2011 Heartland Big Horn Brochure Ohio


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2011 Heartland Big Horn brochure provided by Dave Arbogast RV located in Ohio. Find the Heartland Big Horn for sale in Ohio; call about our current sales and incentives at (877) 844-0475 or visit http://www.rvandboatdepot.com/.

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2011 Heartland Big Horn Brochure Ohio

  1. 1. The King of the Mountain
  2. 2. The King of the Mountain D ADVA AN N TL R TA • HEA GE • A New Level of Luxury rin g Dur e, ab lo o Res F ili a n t N o n - S li p l The stunning BIGHORN by Heartland Recreational Vehicles is nothing short of spectacular - in both it’s luxurious interior appointments and outstanding design concepts. Featuring real hardwood cabinets, including stiles, oil-rubbed bronze hardware You’ll appreciate the hand-crafted touch found in and lighting, magnificent furnishings, flush-floor slide-outs and an each BIGHORN, like the stately slide-out fascia abundance of interior and exterior storage space, the BIGHORN is moldings that surround every slide room. truly a fifth wheel that is taking affordable luxury to the next level.
  3. 3. Entertainment A 40” LCD High Definition flat screen TV with home theatre system provides high quality entertainment, while comfortable recliners and sofa highlight this 3610RE rear entertainment living room. Decorative glass inserts add a residential touch to the room, while hard-sided window valances frame the oversize windows which provide an excellent view of your surroundings. D ADVA AN N TL R TA • HEA GE • SB u t• •U / Au np Shown in Optional Cherry Wood x ill a r y I BIGHORN’s residential designs show well in the this The hardwood 3185 entertainment dinette table area where you’ll find features a self a large pull-out work storing leaf desk with plenty of leg extension, as room; a fireplace with well the dinette custom mantle; roomy chairs flip up overhead and large 40” seats, provide LCD flat screen TV a great place to and elegant slide room store games or fascia. valuables. S TA N D A R D OPTIONAL Shown in Optional Cherry Wood
  4. 4. The King of the Mountain Designer Kitchens The stunning island kitchen in the BIGHORN model 3185 offers a tremendous amount of great overhead and base cabinet storage! All stained hardwood cabinetry throughout really sets this kitchen apart from other “pretenders”, while an abundance of upgraded, solid- surface countertops with two tone bull nose edge means you will never lack for meal preparation space again. D ADVA AN N TL R TA • HEA GE • •H id d e n Hin g e s • D ADVA AN N TL R TA • HEA The BIGHORN kitchen is designed with you GE • in mind. A harmonious balance of food and equipment storage, preparation area equipped with name brand appliances integrated with large solid surface countertops and large usable clean-up area. This combinaton offers the most S TA N D A R D Kit sensible, residential kitchens available in a chen Har m ony • • luxury fifth wheel.
  5. 5. Storage The deep, stainless-steel kitchen sink features Galore! built-in sink covers and a flexible sprayer faucet. You’ll never lack for storage space in a D ADVA AN N BIGHORN fifth wheel! TL R TA That’s because we • HEA CERTIFIED GE • listen to our customers For FOOD and maximize every Preparation possible square inch of on ac interior space. With -P or e f N ous Sur all of this storage space, you will never have to TL AN D ADVA N TRUE SOLID-SURFACE. R TA • HEA compromise on what GE • you choose to serve to your family or guests. BIGHORN’s HANEX™ TRUE RESIDENTIAL ps S ol That’s what true, Su To rfac ounter id extended stay camping eC SOLID SURFACE Counter is all about - enjoying Tops increase the usability, the luxuries of home - beauty and value of our without compromise. coaches. The advanced blend of natural materials and pure, acrylic polymer is formed over a strong plywood base, providing AN D ADVA design versatility and long-term performance to our customers. Hanex™ is one N TL of the toughest counter tops in the world that is both durable and RENEWABLE. BIGHORN’s steel ball-bearing R TA RENEWABLE means it is the same consistency through and through and if scratched • HEA GE • drawer guides not only provide the or chipped, can be easily repaired so that it looks like new! smoothest possible operation, but The competition on the other hand... are able to hold more than 30 lbs. s F u ll li d e te offers only a thin layer of as witnessed by this cinder block! gS in Ex nsi ar on S t e e l B a ll B e FIBERglass, adhered to lesser You will not find any of the cheap, quality particle board material that import drawer guides like the disintegrates when it gets wet. The competition offers in our coaches! FIBERS of these counter tops tend to These deeper drawers are designed stick out of the bottom edges and are to fully extend past the cabinet painful to the touch. faces, so no more scraped knuckles trying to get to the back of them. It’s simply the best drawer system in the industry! vs. THIN FIBERGLASS.
