Data Disruption for Insurance - Perspective from th


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  • Data Disruption for Insurance - Perspective from th

    1. 1. Data disruption for InsuranceA Perspective From the Digital World?
    2. 2. Data DisruptionBasics6/12/2013 Dataiku2
    3. 3. 6/12/2013Dataiku 3DataikuWe help peoplebuild their datalab2013
    4. 4. 6/12/2013Dataiku 4Why a data lab ?Personalize for Survival+ Sale Price- Buy Price- Discount- Advertising Costs- Indirect Advertising Costs- Search Optimization Costs- Cloud Marginal Costs+ Recurrence+ Loyalty ?-----------Predicted Deal Value+ Sale Price- Buy Price~ SEO-----------MarginSimple Funnel Model Multiple Contact Points ModelE-Commerce 2001 E-Commerce 2013
    5. 5.  New Team  New Tech New “M” Paradigm◦ Let the machine decide,not the meeting6/12/2013Dataiku 5Data LabBusiness Guy Data ScientistTech Guy
    6. 6. Is your data lab ready ?6/12/2013Dataiku 6Can you bring in …What is your ability to integrate a newsmart guy and give him anydata he would need and any computingpower he would need to enhanceyour product ??
    7. 7. 6/12/2013 Dataiku7Insurance is already data driven
    8. 8. Data Usage Evolution6/12/2013Dataiku 8LinearGeneralizedLinearModelCARTMARSNeural NetworksPricingBusinessScopeModelComplexityDataScopePricingUnderwritingRetentionPricingUnderwritingRetentionFraudRecruitmentInternalInternalDemographicsAgency DataInternalDemographicsAgency DataOpen DataReal-Time Flow1990’s 2000’s Soon
    9. 9. How do you combine data ?6/12/2013Dataiku 9DATAPrice ScoreRetention ScoreAffiliate ScoreRisk Score…Combine atthe strategicor individuallevel ?
    10. 10. What is your practice w.r.t Churn ?6/12/2013Dataiku 10DataProfitabilityAnalyticsKey DriversStrategic ObjectivesMarketing PlansEnhance ScorerEffectMeasurement1 year ? 5 years ?
    11. 11. Acquire, Manage, Releaseeach customerindividually, throughouthis life and key events Gather all relevant data,even partial or inaccurate Share methods andalgorithms between CRMand Risk Analytics Run Global A/B Tests.Don’t decide fromreports.Churn: The Digital Way6/12/2013Dataiku 11New HouseNew Girlfriend?Phone+MailCampaignLiked “Vodka”On FacebookNew CarSpecific RiskDetectedBirthDeathMobile InfoTravel To China?New Girlfriend?New CarChange BankDiscountOfferingSpecificRiskDetected
    12. 12. From Evolution to Revolution
    13. 13. 6/12/2013Dataiku 13Online Advertising RevolutionOctober 23, 2000Large Amount of User Data Product AbilityNew Business Model Data Processing And Predictive Capabilities
    14. 14. 6/12/2013Dataiku 14Impact
    15. 15. 6/12/2013Dataiku 15Insurance TelematicsNew Services New Product DeliveryNew Business Model Data Processing and Predictive CapabilitiesPerformance Monitoring+ Theft recovery+ Performance+ Oil SavingsProgressive (2011):2 billions miles of data
    16. 16. Progressive (Snapshot) - State Farm- AllState (DriveWise) - Nationwide(SmartRide) - Hartford (TrueLane) -Esurance (DriveSense) - State Farm(Ford Sync) - CSE (Save) - Elephant(DriveIQ) - Dtric (Akamai) - MetroMile - Insure The Box - ….Car Insurance Telematics:From 1997 to 2013 and beyond …6/12/2013Dataiku 16Source: ABI Research, “Insurance Telematics”, Q1 2012
    17. 17. 6/12/2013Dataiku 17
    18. 18. 6/12/2013Dataiku 18
    19. 19. 6/12/2013Dataiku 19
    20. 20. 6/12/2013Dataiku 20User Based InsuranceNext : Health ?KyruusFindthemostefValidicConnectmobiPracticeFusiToday: Data GenerationHealth Digitalization StartupsTomorrowPersonalized Insurance ?PatientdrLinke
    21. 21. 6/12/2013Dataiku 21Insurance 2020 :Water Leakage Insurance ?Boston Chronicles,18 April, 2018Housing leader House Corp©is offering a new waterleakage insurance service.This service will be offeredto every customer renting anew flat through the website, and will gatherinformation from …Data fromHouse Sensors /Product SensorsWater ConsumptionWeatherInternal TemperatureProduct / Image Analytics
    22. 22. Washington Post,3 April, 2019Online Dating ServiceMeetMatch© is offering amarriage insurance as partof its new premium service.This new service will start at5€/month, with a rateevolving throughout yourlifetime, depending …6/12/2013Dataiku 22Insurance 2020 :Marriage Insurance ?Data fromFacebookWeb SearchOnline ProfileDivorce History…..
    23. 23. 6/12/2013Dataiku 23
    24. 24. 6/12/2013Dataiku 24Online Advertising RevolutionOctober 23, 2000Large Amount of User Data Product AbilityNew Business Model Data Processing And Predictive Capabilities
    25. 25. 6/12/2013Dataiku 252013Display Advertising / PlatformsData Management Platform (User Data) AdNetworks (Distribution)AdExchange Audience OptimizersADVERTISINGSLAVIA
    26. 26. 6/12/2013Dataiku 26In 10 years:Assurance as a platform ?Collect Customer Data Pricing and Product ConceptionUnderwriting andDistributionRisk Analytics As A Service
    27. 27. 6/12/2013Dataiku 27User Based Insurance in 10 years:Who will…DriiveCollect Customer Data Pricing and Product ConceptionUnderwriting andDistributionRisk Analytics As A Service
    28. 28. 6/12/2013Dataiku 28Thank you !@fdouetteau