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WebDB Presented by Violeta Marachenska, FN:






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WebDB Presented by Violeta Marachenska, FN: WebDB Presented by Violeta Marachenska, FN: Presentation Transcript

  • WebDB Presented by Violeta Marachenska, FN: Course: Modern Software Technologies
  • Contents
    • WebDB Overview
    • PL/SQL Gateway
    • WebDB Architecture
    • HTTP Listener
    • WebDB’s categories
    • Database Administration
    • Application Development
    • Content-Driven Web Site Management
    • Database Access Descriptor (DAD)
    • Example of Gateway Configuration File
  • WebDB Overview 1. WebDB is user-friendly tool for developing database-driven web applications and sites 2. “100% in the browser, 100% in the database” concept 3. WebDB’s wizards are just PL/SQL code generators that act on normal database objects 4. Every WebDB component, from development tools to the database administrator toolkit, has an HTML user interface 5. WebDB is a standalone product that contains everything you need to create a complete application
  • WebDB Architecture WebDB Components
  • PL/SQL Gateway
    • Users call a procedure using a URL
    • The gateway uses DADs (Database Access Descriptor) to authenticate web users
    • http://WebDB_server:port/dad_name/package.procedure?parm1=foo&parm2=bogus
    • The configuration information for the PL/SQL gateway is stored in the file %ORACLE_HOME%/listener/wdbsvr.app
    • DAD parameters
    • - Database Access Descriptor Name
    • - Oracle User Name/Password/Connect String
    • - Keep Database Connection Open between Requests?
    • - Default (Home) Page
    • - Document Table/Access Path/Access Procedure
  • DAD Administration In WebDB
  • Example of Gateway Configuration File [DAD_WebDB] ;connect_string = ;password = ;username = default_page = WEBDB.home document_table = WEBDB.wwv_document document_path = docs document_proc = WEBDB.wwv_testdoc.process_download ;name_prefix = ;always_describe = ;after_proc = reuse = Yes connmax = 4
  • HTTP Listener
    • The HTTP Listener is a miniature web server with following characteristics
    - Supports HTTP 1.1 - Able to serve static files residing in mapped directories - Supports application-specific MIME type mapping - Uses multithreading to provide increased performance - Specifically designed to integrate with the Oracle database via PL/SQL applications
    • The configuration information for the HTTP Listener is stored in the file %ORACLE_HOME%/listener/wdbsvr.cfg
  • WebDB’s categories
    • Database Administration
    • Browse database objects
    • Administer WebDB and database security
    • Monitor database and application performance
    • Users
    • Privileges
    • Roles
  • Browsing database objects with WebDB
  • WebDB’s categories
    • Application Development
    • Building database objects
    • Building user interface components
    • Building shared components
    • Building custom components
  • Creating a list of values in WebDB
  • WebDB’s categories
    • Content-Driven Web Site Management
    • User-uploaded content
    • File
    • Folderlink
    • Imagemap
    • PL/SQL call
    • Text item
    • URL
    • WebDB component
    • Managing content
    • Folders
    • Categories
    • Perspectives
    • Controlling access to content
    • Group
    • Privilege
  • A list of all folders in WebDB