  6. 6. The King of the Mountain Fit For A King! Whether it’s retreating from a long day or just lounging around, the BIGHORN king bed offers incredible comfort in a very elegant setting. Framed by stunning fascia and matching headboard, the bed slide offers reading lights, as well as two windows for improved cross ventilation. This luxurious bedroom offers an abundance of wardrobe and drawer space, complemented by deep shelves . Exclusively Engineered & D ADVA HAND RUBBED Built for HEARTLAND AN N ANTIQUE GLAZED CHERRY TL • 3½ Memory foam Pillow top construction R • 5 Year Warranty TA • HEA GE • • 12” tall mattress profile • Fits standard sheet sets • No Flip Design PT • •O O DS IO N AL HARD WO D ADVA AN N Don’t settle for anything less TL R TA than all hardwood cabinetry, • HEA GE • including the stiles which are pre-drilled and screwed for long lasting function. ill o s• s •P w To re BIGHORN features Four elegant interior decors. p M att Godiva Saddle Truffle Woodland Jade
  7. 7. TV Optional Livability Some BIGHORN models offer a “side aisle” layout, which offers one of the largest private bath designs in the industry. Accessible from the hall or the bedroom, this private bath is larger than most residential bathrooms. The large one piece, neo- angle shower features a glass door, a hand-wand spray head, and overhead skylight. D ADVA + AN N TL 6 R TA 6’ 5 • HEA GE • 4 3 2 CEILING! The residential feel of the BIGHORN bedroom suite 1 Mo is accomplished by features such as our custom-built re Head Room • • hardwood dresser with six oversized drawers and shelf storage. In addition, there is a large overhead cabinet with decorative glass insert and a built-in TV cabinet. Preserving our environment is very D ADVA important to HEARTLAND. AN N TL We strive to reduce, reuse and R TA recycle in every facet of the • HEA GE • corporation. We are reducing paper waste with new electronic s Gree sse Ma processing, our vendor partners ro S TA N D A R D ce On select BIGHORN n nuf a ctu rin g P reuse packaging and crating for models, you’ll find many components and we recycle all a large linen closet, aluminum scrap, wood cutoffs, skids, wire, designed to house a cardboard and plastic containers. stackable washer/dryer. Heartland is doing our part to preserve the environment so you and your children’s children can enjoy RVing in all that our precious environment has to offer.
  8. 8. The King of the Mountain YOUR LAMINATED WORLD... Strength, Durability & Comfort BEYOND COMPARE! The combination of these three systems bring you the Strongest and Lightest construction available while also providing unparalleled noise reduction, thermal insulation and durability. Protecting your investment is important to HEARTLAND. Laminated construction LAMINATED FLOOR SYSTEM provides that protection in addition to offering peace of mind that you will be spending more time enjoying your family and travels than worrying about repairing your RV. LAMINATED WALL SYSTEM Lightweight ALUMINUM BIGHORN’s LAMINATED Floor System is one of the STRONGEST FLOORS in the industry! Featuring sturdy 2.5” Aluminum Framing; thick Block Foam Insulation; One- Piece Seamless Decking Just an 1/8” thick foam cup protects your and a Thermo-Board Luan hand from scalding on the bottom. All of this NO MORE FLEX! hot coffee... is Laminated together Competition’s Non-Laminated Floor imagine what nearly for Maximum Strength 2” of block foam does and Insulation R Value - Double Welded, Fully Laminated for your Laminated virtually eliminating flex Traditional RV Floor Construction often flexes in the middle Heartland Sidewall! Sidewall Construction in the floor! of the coach - because that’s where the holding tanks are located and there is no steel frame support under the lumber.
