive consumer interactions across customer RACE interactions.



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Content Marketing Priorities 2013 Content Marketing Priorities 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Strategic Priorities for Content Marketing in 2013 Danyl Bosomworth Co-Founder at Smart Insights MD at First 10 Digital Developing and integrating winning content into your marketingDigital Marketing Priorities 2013 Summit 11th January 2013. Brought to you by:
  • About Dave Chaffey  Books  Digital marketing advice, training and consulting About Dave Chaffey • Author of 5 bestselling marketing books first published in 2000, now in their 4th and 5th editions • Online marketing consultant and trainer since 1997 • Manages a marketing advice site with Expert members in over 50 countriesJanuary Offer: Free copy of Emarketing Excellence for first 50 new Expert-level membersSmart Insights Expert membership:
  • In 35 minutes Top level factors for success in content marketing Use the P.R.A.C.E. framework to get specific Lots of examples to give you immediate ideas Questions at the end Please interact using the BrightTALK buttons: 3 View slide
  • Why does content matter?Google turned content into currency! Content drives reach – builds awareness Consumers seek it Content aids learning, decision making and purchase Content fuels social media marketing: “social object” Content facilitates the “inbound” effect 4 View slide
  • What do we mean?“How a brand creates, delivers and governs original or curatedcontent to attract and retain customers, positioning the brand asa credible expert and, ultimately, motivating a change inbehaviour” (CMI)  Originated content  Curated content  Licensed content  User generated content  Interactive content (tools) 5
  • Poll 1 Content Blogs, videos, ebooks, white papers SEO Social media On-page, off- Twitter, page LinkedIn, link building forums keyword blogs, portals analysisContent doesn’t sit in a vacuum- It needs to be integrated with other marketing activities 6
  • 7
  • Content as a socialobject“the reason peopleconnect with eachother and notsomething else”Hugh McLeod 8
  • 9
  • = Planning & Strategy = 10
  • Setting objectives… 11
  • Example questions What do you want your content to do? Who cares? How will your content add value? Businesses strategic goals? e.g growing market or product launch What are the topics that you‟ll need to cover off? What core messages should the content convey? Are we being unique, the necessary differentiation? How will we design and manage the content mix? 12
  • Plan to be efficient“Atomisation” - plan to re-purpose content  One ebook might drive several short guides and 20 blog posts (all point back and promote the ebook)What content do you have now? Audit it!  Research, what works now, re-visit keyword analysis 13
  • “...the [potential] customer needs evidence that weunderstand their problem better than they do beforethey‟ll buy, share or recommend us...” @juntajoe 14
  • There is no one “customer” Define your personas: Think buyers and influencers B2B B2C Marketing Director Persona A IT Director Persona B Finance Director Persona C Managing Director Persona D 15
  • Get moving with personas  Research  Define them  Cut the cake  Develop scenarios  Build profiles 16
  • Content at touch-points… 17
  • 18
  • What’s the purpose of your content? Poll 2 19
  • A cross-platformnarrative Revenue Blogor Reven ue“Brand story” Revenue Revenue Hub Stream 20
  • Your Platform A place to drive traffic, a place to engage and convert:  A blog, undoubtedly  An interactive magazine, maybe  A rich community, if you‟re serious 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • AEOpenForum A great example of „thought leadership‟ Utilise guests (the best) 24
  • = Reach = 25
  • Publish Where?:  Your domains  Social networks  Forums & industry portals  Q&A Sites Find conversations Amplify with media 26
  • Content that fliesPUMA Squash 2000 video(+pr‟s, blogs, spec sheet PDF) 27
  • 28
  • < Don‟t overlookSlideshare29
  • Develop valuable outposts for content 30
  • Niche communities are growing, increasingly by topic 31Watch out for vertical niche communities in your sector
  • = Act = 32
  • Be worth finding For people who have questions Address problems - earn permission to sell later: Video on key landing pages Expert bloggers Your own researchers / reporters - gathering stories Shareable and downloadable information (no data capture) 33
  • < Mums34
  • 35
  • 36
  • Ebooks Great for atomisation:  Fuels video, email, webinars  Can be repurposed into audiobooks Utilise industry experts to aid reach Downloadable, printable & shareable Classic data capture 37
  • Shareable (and worth sharing) 38
  • 39
  • = Convert = 40
  • Webinars / Events reveal intent Specific to subject areas for people vs broader industry events Informative and shareable Consider a series 41
  • Niche anddetailedguides 42
  • Interactives Diagnostics, quizzes and surveys Tailored to specific buyers & subjects Useful and shareable 43
  • 44
  • = Engage = 45
  • Content for deeper relations It‟s tonally „different‟ content Keep leads and customers engaged:  Automated communications strategy  Vary by where they are in terms of unmet needs and the buy cycle Social integration – not just email 46
  • Big ideas 7 years in the making £100m equivalent ad spend  Content site  Mission site  YouTube, Fb, Tw  40 mins  216k Likes  10,000 comments  29,000 shares  40 TV stations and 130 digital new 47 outlets
  • Communitieswith purposefor untappedUGC 48
  • Crowd sourcedcontent An advanced Q&A A community around the product Steady stream of UGC product related content Helps improve products 49
  • Automation & email Crucial as lead volumes grow Sequences based on scoring/rules allows tight content Ensures the right people in the right sequence A “process” over “campaigns” 50
  • Secret Handy Recipe 1. Clear objectives 2. Imagination and ideas 3. A platform 4. Your first 10 audience 5. Amplification plan (POE) Any questions? 51
  • Thank you for your participation - Your questions please Please ask questions and rate this webcast For more Answers to your Digital Marketing Questions use our free community Best wishes for 2013! 52