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SYbase DBA

  1. 1. 1125 US Highway 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 ext 313, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: Contact: Nilesh Adani Resume of SRINIVAS GOWRISASTRY (Ref # 5268) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • O ver TEN years of experience in software analysis, design and development of which Six years have been in Sybase 12.5/11.9.2/11.5 Application Development & DBA. • E xpertise in Oracle 7.1/8.0/8I Server as backend with Developer 2000 (Forms 5.0/6.0,Reports 3.0/6.0) Forms 3.0 Report Writer 1.1 etc as front-end tools. • E xperience in Sun Solaris 2.6/8, SCO UNIX System V, Novell Netware 4.11, Windows NT system administration of two and three tier Client/Server applications. • P roficient in Administration, Maintaining of huge database of 250 GB database on Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.2 on Windows NT 4.0, monitoring Replication Server 11.5.1 connections, routes, queues & data integrity between Databases & Servers. • I nstallation, configuration and tuning of large OLTP and Decision Support Sybase & Oracle systems on various UNIX & NT platforms. • M igration experience of large OLTP systems across platforms & versions (Sybase to Oracle projects) • V ery proficient in writing backend scripts & shell scripts for database maintenance. • D evising & Implementing Backup Strategies for both Sybase & Oracle OLTP Databases. • E xperienced in project management and team leadership. • E xperienced in Upgrading/Migrating Sybase Database Server from Sybase 10.0.3 to Sybase 11.0.3, Sybase 11.5 to Sybase 11.9.2 & ASE 11.9.2 to ASE 12.5 • M onitoring of 10 Servers & 27 databases, taking initiative for fine-tuning the Server. • V ery proficient in Data Modeling (Logical & Physical Design of Distributed Databases), writing stored procedures, triggers, planning backups/recoveries, fine tuning queries & stored procedures, debugging programs, writing Crontabs in SCO Unix for automatic transaction dumps, writing shell scripts, etc. • I nstalled, configured, tuned & administered databases of 250 GB. • A nalyzing, writing, testing & implementing of automated stored procedures for fine-tuning & better performance of the System. Used EXTENDED Stored procedures for fine tuning & administration purpose. • W ritten scripts for Automated Database & transaction dumps. • C reated, configured, tested & implemented DBCCDB database on all the Production Databases, & also written scripts to run & fix DBCC errors regularly. • T aken Initiative in automation of most of the system administration jobs. Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Resume of SRINIVAS GOWRISASTRY • R eplication Server: Experience in Monitoring queues, routes, threads and connections of Replication Server in different sites with huge replication data. • E xperience in enabling TCP/IP network, managing network connectivity for over 100 nodes running win 3.11 on Novell Netware 4.12. • P rogramming Skills in C, Foxpro 2.1,Single/Multi user Focus, Basic, and Dbase III Plus. • P roficient in writing stored procedures, triggers, rules & DB-Libraries • L eading the team of 5 members in Y2K project for installation & up gradation. • I nstallation of patches, analyzing & verifying the requirement of the patches & new versions. • S ybase Database Administration: Creating logins, groups, users, database devices, databases, mirroring devices, checking for database consistency, fixing DBCC errors, monitoring of error logs regularly, monitoring of database space allocations, transaction log space allocations, fine tuning SQL performance, backing up of transaction logs, backing databases regularly, database segmentation for fine performance etc. Actively involved in many up gradation projects like Sybase System 10 to System 11.0.4 on SCO UNIX V, ASE 11.9.2 to ASE 12.5, Oracle 8.1 to Oracle 8i, etc. • U nix Administration: Installations, Creating user logins, server connectivity, file transfers, system monitoring, backing up of system, monitoring user level & system level processes, maintaining of Crontabs etc. • W indows NT Administration: Creating logins, groups, users, monitoring of error logs regularly, backing up databases regularly, etc., and also installation of NT Workstation & NT Server. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Operating Systems: SCO UNIX V Rel 5 & 3.2, DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT 4.0, Novell Netware 3.12/4.11 RDBMS: SYBASE System 11.9.2, 11.5 & 10.x, Oracle 8, Replication Server 11.5.1, Sybase IQ 11.x, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0.4 DBMS: FoxPro 2.1, Dbase III Plus Languages: C, COBOL, C++, Pascal, BASIC, FOCUS, X-motif, Assembly 8085 & Z80 Packages: MS Office 2000, Lotus-123, OpenGL, and Inventor Tools: SQL Advantage, MS Access, Sybase Central 3.0.0, Lifekeeper for Windows NT 2.02, Remote Control Option 5.0 Front Ends: Application Productivity Tool (APT), DWB, RWB, and Developer 2000, Sybase ASA ISQL ver 6.0.3 Hardware: ACER 900, Wipro Acer Altos 7000v, Wipro Super Genius, HP Brio, HCL, DELL Intellistation, DELL Precision 410. DBA Tools & Utilities:Oracle Enterprise Manager, RMan, Export, Import, SQL*Loader, ANALYZE, TKPROF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Nov ‘2000 to Till Date Army Recruiting Information Support, Fortknox, KY Sybase DBA Hardware: Dell Intelli Stations, SUN E3500, IBM-PC/AT Compatibles Software: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5/11.9.2, Sybase IQ 11x & Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0.4 on Windows NT 4.0, Replication Server 11.5.1 Oracle 8x/8i on Sun Solaris 2.7/8 Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Resume of SRINIVAS GOWRISASTRY Tools: SQL Advantage, Sybase Central 3.0.0 & MS ACCESS, Sybase ASA ISQL ver 6.0.3, SQL*Loader, Export, Import, RMAN Role: • Monitoring SQL Server, Database, Replication Server and