  9. 9. HEARTLAND’s LAMINATED Floor Construction easily supported over 1,800 lbs. of Water Jugs in one spot - resulting in less than 1/4” of flex!! HEARTLAND’s 3” LAMINATED FLOOR Heartland builds recreational vehicles with as many residential features and construction methods as possible and we are excited to introduce this 3” Laminated Floor System in our BIGHORN fifth wheels. Choose Heartland for Maximum Strength; Maximum Insulation Value; and Minimal Flex!! LAMINATED ROOF SYSTEM
  10. 10. The King of the Mountain HEARTLAND’S SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN TRANSLATE INTO A SUPERIOR VALUE! Perfect for Short-Bed, Extended-Cab Trucks No Slider Hitch Necessary 88˚ G TU RNS LIKE TH EO R ZEROº TESTED! Heartland 5th wheel CH IN IG Construction has been TH IN subjected to rigid HE NO AL testing in the famous 5T ACHIEVE 88˚ TURNING! STUNNING FRONT Heartland 5th DOMETIC™ extreme temperature testing Wheel Construc- CAP DESIGN been chamber where it AN IN A SHORT-BED, EXTENDED CAB TRUCK tion has passed with flying CORNERING IN-TOWN or BACKING INTO CAMPSITES The fiberglass frontrigid subjected to cap colors! The chamber is HA for the BIGHORN is all testing in the famous DOMETIC set to 0˚ to test the new with sleek radiuses ™ Extreme Tem- unit’s heating efficiency, followed by being set at FO and design lines flowing perature testing 100˚ to test it’s cooling BE 88º chamber, where it efficiency. With our 88º through it.passed with flying The Patented thick 2” laminated walls; LO enclosed and heated turning radius design colors! The cham- BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! ber is set to 0˚ to is perfect for short-bed, underbelly; and LA PATENT PENDING! insulated floor - the test it’s heating interior of the extended-cab trucks! efficiency - Heartland coach EN followed by being remained warm and D ADVA EF AN comfy during the N TL sub-freezing test and CO Hydraulic Landing Gear R TA nice and cool during • HEA the heat test! GE • TH For more details, visit our web site: PO Hydraulic Gear is 14.46 times FASTER www.HEARTLANDRVS.com •K • than conventional electric landing gear. e yle s s E ntry ExtEnd HEARTLAND Hydraulic w/ load 9.4 Seconds Electric w/ load 2.26 Minutes GOES THE REtRact EXTRA MILE HEATED AND Hydraulic w/ load 6.8 Seconds Electric w/ load 1.75 Minutes TO MAKE ENCLOSED SURE OUR UNDERBELLY Extend and Retract time for Hydraulic and Electric Landing Gear: Based on 15 inches of travel • Hydraulic Lifting This one-piece Capacity is 2.1 times Greater than electric CUSTOMERS corrugated Enjoy the convenience of not • 9 inch Round foot ARE plastic carrying keys everywhere. pads on hydraulic underbelly COMFORTABLE www.HEARTLANDRVS.com We use the same automotive landing gear legs have a compression area is fitted and system Ford Motors uses on of 254 sq in per leg or IN THEIR attached to the their popular luxury cars. The 508 sq in total entire length of the fifth wheel, providing a thermal barrier keypad illuminates for easy • 6 inch x 9 inch Electric COACHES! Fiberglass • Luan • Luan • 1.5” Polystyrene that is easily removed for access to the underbelly. The Insulation • Luan • Interior Wall Vinyl foot pads only have a night time access and you can compression area of underbelly area is insulated and heated from the furnace to change the pin code as often as 54 sq in per leg or 108 help protect against the elements. desired for added security. sq in
  11. 11. The Largest Storage in It’s Class! BIGHORN’s new drop-frame design provides for over 140 cubic feet of the cleanest pass-through storage ever accomplished in a fifth wheel. Featuring Heartland’s durable vinyl diamond- plate finish that keeps your valuables in place during transit, this extra-large compartment can house all of these storage bins and more!! N Every BIGHORN now TLA D AD AR V comes standard with these E sturdy steel tie-downs in the AN •H D ADVA TAGE • AN exterior storage compartment N TL – excellent for securing your R TA • Eas • HEA gear during travel. GE • Clo y se S • la m Latch •B h• With electrical la c k T a n k Flu s outlets and video hook-ups, there’s Enjoy the sleek, modern looks room in here for and functionality of BIGHORN’s a mini-fridge, new optional bus style slam a TV and other doors equipped with heavy duty electronics for struts for easy operation and they access under your prevent unexpected closings due awning at a tail to wind. Oversized pull latches gate or when just open easily. The tight automotive sitting around the rubber seal protects your campsite. belongings from moisture and BIGHORN’s compartments are keyed for security using keys and locks unique to BIGHORN. Trail-Air’s EQUA-FLEX rubber-cushioned equalizer Universal Docking Center suspension system with shocks is standard on every One of Heartland’s most famous innovations, this docking center holds all of BIGHORN and provides an the coach’s system hook-ups including the satellite; phone; cable; city water fill; incredibly smooth ride. black tank flush; exterior hot and cold shower; winterization valves, and all- tanks pull handles (no more crawling under slide-outs to reach the handles!).
