Datacom's mobility presentation at Trend Micro's Evolve Secure
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Datacom's mobility presentation at Trend Micro's Evolve Secure



Learn how your business can use practical mobility solutions to solve real business problems.

Learn how your business can use practical mobility solutions to solve real business problems.



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Datacom's mobility presentation at Trend Micro's Evolve Secure Presentation Transcript

  • 1. DEVICESOSCOMMSAPPSMDMEnthusiasts talk technologyGlobalisationCsatLeaders talk outcomesStaff loyaltySkills shortageProfitsMarginsBarriers to entryCustomer loyaltyTime to marketCost of Staff Property Lease CostsOperating CostsCompetitionTaxesDemands on efficiencyCustomer expectationsCost of SaleTraining & inductionSales PerformanceField Service TeamsAsset ManagementRisk
  • 2. WorkforceWorkplaceCapabilityCompetitionEcosystemDataCommunicationsProcessesApplicationsSecurity
  • 3. Mobile solutions must solve realbusiness problems. The focus should beon:• Outcomes, such as reducingoperating costs and time to market• Identifying passive needs you mighthave and the compelling reason toimplement a mobility solution now• Thorough analysis of the problemand how mobile technology couldsolve it• Design, implementation and supportof the solution and then reviewingand refining it.
  • 4. Business pain point• Time-consuming manualdata entry• Disparate customer datasystems• Long times for job closeoutsin workplaces such as callcentresMobility can help with• Mobile forms that aggregatenotes, photos & data fields• Apps that integrate with yourbackend CRM systems• Multi-channel mobilecapability that lets workerscommunicate in various ways
  • 5. Copyright J Fisher 2003
  • 6. To help with the cultural and process changethat come with implementing a positivelydisruptive mobility solution, identifychampions of your plan. Consider a pilot-testing group to give you feedback.This group will then trickle out into the rest ofthe organisation and soothe the fears of thegreater workforce and demonstrate thetangible benefits of the solution (betterproductivity, time savings, more device andapp choice).
  • 7. Mobility is governed by acontinuous improvement model –you don’t simply solve yourbusiness pain points byimplementing the solution, thenforgetting about it. Like anytechnology investment, it needsto be managed, maintained andmassaged as you gather insightsand business needs change.
  • 8. Passive NeedsCompelling EventAnalysisDesign SolutionImplementSupportReview and RefineUnrealised pain point that prompts mobilityThe actual point at which you decide to takeaction against the painPlanning the Why? When? How? What?What technical, social, process and culturefactors figure? Consider a pilot-test.Plan for deployment, training and tweakingMaintain, using the internal help desk orexternal consultantsOptimise, alert to emerging trends and grow themobile solution
  • 9. • Expect mobility to somehow improve yourorganisation without a defined tie in to specificbusiness processes• Fail to know which processes you want optimised• Neglect the needs of both your end users and yourbusiness
  • 10. • Identify pain points and create outcomes• Embrace your champions• Promote continuous improvement• Create your revolution!