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Fourth (and last) of the Geomatics Atlantic News for 2012. Part of

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Geomatics News 4

  1. 1. Where the news is. 25 Years Where it happens. and counting! @geoAtlantic Geomatics Atlantic News Service Vol. 4 WE HAD SPEAKERS AND POSTERS !!!!!!O’ nach il thu ruinn a ris FINAL? Your program and poster coordinators did an amazing job. Their work was only surpassedWill ye no come back again EDITION by the speakers and poster presenters themselves. We can’t mention everyone and every detail, but the opening by DaveWHAT CAN WE SAY? What can anyone DID WE MENTION? Parking? Well, Coleman gave us a great history lesson and asay…2012, the 25th Anniversary was a there were a fee tickets and some timely challenge to “invent the future.” Fromhuge success. It was so good that we ran grumbles about having to move CBC Radio fame and Dalhousie University,out of supplies! Go figure. Thankfully we cars every few hours, but all in all, Bob Fournier was a visual extravaganza ondidn’t run out of “evening refreshments”. you did a great job at navigating ocean and climate, and he really startedThis was not only a special occasion for through a tough situation! Next some discussion heard throughout the week.Geomatics Atlantic, it was for COGS as time? Well, we learned lesson to Our other ocean experts gave us somewell. It was so wonderful to spend time prepare for parking or transport serious science to think about. Ships andtalking about 25 years of the sector in the disasters. When a parking lot is geomatics go hand in hand! HRM Deputyregion, and a the same time to reminisce about to be closed, we will know Chief of Police, Bill Moore, presented aabout 25 years of an institutions. WHAT’S first! Trust us, transport will be a future that was jaw dropping (and, after all,THAT? O’ NACH IL THRU RUINN A RIS? Is part of the next NS event planning. he was the only speaker with gun andthat some python code for Arc? No, it is And with a few years to plan and handcuffs!). Librarians at Geomaticssimply a different way of saying thanks test it, we’ll make it painless and Atlantic? Of course, and thankfully so! Alisonand we look forward to the next time we even more green! Thanks to all! Ambi gave a perspective of how technologymeet. “Will ye no come back again” is the WHO CAME THE FURTHEST? (and and a view to history can interact with therough translation from Gaelic to English what is the distance from GPS to public in ways we don’t always think about.(and slight spelling changes from Irish to GIS?) Laurent Etienne (France); or is What to do in schools? Well Gerard Eddy andScot). And when you comeback Well, it Hilario Lamotte (Cuba)? And who Warren Dobson gave us a project examplecéad míle fáilte (One Hundred Thousand was the closest? We are a little un- that was exciting and focused. We can allWelcomes). So….we had a GA field trip to sure as civic addresses were not take a lesson from that! COGS grads andIreland to check a pub or two. We believe given for registration for France or Scholarship winner showed us just how farin being factual! After numerous stout, I Cuba, but the person from Spring people can go and what innovation they cansay it matters not what’s on the sign. It’s Garden Road. 1.98km away from develop! And Adena Schutzberg, media-GISall good. So aloha! Wait? We are meeting SMU is closest. If someone in GA expert, made sure we had a sense of wherein Hawaii? Oh darn, that means another happens to be closer/farther than things were going, and why. A closing day tofield trip to check the venue and beer…. that, let us know. Does anyone remember. Have we ever had a Skype fromAwesome dude! have a different idea or so far away? Skype from Ulaanbaatar, measurement (distance by car, Mongolia? The keynote from ElaineWHO WAS THAT PERSON? Well….it was… plane, bus, train, walk, bike?). GeeDave Keefe, taking a picture of his display MacEachern was eye opening and forceful. A whiz, we need to map out where few glitches, but power supply infor the 25th at a conference of planners people came from - a novel,Dave has been involved with GA since the Ulaanbaatar can be touchy. And then in innovative idea! We should patent closing the conference were a series ofbeginning 25 years ago. Dave Is now the that app!Executive Director of GANS and we hope DID YOU LOOSE SOMETHING? We presentations on infrastructure, projecthe continues to provide his leadership and have no lost and found, but thank management, assets, provincial and localdirection with the depth of you for that three carat diamond efforts, climate and hydrogeology, power,knowledge you dropped. Most kind and very gas and water! It was fast and informative,of GA that thoughtful. But email if you did lose and full of follow up discussions. We are sureHe brings. something of slightly less less value contacts will be made from the audience toHappy than gold and we will start the speakers. And the posters? They were awe-Anniver- search. Ok, seriously, contact SMU some and really added some décor to thesary Dave! Conference Services 902.420.5486 event and exhibit area. And then there was the COGS celebration. That was fun and the entertainment was pure Nova Scotia! And see you in New Brunswick in 2013