  12. 12. The King of the Mountain A B C D F A) Upgraded Antenna for Better Reception. B) Strong 12” I-Beam Frames on all Quad Slides and 3580RL C) Electric Outlet at the Awning for Light Strings G - Also, Optional Electric Awning Available. C D) One-piece fiberglass shower with flex sprayer - extra support built into the floor. E) A real residential porcelain sink - not cheap plastic like the others E F) Brand Name SAMSUNG™ Home Theatre/Stereo System. Additional speakers allow you to listen to audio in the bedroom. D ADVA G) Optional Electric Power Cord Reel AN N TL - Never wind up that heavy 50-aml cord again! R TA • HEA GE • Co IT Y • nve • nie nt S E C U R Heartland’s optional ToyLok is perfect D ADVA for quickly and AN N TL easily securing R TA • HEA GE • bikes, grills, furniture and anything else Ba that needs to be olt • • tte r secured when you y/ 11 0 V Yet another BIGHORN smart leave your site design - the air-mattress hide-a-bed sofa offers the unattended. ultimate in comfort, as well as a deep drawer that is perfect for storing throw blankets and other items.
  13. 13. STANDARDS • Ventilation Slider Side Windows • Light at Entry Step HEATING • Seamless One Piece In-Floor Heat Duct • Residential Size, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink w/Sink Covers HAND CRAFTED CABINETRY • Brushed Aluminum Rear Ladder • 35,000 BTU Furnace (40M in 3670, 3580, 3585, 3610) • 22” Deep Residential Size Drawers • All HARDWOOD Cabinetry • Heated Stool Room (N/A 3580) • Deluxe Ball-Bearing, Full Extension Drawer Guides LAMINATED ROOF CONSTRUCTION Throughout (Including Stiles) COOLING • Custom Crafted Dinette Table and 4 • 5” Welded Aluminum Attic Trusses • Amish-Crafted Natural Hardwood • Insulated In-Roof Air Conditioning System Chairs w/built-in storage • Walkable Roof Decking (3/8”) Cabinet Doors w/ hidden hinges and Drawers for Maximum Efficiency • Large, Deep Pantry • One-Piece Seamless EPDM Rubber Roof • All Cabinet Frames are Pre-Drilled, and • 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner • Pull Out Sprayer Faucet in Kitchen • Radius Metal Roof Cap Screwed Together - not stapled • Air Conditioned Stool Room • Fantastic™ Fan w/Rain Sensor • R-14 Formaldehyde Free Block Foam • Baltic Birch Drawer Construction (Real Wood) • Moisture Ventilation Caps TOTAL INSULATION VALUES BATH AREA • Deluxe Ball-Bearing Drawer Guides • Walls - R9 *All Formaldehyde-Free • 6’-4” Bath/Bed Ceiling Height Throughout LAMINATED FLOOR CONSTRUCTION PATENT PENDING Front Cap and Frame Design - • Roof – R23 Insulation. • BeauFlor Resilient Flooring • Strong 3” Aluminum Framing SPECIALLY Designed and Engineered For • Main Floor - R27 • Upper Deck Floor - R14 • Porcelain Sink w/Solid Surface Countertop • Block Foam Insulation SHORT BED TRUCKS • Large Mirrored Medicine Cabinet • 5/8” Seamless Decking (No Seams) MAIN SLIDE ROOM • Allows for 88° Turning Radius on • Linen Base Cabinet Storage • Thermo-Board Luan on the Bottom • 6’-5” Ceiling Height Short Bed, Extended Cab Trucks • Hydraulic Operating System SHOWER • Truly Unique Aerodynamic Profile FRAME & LANDING GEAR • Selector Valves for Slide Rooms • 1-Piece Fiberglass Shower • Strong 10” I-Beam Frame w/Rust UNIVERSAL DOCKING CENTER - • One Piece Steel Header Support • Elegant Glass Shower Surround Prohibitive Coating (12” on quad slides & 3580) For the Next Generation of 5th Wheels : • Double Squeegee Seals w/One-Piece • Domed Skylight Over Shower • Hydraulic Landing Gear Jacks • 12 Volt Light • Spring Loaded Snap Pins Weather-proof Floor Pan. COMMODE ROOM • Exterior Shower with Hot & Cold Water • Heavy Duty Electric Rear Stabilizer Jacks • 12V Lights • Power Roof Ventilation • Black Tank Flush System Hook Up • Cabinets Above Sofa and Dinette • Dual 12V Lights with Soft Lighting Lenses • City Water Hook Up TIRES & AXLES • Hydraulic Manual Override System • Porcelain Commode w/Foot Flush • Shielded RG-6 Coaxial Cable Hook Up • Heavy-Duty