Solving user problem • Monitoring queues, routes, threads and connection of Replication Server in different sites • Monitoring, Fine Tuning and debugging of 250 GB Database • Written very useful and performance Tuning automated stored procedures like updating statistics, DBCC checkalloc, DBCC checktable and spaceused. • Creation of Databases like DBCCDB & audit, configuration & implementing of Dbcc procedures for the huge database. • Also taken initiative in-redesigning of important and huge table for the purpose of performance • Resetting and rebuilding mark suspect database • Debugging and fine tuning of Stored Procedure programs and data discrepancy was a major involvement and had been appreciated Achievements: • Monitoring Server usage, error messages & jobs scheduling on daily basis & also replication errors. • Preparing statistical reports & technical documentation of both Sybase Servers. • Taken Initiative in Implementing automated stored procedures for better system performance. • Implementation of Remote login concept, to access different servers & to validate data thru single procedure. • Used Extended Stored procedure for System Administration process. • Automated Database & Transaction Dumps & backups for all the Online Databases. • Written Replication Definition, Subscriptions. • Written scripts & been scheduled to fix data discrepancy errors & regular data problems. • Successfully Recovering databases on Adaptive Server Enterprise & Adaptive System Anywhere. • Migrating data from Sybase to Oracle System using BCP & SQL*Loader. • Installing, Administrating & Fine Tuning Oracle 8/8i systems on Sun Solaris 2.7/8. • Study of datawarehousing projects on Sybase IQ databases, installations, upgrading & fine-tuning them. • Devising backup strategies, taking backups & recovering tablespaces, datafiles & databases whenever needed using Recovery Manager (RMAN) Aug ’94 to Oct ‘00 Triveni Engineering & Industries Sybase System Analyst & DBA Payroll Management System (All branches) Hardware: Acer Altos 930 Pentium 266mhz Software: Sybase System 11.0.4/11.9.2 on SCO UNIX System V Rel 3.2, Sun Solaris 2.6 & Novell Netware 4.1, Oracle 7.1 on Sun Solaris 2.6 & Windows NT Tools: Application Productivity Tool, Report Work Bench, and DB-Library, Forms & Reports The project basically maintains everything regarding employees leave details, family, Insurance, nominee, attendance, PF, monthly pay calculations, monthly pay slip generations, reports, and queries etc. Programs developed using DB-Library routines perform printings of pay slip. It also has multiple reports for analysis to personnel department, annual reports of all employees, grade wise department wise & employee wise to Finance & personnel departments. As Triveni being a Large Manufacturing Company having lot of procedures, facilities & rules for different cadres, everything was to be taken care of. Analysis & designing of the module was done successfully after thorough study of the module with the concerned departments. Expected date of completion of module in 5-6 months Being a responsible & senior programmer & analyst, my major involvement in the Company was to take initiative steps for developing new programs, modules & having technical discussions with department heads for new developments in the organization. Performing Fine-tuning of the existing system whenever required. Maintaining Backups, DBCC regularly is an important task for the huge Database. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Resume of SRINIVAS GOWRISASTRY Achievements: Requirement Determination: requirement study of the user, what best can be done & used with the existing system, input/output document design, discussions with concerned users. Development of core modules implementing business functions, client-server application design, and writing centralized modules to implement business functions; re-usable objects creation, and building component libraries. User Interface Standardization: design of data-entry screens, queries & reports, facilitating easier end-user usage through common look-and-feel, maintaining menu and windows design consistency, making least entry screens and all types of analysis reports & checklist to end-user & Hood’s. Database creation and performance tuning: writing database creation scripts, stored procedures, triggers, analyzing performance impact of developed & developers SQL statements, query optimization, SQL Server installation and configuration of OS while installation & fine tuning, Overall Project Management: Hardware sizing, selection, developers’ training, user training, estimation & management of development time, team programming, conducting technical meetings, coordination with users, developers, team members & technical & Departmental Heads. Unix System administration: installation and configuration, performance tuning, TCP/IP setup and administration, planning and automating system backup procedures, writing shell scripts for all types of backups, writing shell scripts for menu driven system maintenance, user accounts & maintenance & security management. Sybase System Administration: Monitoring locks, log size, database size regularly, and fine tuning SQL Server, partitioning tables on different segments based on their usage and size. Checking database consistency (dbcc) regularly, updating indexes & recreating indexes, if required fine tuning applications wherever necessary. Oracle System Administration: Installation of Oracle 7.1/8x on Sun Solaris 2.6, data migration, administration of databases, user management, taking backups & fine-tuning servers & databases. Writing Backup scripts for automated dumps, bcp out the rows into files from tables to happen at a scheduled time. Upgrading/Migrating Sybase Database Server from Sybase 10.0.3 to Sybase 11.0.3 & Sybase 11.5 to Sybase 11.9.2. Applying various patches & installing packages. Monitoring Server usage, error messages & jobs