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AppSense Environment Manager 8.5 Beta AppSense Environment Manager 8.5 Beta Presentation Transcript

  • Confidential 1 EM 8.5 / AMC 8.6 Beta Confidential 1 Dave Allen Product Manager
  • Benefits from Environment Manager 8.5 • Faster Deployments • Easier to install and configure • Deploy without workarounds and scripts • Reduced hardware costs • Improved server performance • Reduced database size • Improved user experience • Faster logons and app launches • Seamless roaming between environments • Enable hosted service providers • Multiple instance support • Service Provider Licensing program
  • Common problems fixed in EM 8.5 • Changing the client configuration mid-session • No way to personalize non-exportable certificates • Lack of support for personalizing user mapped network drives • No support for capturing individual files or registry values • Personalizing Windows Explorer views and navigation settings • Capturing Windows and App Credentials inside EM Personalization • Desktop Settings problems across Windows versions and architectures (x86/x64) • Having to rollback all Desktop Settings, not just the those that may have become corrupted • Not being able to use environment and session variables in conditions and actions • Desktop, Task Bar and Start Menu links to non-existent applications • Using SQL scripts to clean out ‘stale’ EM personalization data • No built-in templates for Office 2013 and Office 365 • Writing scripting loops to wait for network connection • Scripting Robocopy (instead of using Copy function) • Find and Replace didn’t allow in-place editing … and many more!
  • Environment Manager 8.5 highlights • Biggest overhaul of the Console since 8.1 • Desktop Settings receives the biggest changes • Removed or simplified overly complex functionality • 250+ bugs fixed that have not previously been addressed in previous versions
  • Console usability improvements • Console settings, sizes, views, controls, etc. all persisted between sessions • Dialog and dialog control size changes persisted , tabs, grids, columns, sort order, etc. • Personalization server connection persisted in connection dialog • Personalization Analysis view preferences persisted • Console can now be personalized  • Ribbon menus cleaned-up and reorganized to reflect user workflow • Expand and Collapse All button for expandable controls • Modeless Find and Replace dialog with more usable options • Default button on delete confirmation boxes changed to cancel
  • Ribbon Menus
  • Console find and replace • Find: the text you are searching for • In: the objects you want to search • Where: the scope of the search • Configuration • Library • LibraryReusable Nodes • UserLogonPre-Desktop • UserProcess Started • Etc. • Replace: the text to replace
  • Policy configuration • Logon and Logoff handling improvements • Logon and Logoff more deterministic and more granular • Logon split into 3 sub-triggers • Pre-Session – new trigger that fires once the user profile has been created but before the user session is started, replaces the Environment tab • Pre-Desktop – replacement for the Logon trigger in previous versions and fires slightly earlier during the logon process • Desktop Created – new trigger that fires once the desktop shell has been created • Logoff handling changed no longer reliant on local policy
  • Policy configuration continued Upgrades – will default to legacy mode (current model 8.4) until selected
  • Policy configuration cont. • Network Available trigger to compliment Computer Startup • Regular Expressions support for the Process Start action extended to include process parameters (control, rundll32, etc.) • Environment and Session variable expansion available inside conditions, actions and custom scripts, $(sessionVar) • Folder copy action improvements: • Copy, Mirror and Sync use the same dialog • Mirroring a folder only copies files that have changed • Folder synchronization includes renamed and deleted files and folders
  • Folder copy action improvements • Specify number of sub folders • Exclude junction points • Copy file attributes • Copy security attributes • Copy owner information
  • Policy configuration other • Mid-session config change gets 3 settings: • Immediately • At User Logon • At Computer Startup
  • EM 8.5 – Policy Demo
  • Personalization highlights • Manage All Processes – removed • Personalization Group blacklists – simplified, reduced to a single global list for child processes • Desktop Settings + Session Data = Windows Personalization • No longer hidden inside Personalization Groups • Works across Windows architectures (x86 and x64) • No longer uses confusing inherit, shared and separate model • Stores Windows settings in user configurable collections • Provides full customization and policy conditions
  • Windows Personalization • A first class citizen inside the Personalization Console • User Personalization • Application Personalization • Windows Personalization – uses the same paradigm as Applications • Collections of windows settings set granularity level • Controls what can be rolled back at the same time • User configurable – create your own collection name • User configurable – choose Windows settings for each collection • Default out-of-the-box ‘it just works template’ for majority use case
  • Windows Personalization cont.
  • Windows Personalization Conditions • Windows Personalization Conditions = Targeting • Uses policy conditions engine (Computer Name, OS version, Is VDI, Has Battery, etc.) • No server-side performance impact, conditions evaluated on client • Conditions are applied to Windows Settings collections • Create your own Windows Settings collection, add Windows settings to it and then add Windows Personalization conditions • Personalization Group Membership Rules still valid for membership of Personalization Groups
  • Windows Personalization Conditions cont.
  • Windows Personalization cont.
  • Windows Personalization cont. • New built-in Windows Personalization settings include: • System Tray Notification Area • Windows Explorer Layout (Details, Navigation and Preview panes) • Folder Views (Details, List, Content, Tiles, Icons) • Start Menu (Recently launched applications) • Windows Libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos) • Network Location Shortcuts • Action Center • Windows certificates and credentials become built-in Windows Personalization settings
  • Windows Personalization – user configurable settings • Custom Windows Setting = Session Data • Has it’s own editor to create a Custom Windows Setting • Specify Files/Folders and Registry Keys/Values • Select which Windows versions it applies to • Add the custom settings to a Windows Settings collection • Import, Export and Share
  • Windows Personalization cont. • Synchronization extended to cover: • Session Locked • Session Disconnect • Extra caching options • Pre-caching allows user cache to be pre-populated • Save cache on failed sync updates user cache when disconnected
  • Windows Personalization cont. • Profile clean-up • Specify the clean-up delay • Zero = Immediately • -1 = Don’t clean-up • N = # days to delay
  • Windows Personalization Demo
  • Application Personalization • Personalize files • Personalize registry values • Wildcard support for registry keys (Office 2013) • Internet Explorer 10 and 11 support • New Office 2013 / 365 personalization template • Default inclusions and exclusions improvements
  • Installation • More intuitive DesktopNow Installer • Standalone and Enterprise being replaced with three options • One option will pre-configure the SCU for an initial trial or PoC • Feature picker style installer for more advanced options • Multi-instance installer, not just via PowerShell
  • Installation continued
  • Configuration • EM and EMBI SCU’s merged • EM SCU includes AMC PowerShell cmdlets • SSL support added to Web browser UI • Personalization Server Site ordering to enable retry order to be changed • Load balancing improvements – retries for virtual hosts and site ordering
  • Platform and Infrastructure • Non-Persistent VDI support • Configs deployed from the AMC without being wrapped in an MSI • Configurable config location (can be stored in a persistent location) • CCA can pause computer startup until a configuration is available • Image preparation – removes persistent settings from prior to being sealed
  • EM 8.5 Beta • We need your feedback! • Tell us about what we have built, have we missed anything? • Tell us about bugs and environmental issues • Available later today or tomorrow • Release Candidate available end of May
  • Any Questions? EM 8.5 Beta feedback to