E-Rated 16” Tires ENTERTAINMENT & CONNECTIONS • Recessed Storage Shelf • Satellite Hook Up (Roof OR Tri-Pod) (G-Rated on 3600, 3670, 3580, 3610) • Home Theater Surround Sound System • Heat Duct (NA 3580RL) and Air Conditioning Duct • Telephone Hook Ups • Aluminum Rims • Spare Tire • Computer Desk Station (most models) • All Tanks Pull Handles • Black Glass Door Inserts • Winterization Valves • Equa-Flex™ Suspension System • 32” LCD HIGH DEFINITION TV LARGEST EXTERIOR STORAGE IN IT’S CLASS! by Trail-Air with Shocks - for the INTERIOR STANDARDS OPTIONS Smoothest Ride Around • Offering Over 140 Cubic Feet of Storage! • 6,000 lb. Axles with ULTRA-Lube™ Hubs • Day/Night Shades (night shades/BDRM) EXTERIOR • Durable Diamond Flooring (7,000 lb. Axles on 3670, 3580, 3585, 3610) • Hardwood Entry Handle • Keyless Entry • Large Insulated Bus Style Slam Baggage Doors • 2 x 12” Brakes • Custom Slide Out Fascias • Trail-Air Hitch • Unobstructed Pass-Through Design • Monogrammed ABS Fender Skirts • Oil-Rubbed Bronze Lighting Package • High Gloss Exterior • 12V Lights LIVING ROOM • Slide-Topper Awnings UNDERBELLY • 1Cable Outlet / 110 V Outlet • Hardwood End Table • Seamless Corrugated Underbelly Material • Dual Pane Windows BEDROOM • Heated and Enclosed Underbelly • High Back Cloth Rocker/Gliders • Generator Prep • Large Walk-In Front Wardrobe with • Heated and Insulated Holding Tanks & • Upgrade Hide-a-Bed Sofa w/ Air Mattress • ABS Hitch Cover Built-In Shoe Storage and W/D Prep Gate Valves • 110V Ceiling Fan with Light Kit • Electric Power Cord Reel • King Size Bed • Flexfoil Insulation (R-14) • Decorative Border Tape • Slam Baggage Doors Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress (N/A 3385RL) PLUMBING APPLIANCES AND LIGHTING • Two Windows in Slide for Better Air Flow • Color-Coded Plumb-PLEX™ Water Lines • 9 Cu.Ft Dometic™ Refrigerator INTERIOR • Large Dresser w/6 Large Drawers & O.H. w/10/25 Year Warranty with Hardwood Door Inserts • Hand Rubbed Antique Glazed • 6’-4” Bedroom Ceiling Height Throughout • Quick Drain for Water Tank • 3-Burner Cook Top w/Oven Cherry Cabinets & Facia • Level Floor between Bath and Bedroom • Quick & Easy Winterization System • 30” Microwave Oven Over the Range • Electric Fireplace • Adjustable Reading Lights Over Bed • Boutique Pull Out Sprayer Faucet in Kitchen TANK SIZE & LP GAS SYSTEM • Convection Oven • Deluxe Headboard Design • 12 Gal. Water Heater (Gas/Electric DSI) • Pullout Storage Drawers in Steps • 75 Gallons - Fresh Water Capacity • Countertop Extension • 135 Gallons Waste Water - 90 Gal. Grey / 45 Gal. Black • 4” Round Halogen Ceiling Lights • Deluxe Pillow Package WALL CONSTRUCTION • (2) 30# LP bottles w/Auto Change Over MIRRORED CLOSET/UTILITY CENTER • High-Back Desk Chair • Laminated Fiberglass Sidewalls • Exterior Lights Switches • 19” LCD TV in Bedroom • Double-Welded Aircraft Quality Aluminum POWER • 60 AMP/12V DC Power Converter • Coat Hooks • Ultra Leather Recliners SUPERSTRUCTURE Cage Construction • Water Heater DSI Switch • Drip Rail w/Down Spouts • 55 Amp Detachable Marine Cord • 2nd A/C (Low Profile 13.5 BTU Bdrm.) • Dual Battery Box • Full System Monitoring Panel • Central Vacuum System • Deluxe Exterior Awning • Master Control Slide Switch • 110V Exterior Electrical Receptacles • 9 cu. ft. Refer with Ice Maker STANDARD WINDOW FEATURES • Battery Disconnect & 1 Battery KITCHEN • Dometic Elite (2x2) 4 Door Refer w/ Ice Maker • Dark Tinted Safety Glass Windows with • Real Solid Surface Countertops w/ Colored Insert UV Inhibitor • Fantasic Fan in Bdrm. w/Rain Sensor • BeauFlor Resilient Flooring • Booth Dinette • Huge Panoramic Rear Bay Window • 34” Residential Sized Cabinets • Huge Panoramic Windows in Dinette • Queen Bed IPO King Bed • Toe Kicks (most models) • “Welcome Back Light”
