The future of mobile in customer insight


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Using mobile to collect customer feedback... the next big trend

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The future of mobile in customer insight

  1. 1. The Future of Mobile in Customer Insight September 2012BackgroundThe growing popularity of mobile has been hard to miss. Whether it’s the increasing number of smartphones available on themarket, an app for any number of daily tasks, or an ever increasing number of brands optimising their websites, mobile is reachingevery single customer touch point, including customer insight.The very latest consumer mobile tracking results from eDigitalResearch and IMRG show that over half of all UK adults now haveaccess to a smartphone, whilst 1 in 5 own a tablet device. The world has gone mobile and therefore it is imperative that all customerchannels are sufficiently optimised for use across all touch points, including all customer feedback mechanisms and insightprogrammes.The developing use of mResearchHaving tracked the importance of mobile channels with consumers since October 2009, eDigitalResearch understood early howessential mobile optimised research resources really are. 6%Since then, eDigitalResearch haveput into place numerous systems and 5%practices to help offer clients the verybest in mResearch, helping them to 4%provide a seamless, real time feed- Tabletback solution to their customers. 3% Smartphone Other mobile 2%One of these developments was theintroduction of a mobile detection tool. 1%Integrated into the eDigitalResearchHUB analysis and reporting system, 0%the device detection technology auto- Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12matically senses how a consum Figure 1: Respondents accessing eDigitalResearch surveys through a mobile enabled device er is accessing a survey – whether that’sa mobile, tablet or other digital device – and presents to them a relevantly optimised survey.As it currently stands, around 10% of all eDigitalResearch surveys are completed on a mobile device, a number which has more thandoubled in a twelve month period from July 2011 alone.With that in mind, eDigitalResearch recently undertook a consumer survey to better understand mobile survey respondents, gaugethe popularity of using mobile devices for research purposes and truly understand what they have come to expect from a mobileoptimised research programme. eDigitalResearch | The Future of Mobile in Customer Insight All rights reserved This document is for information purposes only ©eDigitalResearch plc 2012
  2. 2. MethdologyA mobile optimised survey was emailed to a nationally representative sample, with specific instructions to complete the survey on amobile or tablet device. 649 responses were collected in total; 392 were completed on a smartphone and 257 on a tablet device. Thisprovided the opportunity to understand, not only the future use of mobile devices in customer insight, but also how smartphone andtablet owners are currently using their mobile devices to take part in research.Key Findings Almost three 72% ‘strongly 28% of 82% of respondents will quarters (72%) of agree’ or ‘agree Functionality is respondents are visit an alternative respondents have that it is more more important to likely to take part website if they previously convenient for mobile users than in surveys from come across a site completed a them to take a layout and design their mobile in the that isn’t mobile survey on a survey on their future* optimised mobile device mobile deviceThe Future of Mobile in Customer Insight Results show that mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) Have you previously taken part in any surveys on a mobile are likely to play a growing role in customer insight and it is device? therefore imperative that brands and agencies work together to create a seamless and robust mobile optimised insight strategy. Yes, many Yes, one or two No Of those who completed the survey on their smartphone or tablet device, almost three quarters (72%) of them had already completed a survey on their mobile or tablet, demonstrating the importance of putting into place practices and procedures for 28% surveying mobile customers ensuring an engaging experience. 36% Nearly three quarters (72%) agree that it is more convenient for them to take part in research from their mobile rather than a PC or laptop and the majority (82%) of those surveyed would be likely to take part in research from their mobile device in the future*. It is therefore important to encourage mobile use in customer insight for those who are willing to take part by clearly 36% labelling that the option is available to respondents. Over a quarter (28%) said that if they went to a website that was not mobile optimised they would go to an alternative websitethat is, reinforcing the importance of having a mobile insight strategy.Further analysis of the results clearly shows that, like mCommerce strategies, researchers need to ensure that customer insight isavailable through various touch points, channels, platforms and formats to suit a variety of respondent preferences, whether theyown a mobile device or not.Flash PlayerKey feedback from respondents shows that as mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, grow in popularity, a lot of users arestruggling to complete certain surveys that rely on Flash Player. 15% of mobile device users specifically commented that they havehad issues in the past completing surveys, especially for those tablet owners who are increasingly replacing their laptop or PC usewith a portable tablet computer.At eDigitalResearch, all surveys we operate are W3C AAA compliant, meaning that our products do not rely on flash, or any otherkind of third party software or platform to work seamlessly across devices, whilst still providing clients with the ability to create acompletely customisable and engaging survey.The introduction and gradual uptake of HTML5 by market research agencies is likely to limit this issue in the future. However, inthe meantime, agencies need to be increasingly aware that more and more smartphone and tablet users are likely to be accessingsurveys from their mobile devices across a number of different operating platforms, and therefore need to be accommodating certainrestrictions and limitations as a result of this within their overall mobile strategy.*Rated 8-10 on a 1-10 scale where 10 is ‘Very likely’ eDigitalResearch | The Future of Mobile in Customer Insight All rights reserved This document is for information purposes only ©eDigitalResearch plc 2012
  3. 3. Best PracticeWith the majority (82%) of respondents likely to take part in more research from their mobile in the future, it is imperative thatbrands and agencies work together to correctly optimise research surveys for use on a mobile and create a seamless insightexperience. A mobile device is the one thing that a consumer is likely to always carry with them and therefore mobile surveys shouldbe quick, easy and engaging to complete.Unsurprisingly, like mobile shoppers, mobile survey respondents rate functionality and usability above the design, layout, look andfeel of a survey.Almost three quarters of respondents (71%) believe that it is ‘very important’ that pages load quickly. In comparison, just 15% feelthat a survey design that looks appealing is ‘very important’, and similarly just 15% think that it is ‘very important’ that a surveydesign reflects a brand.However, it is clear from the results that smartphone and tablet users expect a survey to be adequately optimised. Of thosesurveyed, almost 10% specifically stated that they would expect all surveys that they receive to be optimised to allow them to takepart in research anytime and anywhere. And a considerable proportion of those surveyed (53%) also thought that it is ‘veryimportant’ that a survey page is optimised so that it correctly fits a smartphone screen, whilst another 36% feel that thisfeature is ‘quite important’, meaning that there is no need for constant and unnecessary zooming and scrolling around the screen.It is therefore important that brands take into account several key features when optimising their surveys for use across all devices,from survey length and question design to styling options and font size. Clear, large font that is easy to Condensed and read, even when the screen is unambiguous question text ‘dimmed’ with simple and easy to understand answer set Content that does not rely on flash player A layout that has been clearly optimised and fits the screen Easy to select options More ‘complicated’ Limited number of text boxes questions, such as drag ‘n’ to negate the amount of typing drop, are removed from mobile required by respondents optimised versions of a survey eDigitalResearch are insight specialists with an expertise in online and multichannel business. We bring passionate researchers, technical experts and art designers together all under one roof to workeDigitalResearch plc with clients and create bespoke insight programmes. eDigitalResearch not only offer unrivalled digitalVanbrugh House Grange Drive research expertise and insight support, but state-of-the-art technology and innovation that worksHedge End Hampshire seamlessly with your systems and data across customer touch points. Our products and services helpSO30 2AF you to reach your customers no matter how they interact with businesses +44 (0) 1489 772920 We support and abide by the following codes of practice: • Data Protection Act 1998 • Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct • ESOMAR (European Soceity for Opinion and Marketing Research) • The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and guidelines made by W3C’s • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG) ©eDigitalResearch. All rights reserved. All Trademarks acknowledged. MBP01