scheduling on daily basis. Preparing statistical reports & technical documentation of both Sybase & UNIX Servers. Tools/Techniques Used: For Unix space, memory, I/O process Optimization. Backups & restoring, monitoring Dfspace, iostat, Crontabs, cpio, tar, writing shell scripts, remote mounting of file systems for backups, etc. For Sybase locks, monitoring, backups, restoring, fine tuning and optimization Monitoring page locks, sp_monitor, using sp_configure for changing parameters based on SQL Server I/O & throughput. Partitioning Tables based on their usage and size. Doing dbcc regularly and when ever required for preventing system crash and maintaining database consistency. Reindexing tables using update statistics or recreating it. Compiling procedures using sp_recompile, etc. For Sybase and Application Backups/Restore Written shell scripts for taking regular & scheduled backups of Databases using dumps. Wrote menu driven shell scripts for applications, file system backups and also pulling out backend objects from the SQL Server. Taken total initiative to develop all the scripts for maintenance of SQL server & Unix Servers. For System Analysis and Data Modeling Normalization to segregate entity relationship, de-normalization for practical database design, making ERD’s, Physical and Logical DFD’s. Projects under taken at Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA The following software were developed using APT, RWB, DB-Libraries and Sybase System 11.0.4: EXCISE DUTY Module • Handling excise duty details of the company like RJ23A part I, part II, Personal Ledger Account, Form 57A, FORM 4 declaration of Items to Excise duty department. Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Resume of SRINIVAS GOWRISASTRY • Generation of queries & reports for analysis & references. YEAR 2000 Module • Involves in study of all modules in detail to troubleshoot the year 2000 problem. • Need to check, analyze & decide of existing Hardware setups, which was to be upgraded for Year 2000. • Involved in deciding & implementing new Hardware & Software packages like Pro-E, MS Works for our Organization. Contractual Labor Salary Module • Details of Contractual Labors, monthly salary, leave details, etc. • PF & ESI statements monthly, quarterly & yearly, deductions report, salary slips, etc. Year End Module • Processing of year-end, year-end reports are generated for job costing, finance, production, planning & Head Office requirements. • MIS reports to be generated for numerous analyses. Gate Pass Module • It deals with the Gate passes for personal, medical & official gate pass of Employees. • Calculates the personal hours of Employees for salary purpose, Inward & Outward shipment details of items at the security gate. Queries & reports for MIS information. Spares Stores Module • Maintenance of separate stores for spares items, maintaining purchase orders, receipts, issues for spare items, maintaining of stock level etc. • Blocking of items & quantity for spare work orders based on the priority. Customer Complaint Module • The project basically maintains details of a complaint from a customer regarding complaints on turbines, interim reply for the complaint by Triveni, complaint closing etc. • Items issued, values of items, problem level, service engineer details, etc are maintained. • The module is standardized for all the Departments mainly involved with customers & their complaints. It also has MIS information’s, queries, reports etc. • Analysis reports are been sent to the Head Office, CMD for their information. Computerization of System Dept (SYSINFO) • The project includes module sysconfig, sysmaint, syslib, and systran. • Details of Hardware/Software configurations, Annual Maintenance Contract of all Software & Hardware’s, party’s details, etc. • Library details of lending, receiving & transaction of books, etc. • Details of user level problems, rectification of problems, pending, analysis, etc Human Resources Management System • Maintaining database of all activities involved in Human Resources department like Personal details of internal & external employees. • Maintaining daily appointments, scheduling, training & seminar details, etc Fixed Assets Management System • Maintaining details of fixed assets of the Company sanctions for purchases of fixed asset, paying year tax on fixed assets like land, building, and vehicles. • Depreciation calculations on fixed assets at the time of year-end and declaring fixed assets in yearly balance sheet. Security Management System • Systemization of the security department of our organization. • Inward & outward movements of the materials, employees, vehicles & also visitors. Some of the reports are used for the personnel department and for other department as checklist. Aug. ‘92 – July ‘94 Master Media Programmer / Administrator Programming, Debugging & Customer Support Hardware: Wipro Super Genius 386 Software: MSDOS 5, DBASE III plus, COBOL Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Resume of SRINIVAS GOWRISASTRY The job mainly involves in studying the developed projects & fine-tuning. It also involves in customer support on the developed projects. The projects are Library system, Payroll system, Financial Accounting, etc. I was also involved in various administrative activities like regular backups, system maintenance & new implementation. Education: Diploma in Computer Science from Technical Board, INDIA Advanced Systems Management from NIIT Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA Training Attended: Sybase DBA from NIIT Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA Sybase Replication Server from NIIT Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA Oracle DBA from QSOFT Technologies, INDIA Oracle & Developer 2000 from SSI Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA Professional: E-Certified Sybase-DBA from Brainbench E-certified Sybase-DBA from Ecertifications Page 6 of 6