  14. 14. The King of the Mountain FLOORPLANS Note: Overall Length defined as tow point (Ball coupler for travel trailers / King pin for 5th wheel trailers) to rear bumper. It does not include the rear ladder. Add 9” w/ Extended Pin Box BH 2985RL GWVR: 14,000 Dry: 10,352 BH 3585RL Length: 33'-9" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" GWVR: 16,000 Dry: 11,950 Est. Length: 38'-4" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" BH 3055RL GWVR: 14,000 Dry: 11,076 BH 3610RE Length: 34'-4" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" GWVR: 16,000 Dry: 12,383 Length: 38'-6" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" BH 3185RL BH 3670RL GWVR: 14,000 Dry: 11,221 GWVR: 16,000 Dry: 12,161 Length: 35'-0" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" Length: 38'-1" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½"
  15. 15. BH 3385RL BH 3800BH GWVR: 14,300 Dry: 11,391 GWVR: 16,000 Dry: 12,988 Length: 36'-4" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" Length: 39'-6" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" BH 3410RE BH 3800DB GWVR: 14,500 Dry: 11,548 GWVR: 16,000 Dry: 12,950 Est. Length: 36'-9" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" Length: 39'-6" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" BH 3580RL BH 3800RD GWVR: 16,000 Dry: 12,271 GWVR: 16,000 Dry: 12,950 Est. Length: 38'-8" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" Length: 39'-6" Width: 96" Height: 12'-11½" D ADVA AN N TL BIGHORN TYPICAL CAPACITIES: R TA • HEA Fresh Water: 75 gal. A/C: 15,000 BTU GE • Grey Water: 90 gal. Furnace: 35,000 BTU (40K on Quads) s T . rd .O. da S D Black Water: 45 gal. LP: Two (2) 30# tanks tan s U y S eed fet xc • • He Water Heater: 12 gal. Sa or E Converter: 60 Amp s rt i ets re la n lT Me a d R o ll s o n R a d i a
  16. 16. www.HEARTLANDRVS.com Experience: Product Walk-Through Videos Heartland Recreational Vehicles Side By Side Comparisons 1001 All-Pro Drive • Elkhart, IN 46514 • 574-262-5992 Feature Videos • Photo Galleries Virtual 360° Tours Detailed Floor Plans Community. Convenience. Close-to-home. News • Testimonials Where you purchase your recreational vehicle is ultimately your decision but Heartland urges you to consider buying at your local dealer. Dealers Customer Service are part of your community, providing jobs and contributing to your Service Locator local economy. These dealers are under obligation to provide warranty Owners Club • More service for products they sell, but are not legally required to service products purchased from other dealers. At some point, you may need at our Informative Web Site to return to the dealer you buy from - why not stay close to home? After all, home is where your Heartland is! BENEFITS OF PURCHASING YOUR RV LOCALLY: • You enjoy valuable relationship building with Dealer Representatives, close to your home, who will explain the features and benefits of the product. • You receive a full product orientation prior to delivery, which includes hands- on directions for many of the coach’s systems and functions. You are also introduced to the Dealership’s Service/Parts/Warranty personnel who are at the ready to help you with any issues you may encounter, now and in the future. • You enjoy customer PRIORITY. Dealerships generally service their purchasing customers first - others may experience long delays and miss opportunities to use their RV. What is it worth for you to have a dealership’s full attention and motivation to satisfy you when you need service – in a timely manner? • Valuable TAX dollars and jobs stay in YOUR community which pays for your VENDOR DIRECT 800# STOP Call Direct, Fast Results! CALL DIRECT FOR DIRECT RESULTS! roads, schools, police and fire departments. TOLL FREE & WARRANTY PHONE NUMBERS: In an effort to offer the best possible customer service, we are providing you with the warranty phone numbers of our most common vendor partners so 800# LABEL you may work directly with them to more quickly handle service issues. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PERSONAL CARE! Check the brand name on the product to determine the correct vendor. LIPPERT ................1-866-524-7821 SUBURBAN ............. 1-423-775-2131 HEARTLAND (Frames, Axles, Jacks, Hyd. Slide-Out Systems, (Furnaces, Water Heaters) Not toll free. Trail-Air, (Seat Tech - Furniture)) SWAN ....................... 1-800-228-7926 IN EVERY HEARTLAND DEXTER AXLE ........ 1-574-295-7888 (Black Tank Flush System) For Canadian Residents: If you purchase an RV out-of-country, there are (Axles) Not toll free. B & B. ....................... 1-574-259-7838 DOMETIC ................. 1-800-544-4881 (Black Tank Flush System) Not toll free. (Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Awnings, Com- CUSTOMER SERVICE modes) FLAIR ....................... 1-574-534-2163 additional fees, taxes and inspections that must be met before bringing your (Furniture) Not toll free. We provide a convenient sticker NORCO .................... 1-800-347-2232 (Elect. Slide-Out Systems) SEAT TECH ............. 1-866-524-7821 (Furniture) SHUR-FLOW............ 1-800-854-3218 product home. Your local Canadian dealers are experts in these provisions. (Water Pumps) ONAN ....................... 1-800-888-6626 in each coach listing the warranty WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! (Generators) THETFORD .............. 1-800-543-1219 phone numbers of our most (Commodes) DIMPLEX.................. 1-800-668-6663 (Electric Fireplaces) KIB ........................... 1-800-250-7051 (Monitor Panels) HAIER ...................... 1-877-461-4788 TREDIT TIRE ........... 1-866-443-9907 (Nankang/Mission/Winland, Tires and Wheels) (Beverage Coolers) CAREFREE .............. 1-800-622-3230 common vendor partners so A.S.A. ....................... 1-800-688-3135 (Jensen Audio & Video Products; Electronics) (Awnings) DEKA ....................... 1-800-439-6694 that if you choose to, you may Over 40 men and women located in a dedicated facility servicing our customers every day. With a dealer network (Batteries) work directly with them to more PROGRESSIVE ....... 1-269-781-4241 (Power Convertors) Not toll free. WHIRLPOOL/ Your Authorized Heartland Dealer: CHENG..................... 1-877-294-8997 MAYTAG...1-800-545-9086 Prompt 5 (Power Convertors) (Ranges, Refrigerators) ATWOOD ................. 1-866-869-3118 NORCOLD ............... 1-800-543-1219 quickly resolve issues or obtain of over 400 locations across the U.S. and Canada, you’re replacement items. never far from an authorized Heartland dealer. (Furnaces, Water Heaters) (Refrigerators) This list is provided for your benefit, so that you can quickly speak to the product manufacturer directly. If you prefer to work through Heartland’s Network of Authorized Dealers and need assistance in locating your nearest dealer or authorized service center, feel free to contact Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032. Product information is as accurate as possible as of the date of publication of this brochure. Due to Heartlands commitment to continuous product improvement - floorplans, materials, components, features, specifications, options, etc. are subject to change without notice or obligation to Heartland Recreational Vehicles. Product information and specifications apply to coaches beginning with serial number 214519 Tow Vehicle Caution: Owners of Heartland recreational vehicles are solely responsible for the selection and proper use of tow vehicles. All customers should consult with a motor vehicle manufacturer or their dealer concerning the purchase and use of suitable tow vehicles for Heartland products. Heartland disclaims any liability or damages suffered as a result of the selection, operation, use or misuse of a tow vehicle. Heartland’s limited warranty does not cover damage to the recreational vehicle or the tow vehicle as a result of the selection of the tow vehicle. See your nearest Heartland dealer to review a current model. 55,000 LITHO 1/10