Remote DBA Program


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Remote DBA Program

  1. 1. 1.How many database instances do you need to support? What version (s) of Oracle will be supported? Remote DBA Program 2. W hat type of secure external access to the Oracle database servers will be provided? 3. Do you possess a valid Oracle CSI number for access to O racle Technical Support? 4. Do you have test instances that are an accurate representation of production? Will test database need support? 5. Is there a Change Management procedure in place for Production databases? 6. W ill remote support have pre-approved production changes? -- This will involve any changes to objects owned by the oracle user. -- Example: Schema, scheduled jobs, initialization parameters, tablespaces..... 7. W ill this be 100% remote Oracle database administration support for your company? -- Includes 24x7 access to remote DBA staff 8. Are there any on-site O racle DBA 's currently in p lace? 19. Is there any High Availiblity technolog y or Fail-over technology? ( RAC or Data Guard) 9. W ill there be any O racle RAC systems? 20. Any Oracle Data Warehouse? 10. W hat type of backup solutions are currently being utilized? · Business Intelligence? RMAN? Exports? · Oracle Advance Replication? 11. Is there any implementation with A SM? 21. Do you require Full Datab ase Outsourcing or Off Hours supp ort? 12. W hat is the procedure followed to apply CPU patches? 21. What type of Operating Systems does the Oracle d atabases interact with? 13. Any p lans for new installations? · Upgrades? · Migrations? Standard Services Performed by iAppSys remote DBA: · Configuration changes? 14. Is there any monitoring or administration using ·REVIEW of the Oracle database config Oracle Enterprise Manager? G rid Control? ·Installation of AWR statistics, ASH SQL reports, ·ADDM reports and other statistics collections 15. Any d ocumentation for Disaster recovery analysis or testing? ·Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Health Checks 16. W hat are the current SLA's for custo mers? ·Identification of bottlenecks: SQL, Memory, CPU, I/O ·Identification/resolve of all Oracle alert log messages 17. Rate the top five categoies: ·Quick emergency support for all production database issues - Database A vailability ·User and security management - Backup and Recovery ·Oracle SQL Tuning - Proactive Database Monitoring - Problem Management ·Implementing self-tuning database mechanisms - Change Management ·Implementing new database features - Quality Management - SOX and HIPAA compliance 18. Are there any non-Oracle technologies being used with the O racle database (Veritas Clusting)? 19. Is there any High A vailability technology or Fail-over technology? ( RAC or D ata Guard)