  2. 2. 25 years ago? IF GA were being held Geomatics Atlantic News Service Vol. 4 today, for 2013 that is, then: Same stuff as 1987 except in 1988. George TOP TEN FOR GOING TO GA 2013: W. Bush’s father elected President of THE AGM IS OVER! THE AGM IS OVER (a Nova Scotia promoting NB? Hmmm?) US. Canadian PM still less known than And it was on time, one of the fastest US President, and still Brian and exciting. Yes, that may seem like #10: New Brunswickers are just as cool as Mulroney. Top movie Rain Man an oxymoron, but it was an exciting Nova Scotians (hey, we are neighbours!) and (Rambo 3 was out…but let’s forget AGM for GANAS with nominations it is in the same time zone as NS and PEI )ok, that). Dollar isn’t worth as much as from the floor and potential elections sorry to our friends in NL. I’m sure the program will start a half hour early. today. Gas is cheaper. Beer is still in the air! And passionate discussion better in Atlantic Canada. Celine Dion about the future. That is healthy and a #9: Everyone knows the beer in NB is just is actually popular. 2nd GA held. great Sign of an association ready to about, close and nearly as good as in NS. EDITORIAL: I don’t need to state the Take on new challenges and renewed obvious, but I am biased, and this was a growth. Can wee out-do ourselves at #8: Fredericton, or Moncton, or Saint John great event because many people next years AGM? Well… You had best are great places to meet! And even as good mentioned that the number of new as Halifax! (ok, I said it ...yes…just as good). ask your new Executive led by Dave people and younger members had gone MacLean of COGS, the Newly elected #7: It will be 26 years …downslope to 40. up. We can’t measure or compare the GANS President. I am sure, after a well median age, but it is nice to think that deserved holiday from the conference #6:Our friends in the spatial community in we have passed the torch to a new and getting used to the idea of being NB are always happy to see those coming generation of spatial experts. The President, that he will welcome input, from anywhere in Atlantic Canada. And challenge is there….do more and do they are better tweets than us. better than those who brought us to 25 advice and questions dave.maclean The new Board: Doug years! remember, include everyone. Ask #5: If you like NASCAR, Bernie Connors will for advice, support, mentors and input. Foster (Doug Foster and Associates), love seeing you there! (just follow his We do know there are challenges ahead. Emily MacDonald (Integral Geomatics) tweets). Speaking of cars, NB doesn’t have a tag line for its license plates. Why would I heard that in the hallways discussions (Lucie Kendell (Halifax Water), Bill they need one? They are, after all, New and what people were talking about Jones (exp. Services), Eric Melanson over a beer. The future is there…grab it Brunswick (they didn’t have one for over a (Esri Canada, Pierre LaRochelle and, as Dave Coleman said “…invent it!” decade at one time in the distant past – (AgResearch), Laura Beazley touchy issue right now. So, just let it “be…in Our industry has been going through (GeoNova), Gerard Eddy (SNSMR) this….” ). more changes than ever before, at least at a speed which I haven’t seen over 3AND YOU CAN STILL CONNECT! We are # 4: UNB, U. de Moncton, Mount Alison….all decades. I don’t know how much isnot planning to get rid of the twitter have such strong spatial minds. So we know positive or not, but it does raise the baraccount (it will transfer to the NB an education section to the program and workshops will be present as a highlight. in terms of what we do on both anCommittee), nor will the LinkedIn account individual level and as a group. Betweengo away, so you can still subscribe. Lanyrd #3: The weather will be great, but watch out now and next GA in New Brunswick, Iwill migrate, but it will be an active source for wind across the Tantramar Marshes, and trust we will talk about this and reflectfor archived material and available to the very large animals along the highway on where we plan to go. After all, wefuture users. So there are ways to keep (not to mention the moose and deer). have been looking back, and now theconversations live, and to add comments time is to move forward.about 2012 and suggestions for 2013. It is #2: There is time – if you start now- to geta way to keep in contact with colleagues, WE WOULD LIKE YOUR VIEWS: You can that Ministerial approval to be able to crossand it is a way to keep the spirit of a be sure a online survey is coming about the border those few kilometers. Does thatregional group alive, even if on one small mean we have to use passports? the conference. We would also enjoyway. Even this newsletter can be kept your views on having a communicationalive, even if in a different form, for those …..and the number one reason to go? tool for regional news via some-thingwho would like it. So stay tuned for an like this newsletter (blog, twitter, email, #1. New Brunswick! Any part of Atlanticemail when the new forum goes live! As Canada is worth its weight in gold! web digest). Would it be of use? Wouldwith all social networks, this will be yours. DID WE MISS ANYONE? We know so. you contribute material? Want to take itIf you add to it, great, if you simply want New members, 1 st time attendees, over or lead a particular platform (whoto follow or “lurk” that is just fine. It does and students! If you saw these people, wants to be head tweet). Should it berequire your views and input. That’s the or there is someone who you think we under a Geomatics Atlantic banner oronly way to expose people to all the great may want to reach out to, let us know something new? Send comments tothings happening in the area! or pass along this newsletter. Thanks! see you in New Brunswick in 2013