Datam Media Kit for Publishers


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Datam Media Kit for Publishers

  1. 1. BRAZILWE KNOWLATAMWE AREWORLDWE TARGET THEPerformance sitemonetizationExperts in:10 years of onlineexperience- ONLINE PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGYAn company
  2. 2. In a nutshell Datam offers several monetization solutionsfor medium to large websites.Datam at a glance:IAB banners + other formatsOnline and mobile networkHundreds of advertisers100% fill rateBidding system to get the mostof your available inventoryAbout usOnline performance technology An company
  3. 3. • 24/7 reporting system: A dedicated accountmanager, multiple payment options, adherence toyour guidelines and restrictions.• Long-term partnerships: The more we get to knoweach other, the better our results will be.• Dedicated account management: You are not anaccount number, you are a partner. Speak to yourreal life account manager to discuss goals, results,performance or just life!• On-time payments: Multiple payment options,delivered on-time, every time.• Your policies = our compliance: Your accountmanager takes 100% responsibility in adhering toyour guidelines and needs.PublishersGet extra cash!• Improve your existing eCPMs• Make extra money withinnovative formats• Monetize your unsold inventory• Easy-to-implement premiumproductsGet paid on time• Attractive and scalablerevenue• Payments on-time every monthTake control of your business• Team of passionate experts willhelp you maximize your profits• Real time Online ReportingOnline performance technology An company
  4. 4. Display Banners: Improve eCPMs• IAB standard banners• Maximize your global eCPM• No Blank Ads. 100% Fill rate• Full control of the categories you want tosee in your website.• We share our revenue with your site,even on Dynamic CPM, CPC, CPL orCPA basisPublishers option 1Popular sizes: 300x250, 728x90, 120x600 160x600 468x60(All IAB formats available too)Online performance technology An company
  5. 5. Additional Advertising inventory• NO set up fees• Start making EXTRA money today• 300x250 or 728x90 banner ad that slides up from the left-bottom sideof screen• High eCPMs with frecuency control to always protect the user experience• It’s easy to install maintaining your actual ad structure• Access to PREMIUM campaigns only available for this Ad Format• No blank ads, 100% fulfillment of your inventory guaranteed!• Select the pages where you want it to be shownPops• Implement Pop-Up & Pop-Unders for extra money keeping your bannerinventory as it is• Higher eCPMs than regular Banners• No blank ads, 100% fulfillment of your inventory guaranteed!• Easy control of what’s being displayed, exclude categories of bannersyou don’t want• Get access to premium and top advertisers worldwide• Receive your revenue share payment on time• Control your income with transparent online reportingPublishers option 2Online performance technology An company
  6. 6. Offer Path - Lead Gen: High impact advertisingRegistration Path: Monetize your Registration Path with high eCPMs• NO set up fees!• Start monetizing your REGISTRATION process and getEXTRA $$$• Exclusive Lead Generation technology, get up to $50 eCPM• User never leaves your website, protected user experience withtwo step optional registrationLogin path & more: Monetize your Login & other positions• NO set up fees!• Implement the offer path in your LOG-IN process and getEXTRA $$$• Exclusive Lead Generation technology, Get up $30 eCPM• User never leaves your website, protected user experience withtwo step optional registration• It could be implemented together with DATAM Registration path• Get paid on time on Rev Share basisPublishers option 3Online performance technology An company
  7. 7. The way we rollOffers TrafficAdvertisersPerformanceDatamHost&Post (PO & C2L)$$ $Optimal Conversion foradvertisersHigh eCPM forpublishersPublishersBrandingDatam NetworkAutomated Performance Technology+ Customized Account ManagementFocuses:• Gaming• Diet• Lead Gen.• Finance• Shopping• Toolbars• Downloads• Entertainment• Health• Auctions• Travel• Branding• CouponsOnline performance technology An company
  8. 8. Some of our prestigious advertisersSome of our prestigious publishersand thousands more...PartnershipOnline performance technology An company
  9. 9. Contact performance technology An company