Halifax Water: the Geomatics Kaleidoscope


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Shiju Mathew & Lucie Kendell's presentation at Geomatics Atlantic 2012 (www.geomaticsatlantic.com) in Halifax, June 2012. More session details at http://lanyrd.com/2012/geomaticsatlantic2012/stbgz/ .

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  • Picture 1: 1919 watermain installPicture 2: 1945 watermain installPicture 3: Long Lake
  • Facilitate data storage, sharing, and maintenance with the end goal of improving efficiencies across many operational units, providing better data access / currency for all GIS users, and simplifying database / application support.
  • Corporate Data Plan – GIS component to incorporate more data in GIS Database, east and central regions, water/wastewater/stormwaterMobile Applications - ?Dashboard Enhancements – Actualized, future ones include possible user editing tools (technical group)Form Enhancements – Currently being worked on (technical group)Increased Corporate Integration – GIS integrated with SAP, customer service, metering, etc.Continued Quality Control and Data Improvements – Development of new applications as the need develops and the technology allows, Improved quality control processes to improve the validity of the existing data
  • Halifax Water: the Geomatics Kaleidoscope

    1. 1. THE GEOMATICS KALEIDOSCOPE Presented by: Shiju Mathew – GIS AnalystLucie Kendell – Engineering Information Technician
    2. 2. Halifax Water The Geomatics Kaleidoscope• Looking Back – Who is Halifax Water? – A history of Geomatics at Halifax Water• The Present – What is Halifax Water doing today?• The Future – Moving Forward…
    3. 3. Corporate History PSC purchases Halifax water utility Dartmouth/ assumes from the City - County/Halifaxprivate water Utility to be run Amalgamation – system like a business (HRWC) 1861 1945 1952 1987 1996 2007 Public PSC becomes Halifax Water Service Halifax Water acquires HRM’s Commission Commission Wastewater (PSC) is and Stormwater formed services
    4. 4. Geographic Scope
    5. 5. Looking Back…• The Origins of Halifax Water Geomatics – East/Central Regions • CAD Schematic – West Region ArcView 3x HALGIS Applications ArcSDE (40 Users) ArcInfo Librarian Caris (13 users) (2 users)
    6. 6. Looking Back…• ArcInfo Librarian – Watereditor, a customized updating/editing application – GIS Staff only, not accessible to users• ArcView 3x Desktop Project – Cost-effective solution – Increased access to users• Oracle Forms – Tabular access – Initiative to involve users across departments – Accessibility and editing
    7. 7. Looking Back…• The Origins of Halifax Water Geomatics – East/Central Regions • CAD Schematic – West Region ArcView 3x HALGIS Applications ArcSDE (40 Users) ArcInfo Librarian Caris (13 users) (2 users)
    8. 8. The Present • Migration Project – 2007 – 2011 – Migrate existing GIS data and applications to a new and more up to date system architecture and data model – Multi-user, Multi-version – Customized Editing – Two main web applications to the project • View and Query Tool – HW Dashboard (Adobe Flex) • Forms – From Oracle Forms to ASP.Net – “GIS at your fingertips”
    9. 9. GIS Architecture
    10. 10. The Present • Forms
    11. 11. “I desire no future that will break the tieswith the past” George Eliot“The future, according to some scientists, willbe exactly like the past, only far moreexpensive.” John Sladek
    12. 12. The Future? Corporate Data Mobile Plan Applications Increased Dashboard/Form Corporate Enhancements Integration Continued Quality Control and Data Improvements
    13. 13. Corporate Data Plan• Full Update of the GIS Database – All Regions – All Water, Wastewater, Stormwater• 5 Year Plan• 33 Major Projects• Vision – Inspiring confidence in a complete database
    14. 14. Mobile Applications• Multi-departmental Demand• On-the-fly editing capabilities• Real-time connection to the office
    15. 15. Halifax Water Dashboard• Potential 400+ users, corporate wide access (inside HW only)• Trained 200+ in a presentation type setting• Just released a second version incorporating several enhancements asked for by users Routing Tool Drawing Index Corporate Symbology Increased Scale Levels• Future enhancements already being considered User editing tool Addressing regional constraints
    16. 16. Questions orComments?